5 thoughts on “Planning Communities for a Changing Climate–Smart Growth, Public Demand and Private Opportunity

  1. "Smart Growth" includes "Smart" Grid "Smart Meters" involuntarily exposing people worldwide to chronic bursts of radiofrequency radiation. People are getting sick already, and over time more will fall ill. Look up Dr. Frederica Lamech in AU, actress Joely Collins in B.C, and "Smart Meter Health Complaints" at EMF Safety Network.

    THIS is what "smart" growth is doing to real people. But these idealogues DON'T CARE.

  2. One more thing: to limit land use so people can no longer live away from cities is absolutely tyrannical when you consider some people NEED to live away from the radiofrequency electro-smog created by the increased deployment of "smart" wireless devices. This "master plan" of yours is oppressive to those who want choices about their healthy living. Period.

  3. Finally fixing the sprawling suburban pipeline dream. Smart Growth is the future. I am the next generation and I like American Smart Growth neighborhoods waaaaay more than the old style suburban housing tracts. What looks more "socialist" to you, a sprawling housing tract that looks like a giant gated beehive or different styles of buildings grouped around a subway or light rail station? Hmmm. Keep up the good work building a sustainable future for America.

  4. How do you anticipate more flooding and heavier rainfall without rebuilding the entire system? Its not that simple to just upgrade.

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