Power Up Your Health & Vitality With Magnesium! The Magnesium Miracle with Dr Carolyn Dean

Power Up Your Health & Vitality With Magnesium! The Magnesium Miracle with Dr Carolyn Dean

Hi everyone welcome back. Michael Sandler
your host on inspire nation. If you’ve ever struggled with your health, whether
energy and fatigue, blood sugar challenges, autoimmune disorders, heart
disease or more than do we have the magnesium miracle show for you today
I’ll be talking with dr. Carolyn Dean the undisputed magnesium queen of the
world she’s a global leader and the magnesium
movement to help us heal all of us and the award-winning author of at least 33
books in print a well over a hundred and Kindle especially on magnesium including
an all-time favorite of mine the magnesium miracle and that’s what I want
to talk with her about today about discovering the missing link the total
help who are doing the risk of heart disease preventing strokes and obesity
treating diabetes and even improving mood and memory so welcome back to the
show Carolyn are you ready to shine? I definitely I live in Maui Michael and I
have to dress like this every day just to keep up with with the Sun and the
bougainvillea a hibiscus I mean everything is very shining in Maui whoo
you don’t it’s I love what you’re wearing it’s beautiful it’s colorful for
some reason I muscle tested I got to wear white today because usually I
recover myself and I’m like man you used you are so beautiful and colorful today
it’s pretty awesome thank you thank you so before we dive
right into things I need to say a thank you to you on air because last year when
we started down this road and I guess it was actually more like 15 months ago
probably recorded last summer I’m guessing Jessica and I her health was
not as good as mine my health was still a little bit squidgy around the edges to
say the least she was struggling with mold deficient at mobile I wish it was
deficiency toxicity poisoning and the first step to getting her healthy and
she now is a hundred percent healthy plus the first step was getting her on
magnesium it helped her it helped me and even my mother
who was being told that she needed to be on diabetic medication I may make a jar
of magnesium and mineral water every morning for her before she goes to work
and now they’re saying no meds necessary so thank you thank you thank you you’re
so welcoming and thank you for you know taking that step taking the challenge
and in a sense to take responsibility for your own health to imagine that you
could be better with something as simple as magnesium but yes when when we had
our interview you were blown away by the amazing list of things that magnesium is
responsible for in the body and if you don’t use magnesium you often end up on
medications for the symptoms of magnesium deficiency so I mean you got
it right away and you implemented a magnesium regime and and you benefited
from it so that’s awesome we’ll get into some of the some of that
list of challenges in just a little bit I know for myself one of them was
brittle bones of all things where I can remember running down a hill in Maui and
I took I took a little tumble and I broke a few ribs and then there was
another point where I did some sort of twist in bed to get the alarm clock this
is when we were in Maui and I broke a few ribs and I was tested and they said
you if you were old enough we would call it osteoporosis you’re not old enough to
call it that yet when I got on magnesium I can’t say for sure that’s taking care
of everything but I had I had a really good tumble just a few weeks ago running
on the trails not a problem well what’s amazing about calcium and
magnesium in the bones is that they’re synergistic you have to have the both
and the way I describe it is it’s um it’s a bone we’re just calcium as
doctors seem to tell us you know take calcium supplements for your bones
it’s a bummer just calcium like a calcium carbonate you drop a piece of
calcium carbonate chalk on a hard surface get rich chatter so bone shatter
but if they have the requisite amount of magnesium the bones are a little more
pliable a little more rubbery like kids thumbs you know as we get older we get
less and less magnesium in our diet we we need more magnesium as we get older
so then the bones are going to suffer and get brittle so yes I mean the
treatment for us your process is really magnesium and that is played out as I’m
sure you’ve read study after study showing that women who simply take my
calcium supplements are at risk for osteoporosis and heart disease because
what happens with calcium supplements and and even high high calcium dairy
diets the calcium is not solely absorbed it can cause constipation and the excess
can also precipitate into the blood vessels causing atherosclerosis and
blocking the coronary arteries the heart arteries
it can cause gall stones kidney stones heel spurs and breast tissue
calcification I don’t know if we got that far in our first interview but
breast tissue calcification in a woman it’s bad news not that it’s bad for you
but what happens is when you go and get that mammogram they’re going to see
breast tissue calcification and think oh my gosh I got that I’ve got to make sure
it’s not cancer so you get a misdiagnosis they actually have a name
for DCIS it’s a pre cancer condition but still it’s it’s treated as if it were
cancer in that they do more mammograms and biopsies and they say oh well we’ve
cured your cancer because we took out this little bit of calcification so in a
woman’s mind it’s like oh my gosh I have breast cancer I had breast cancer on the
breast cancer survivor’ you know what disaster to the mentality
of a very healthy vibrant woman if it really brings down your your energetics
and and your faith in your body and your your faith in in you know the world’s
innocent so I mean it’s a big deal for me and that’s why I’m going on about it
but we’re going to we’re going to talk and thank you for sharing we’re going to
definitely talk today about women and magnesium because I know Jessica is
thinking it’s baby time and so there’s there’s a lot of fun stuff to talk about
here before we do that maybe this kind of goes along those lines maybe we can
go back in time to maybe your third year of residency well I never went into
residency I did my third year medicine we start to go on the floors okay and
yes that’s that’s where I was in labor and delivery and was seen women in labor
with high blood pressure you know with fluid retention even to the point of
seizuring and what they would do for that condition is called eclampsia is
they would they would put up an intravenous magnesium drip and the
magnesium would would give the person enough diuretic function of the
magnesium it would relax the muscles it would bring down the blood pressure I
mean it was like a miracle and of course I asked well why don’t you do that with
anybody who have seizures and fluid retention blood pressure oh well we have
plenty of drugs for that so it was a big lesson to me and I’m observed it because
I was already interested in nutrition already reading all I could this is back
in the mid 70s for pete’s sake I was I was living in a big city that did not
even have a health food store back in the mid 70s well so you took that
information you kind of no pun intended absorbed it how did you start going down
the magnesium road and what was your health like at the time well my
health was was soon what was it I was realizing that I couldn’t eat weed and I
couldn’t eat dairy a lot of mucus so I learned a lot from my studies and I
began to to help other people while you should do this you shouldn’t do that
people don’t like to be told what to do and what happened is I was in honors
biology and I just happened to be taking pre-med courses and and when some fellow
students said they just got accepted into medicine I said oh my gosh I guess
I could be a doctor rate this medicine what I know so actually I marched into
the Dean of Students office at my university Dalhousie and Halifax Nova
Scotia and here with my high school guidance teacher Miss Elliott who told
me I could be an executive secretary or nurse and I said you’ve got some
splainin to do miss Elliott so I applied for medicine got in I had all the
courses I had good March so I am I went into medicine already with this this
background and it’s love of nutrition and so when I was in labor and delivery
I knew what magnesium was when I was in my bio chemistry classes we had 200
hours of biochemistry I could see on them on the projector slides a the krebs
cycle six of the eight steps of the krebs cycle to make energy ATP require
magnesium and and that explains it all to me you know when when people start
their sort of downhill journey into core health it’s usually fatigued well take
magnesium for your ATP they don’t sleep well they’re all pen take magnesium to
relax your muscles and to sort of balance out your your adrenaline take
magnesium to lower your heart rate to to a normal level
take magnesium to give you energy during the day and to help you with sleep at
night I mean it is a miracle how many people do you think are magnesium
deficient I think it’s about 80% and I say that based on them the US Department
of Agriculture says that 80% of the adult population is not even getting the
RDA of magnesium and the RDA of magnesium is set so low that you know
just so that your heart won’t stop feeding for protection
we know the RBA’s I mean I think the RDA for vitamin C is something like 20
milligrams enough to keep you from getting scurvy so the the RDA as I
discussed once with the office of alternative medicine had a conference in
Washington once and I attended and I said well why don’t you make this make
it higher RDA so that you can treat people for health conditions that are
caused by nutrient deficiencies oh well that’s not our job our job is not to
treat our jobs just to make sure the general population has enough nutrients
that they they don’t have scurvy if they don’t have enough vitamin C pellagra
they don’t have enough nice and so it’s really a mistake to think that the RDA
is a healthy level I think magnesium needs to be at least twice as much as
the RDA the argument magnesium is like 320 to 400 and I’m telling people for
therapeutic levels go to 6 6 to 800 milligrams of magnesium and while we’re
at it in terms of calcium the RDH of calcium is set like 1200 1500 2000
milligrams charlotte dairy industry yes yes good point and these are these are
dirt minerals these are minerals that may be 4 percent absorbed so there may
be there think you know yeah well we have to get
mm to least yet what 4% 80 milligrams in the body so it’s a fool’s errand
and as I said all that extra calcium does deposit in the body in the UK and
the World Health Organisation UK and the yeah I think it’s World Health
Organisation yeah their RDA 600 milligrams and math seems reasonable to
me so I tell people there’s your one-to-one ratio of magnesium to calcium
and look at what you can do with your diet and calcium a good yogurt will give
you like three hundred and twenty milligrams of calcium personally because
I have such a great need for magnesium to take care of my heart palpitations
leg cramps neck pain back pain insomnia I have such a need for magnesium if I
eat a quart of yogurt over two or three day period I start to get my heart
palpitations back because – the calcium will kind of neutralize those the
magnesium so I have to increase my magnesium so that how mm how much in
balance our body should be and this is where I can say to people when they
they’ll tell me well you know I went out to get a suntan and I always have needed
more magnesium oh well that’s easy you got vitamin D vitamin D grab more
calcium that more calcium pumped out your magnesium so you need more
magnesium and – sidebar into vitamin D this is what kind of really drives me
crazy about the high dose vitamin D that’s being recommended now if people
have no idea that the higher the amount of vitamin D the more magnesium is
utilized when you have storage form of vitamin D and supplements are stored in
the body it requires extra magnesium in order to act
debated so the more vitamin D you take the more magnesium you use up and the
the set point for vitamin D that the average that people say you have this
all we should have more and more vitamin D I’m very against that I think it if we
say the low normal levels of vitamin B we do much better along with a balance
of magnesium and some sunlight and let’s get the survey Simon D I use a fermented
cod liver oil and butter oil combination rather than cheap lanolin which is what
they say the natural vitamin D is these days isn’t that used for softening
leather products so so you struck an interesting chord because I really
wanted to ask why were magnesium deficient what what just sits in with
that is you said more sunlight equals more vitamin D equals more need for
magnesium and in the natural cycle of the planet if we are getting more
sunlight and getting that more vitamin D we would have access to more plants and
greens where we naturally at that point of the year would be getting more
magnesium if it was still in the soil if exactly and that’s where I don’t know if
you saw a recent blog I did food is not medicine
you know the old us dr. Beeler all the books is that food is your medicine and
you know I’ll be on practitioners now our writing is below yeah we have to go
natural go raw go paleo eat a lot of greens and we’ll get all our nutrients
well that ship has sailed we really cannot be unless your farmer
is you know biodynamic organic puts rock dust on and measures the the amount of
minerals in the soil and the reason why I say that and I I told you this last
time Michael I get people who are on these 40 ounces of
green drink a day and eating raw and all the rest of it and they come to me with
their heart palpitations and leg cramps and I put them on my magnesium and
within a day because they’re so healthy anyway within a day their symptoms are
gone so I’m proving it all the time that a an excellent diet is not enough
anymore and you prove that to Michael you and Jessica we’re on an excellent
diet when I met you but as you said you really needed more magnesium than you
thought you were getting how could we tell if we are magnesium deficient
are there certain you’re mentioning leg cramps and a few others what are some
key signs for us well head to toe is headache even migraines its eye twitches
or you know facial muscle twitches I also get those before before the
magnesium I call that my redline my I would just start twitching on me right
right throat spasms you know where people they
say oh I can’t swallow pills they make me choke people will say oh that’s
emotional but it’s all about in the symptoms I’ve mentioned the muscles and
the nerves being so irritated from a lack of magnesium and too much calcium
the whole thing about magnesium calcium goes down to the cellular level where
the cells have way more magnesium than calcium magnesium allows the calcium to
come in a little bit of calcium to fire the nerve or fire the muscle action
potential and then magnesium kicks the calcium out if you don’t have enough
magnesium calcium will flood the cells cause muscles to twitch and spasm or
cause nerves to tingle and go numb so it wasn’t you know those are a lot of
our you know neurological symptoms and our musculus illegal symptom
so then you get to the heart which is the big muscle when that goes into spasm
you get angina and even a heart attack athletes prove this all the time because
they get so depleted of their minerals especially magnesium sweating sweating
sweating replacing with sugared Gatorade which is just salt and sugar and the
heart will finally just go into a severe spasm I’ve written a book on atrial
fibrillation and have numerous cases of people who will tell me I don’t even
hear about the people who don’t report to me that taking a good therapeutic
magnesium actually calms down their electrical system because of what what
makes the electrical activity in the brain and the heart are electrolytes
what is the most important electrolyte magnesium but if you look on a blood
panel you don’t see magnesium even measured they’ll measure sodium
potassium calcium chloride and your question I think you know that you asked
me about an hour ago was about testing for magnesium so here we are at the
testing point so the doctors they just use a serum magnesium test there’s only
1% of the magnesium and the whole body is in the serum so you’re not getting
anywhere near an accurate measure and that little percentage of magnesium it
stays at a very balanced level all the time to protect the heart which means if
you get magnesium deficient your body through biofeedback mechanisms will pull
magnesium out of your bones out of your muscles keep it in the in the
bloodstream to protect your heart so over time doctor said well you know we
measure magnesium all the time and it’s always the same so it’s the body is
taking care of it it’s fine so they ignore the test I tell people to
at least get them magnesium RBC tests is the Meg
in red blood cell tests and they can order that online and people can check
my resources and it’s not my lab or anything that’s called request a test
they can get a Meganium RBC test for $49 which is less than your doctor’s copay
and then you get your value but big caveat here because I’m in the red blood
cells there are no mitochondria it’s in the mitochondria where most of our
magnesium reside that’s where the ATP is made that’s where the krebs cycle occurs
so the red blood cells say they our better measures in serum I really like
the ionized magnesium tests but it’s only a research tool so it’s not
available so I tell people we’ll get your magnesium RBC tests you can see you
know where you are you can follow your progress of magnesium therapy but it’s
not the end-all and Beall what is the end-all be-all is how you
feel and then that comes to list of some magnesium deficiency symptoms I have a
list of a hundred factors that can let you know you’re deficient in magnesium
100 factors if we go to we don’t want to cover all a hundred today but we thought
through we kind of started at the head we we got through I think we started to
get through the heart if we kind of make it the rest of the way down the body
right right so one even hiatus hernia acid reflux that could be is spasming
of the stomach or the lower esophageal sphincter people say that they’re
heartburn improves when they get their magnesium colitis and Crohn’s and IBS GI
symptoms where the big dad is in spasms that will relax constipation the muscles
that tighten up from magnesium deficiency when they’re relaxed the
bowel movements improve and it’s not necessarily the laxative effect the
magnesium I work with is on laxatives and even the non LAX’s
magnesium that I use relaxes the gastrointestinal tract so that it’s
relieved of esophageal spasm she heartburn acid reflux spasms and the
guts thousand the latter symptoms you know some women have spastic sweater
abuse given that name and the magnesium will treat that some women I’ve had
reports of older women who’ve been on adult diapers who take magnesium
therapeutic amounts and say well you know I don’t think in my adult diapers
anymore and what’s happening there is that there’s there’s a calcification
that can occur in the bladder lining or as a bladder sphincter and when that
calcification dissolves because magnesium will soluble eyes calcium then
the symptoms so you know back to arteries of the carotid arteries I’ve
had people on therapeutic magnesium where their ultrasound for their
calcification of their carotid arteries that is reduced the last report was 30
to 40 percent reduction after a few months of magnesium kidney we hear so
much about kidney disease and what can you do for kidney disease what do
doctors do they say oh well you know when your glomerular filtration rate it
gets abnormal what’s going to happen is
you’re going to get high blood pressure you’re going to get cholesterol you’re
going to get diabetes so we’ll give you those drugs to prevent those associated
conditions and of course everything just gets worse so with the kid needs what
I’m speculating and I know it’s true but they’re starting to do a lot of research
on this the kidney arteries are getting calcified just like the carotid arteries
just like the coronary arteries but because Sadat doctors can’t go in and
put put a stents in the crowd or the
coronary or replace the coronary artery can’t do that with the kidneys they just
say okay well we just all we can do is give you drugs but if you take magnesium
your kidney filtration rate will improve you’ll be off the kidney transplant list
then you know with legs and arms spasms and not so much but the legs you know
there’s huge problems with leg muscle spasms that people tell me about and
that will be overturned with the proper amounts of magnesium so I guess what we
want to do from here and we want to go into some of these different conditions
do you think we need a little bit of background just the the briefest
magnesium 101 or how many different things magnesium effects in the body yes
yes what’s amazing about magnesium is it’s required in 700 to 800 different
enzyme systems in the body so it’s working from head to toe on all kinds of
biochemical reactions just about everything I look at requires magnesium
I don’t know oh shoot I am distracted can you cut that out too of course
thanks Jessica well I start all over again on what
magnesium does because I kind of finished what yeah let me start over
again you’ve got it hold on one second whoa there that leaves a mark right in
the in this in the signals region what’s amazing about magnesium is that it’s
required for 700 800 different enzyme systems in the body and that’s a lot of
biochemical processes so from head to toe as we mentioned you know headaches
right down to toe spasms magnesium is vital for the body and and it
not something that I was taught in medical school it’s not hot in school so
what happens is people and doctors not realizing that their headache or fatigue
or their cramps are caused by magnesium deficiency they will end up taking
medications and and then as we know from most drugs they will deplete magnesium
who we even have a blackbox warning on cipro now and cipro will cause magnesium
deficiency and it will cause tendon rupture and I say the tendon rupture
occurred because there’s so much fastening that will can be created by
the magnesium deficiency of cipro and the added effects that suppose a
fluoride drug and the fluoride in cipro can bind to magnesium and make a brittle
compound called magnesium fluoride which which will deposit in tendons and
muscles and bone and in the tendons and it can cause rupture would you mind
telling us your feelings about Tim Russert and what happened with his
passing away yes Tim Russert he was a commentator on the
media and he had heart disease and when I found out that he died and I looked at
his the articles on him what he’d been through
he’d had symptoms of coronary artery disease was put on a whole list of drugs
and and I the scenario I imagined from from his story was that he’s under a lot
of stress and pressure so he’s burning up magnesium he goes to the doctor his
blood pressure is elevated the doctor says yes you you’re under stress but you
know there there are things we can do for your high blood pressure let’s give
you a diuretic a diuretic will drain more minerals drain your magnesium
breath comes back to the doctor and his blood pressure is even more elevated the
doctor says oh we caught it just in time and you’re and he’s given a calcium
channel blocker and and they seem to realize that calcium needs to be blocked
they don’t realize magnesium is a natural calcium channel blocker and
they’ll give an AC e inhibitor which is another drug that works kind of on the
kidneys regarding blood pressure anyway after another couple of months you go to
the doctor you’re on these three does drugs diuretic a calcium channel blocker
an AC II inhibitor and your blood pressure is really not that much better
but you’ve now that high cholesterol and high blood sugar these are two
conditions that are caused by magnesium deficiency in cholesterol in order to
either stop the production or start the production of cholesterol you need
magnesium so if you need more cholesterol the magnesium does that if
you need less than magnesium shuts things off instead of using magnesium
doctors use statin drug statins have fluoride molecules so you’ll get the you
know what I mentioned with the cipro you’ll get the binding of magnesium with
fluoride making the magnesium not available so more and more magnesium is
wasted diabetes are one of the signs of
diabetes is low magnesium doctors don’t pay any attention to that
so you set this scenario where all these drugs now are causing more and more
problems and it explains why doctors say well you know once you get coronary
arteries artery disease once you get atrial fibrillation etc there’s no
coming back from it you just have to stay on these drugs for life and and the
doctors don’t have a clue that they’re causing the problem it’s very
distressing let’s go to a more of a positive side then we’ll come back to
some unfortunately of the distressing but with a positive notes to it but
let’s let’s talk about women and fertility and then pregnancy yes I’ve
had many cases of women who said they they’ve been infertile haven’t have not
been able to get pregnant they start taking magnesium and did not expect to
get pregnant but they did an explanation there is
that if you’re magnesium deficient your fallopian tubes that that process would
be the egg and the sperm and do all their good work the fallopian tubes if
they’re in spasm from magnesium deficiency they’re not going to do what
they’re supposed to do so there is one reason also I mean just in in terms of
of sex and orgasm if you’re magnesium deficient you’re going to be tight and
pins your you know vaginal muscles are going to be tight and tense I’ve had
many people even seven-year-olds women tell me that once they served magnesium
they’re painful intercourse was gone and they were able to enjoy themselves so
there’s sad aspects of sex and fertility in terms of pregnancy I mean it’s been
known for centuries that women need magnesium and what they took was the
salt which is Epsom salt and midwives know about it they’ll tell their their
clients and patients to take magnesium what doctors do they’ll tell a woman to
take a prenatal that has some magnesium in it they don’t really recommend that
magnesium alone if they do recommend magnesium not just in pregnancy but in
all cases most doctors looks to magnesium oxide and what’s crazy about
magnesium oxide is it’s only 4% absorbs so it causes constipation and sort it
causes diarrhea and crease constipation so most doctors look at magnesium oh
it’s just a laxative and they’ve been they push it aside so it’s a gain
unfortunate there’s a magnesium that someone asked me about the other day on
Facebook called slow Meg and she said she felt very bad after taking it and
what’s what’s going on with slow Meg is it’s two times the amount of calcium –
the amount of magnesium in this product so it’s really a cow
I am supplement which will will further knock down drive out your magnesium
besides that it’s got about a dozen drugs and chemicals in it for who knows
what reason so including what talc and how polyethylene glycol or something
like that so there’s there’s so many reasons to look at more natural forms of
magnesium and the the ones that are in the drugstores or the ones like
magnesium oxide where most of the studies have been done I think that’s
why doctors know about magnesium oxide but what happened there the story is
that it’s a very smart magnesium oxide company gave a lot of free magnesium
oxide and magnesium researchers back in the day and therefore most of the
research was on magnesium oxide so going from there just one more question on the
pregnancy side of things it got me thinking first off can we have babies
that in utero or magnesium deficiency and deficient and conversely if a woman
who’s lactating kake’s magnesium I mean that sounds like a great way to balance
calcium getting into the babies growing bones absolutely in the magnesium
miracle both in my chapter about pregnancy I talked about some children
born with cystic fibrosis who it’s said that they may it may be caused because
of magnesium deficiency I can’t say definitively but certainly problematic
deliveries can be attributed to magnesium deficiency and you can imagine
I mean that says the whole of your vaginal area that has has to be in a
relaxed state in order to birth a seven or eight pound baby and magnesium makes
it much more comfortable so there are a lot of conditions I mean
they talk about even the IQ being improved in in women whose magnesium
levels were war hires and then another group where the babies had a lower birth
weight or not such a good outcome I’m trying to remember the statistics that I
won’t be able to but people can refer to the fat chapter in the book in the
magnesium miracle book and it is it’s vitally important for women who are
pregnant and who are breastfeeding to take sufficient amounts of magnesium
thank you from there let’s talk about some of the other conditions here and
then we’ll talk about how we get magnesium into us first off anxiety and
depression yes I just finished a booklet on anxiety and I was reluctant to write
it for a long while because I didn’t want it want people to think well you
know you’re horribly anxious all you have to do is take magnesium but the
more and more reports I got I was just blown away I think I have 16 case
histories in the book of people who were taking magnesium made before their heart
condition or their migraines or some some other insomnia energy etc and they
they report it oh my gosh my anxieties gone my panic attacks run so there there
are many layers to what happens in the body the the magnesium it supports the
adrenal glands so if your magnesium deficient your adrenals will spurt out
adrenaline erratically so that if if you get a spurt of
adrenaline that raises your heart or you know makes you feel anxious you know the
fight-or-flight symptoms if you’re in the middle of driving across a bridge or
doing something that’s a bit scary and you get this adrenaline surge then
you’re going to you’re going to think oh my gosh I’m having a panic attack you
explain that to a doctor oh yes you’re having a panic attack here take this and
Ian xiety takes you know xanax you’re at
event and people are on these drugs then for years thinking that they have some
sort of you know undecipherable panic attack low blood
sugar if you skip a meal is that your your
blood sugar goes low and the body’s mechanism to deal with a low blood sugar
is to push out some adrenaline to get to the liver to open up the glycogen stores
glycogen is stored glucose and that brings your blood sugar back up but in
the meantime that adrenaline is going to speed up your heart and again if you’re
in a situation even in an elevator a closed space you’re going to get
claustrophobic because your heart’s racing you may sweat a bit so anxiety is
a learned condition for a lot of people you can be in at home where you you’re
fearful and anxious you know you’re trying to please a parent who maybe may
have bipolar you know and you you don’t want to get you know you don’t want to
get yelled at or whatever happens in the dynamic of creating a panic and anxiety
it can be worse if you’re magnesium deficient so it to me it’s the most
important nutrient to take if you’re anxious depression there’s some evidence
as well with depression now one of the feel-good neurotransmitter serotonin
it requires magnesium in order to produce it to transport it and to bring
it where it’s required in this in the brain or the gut so there’s there’s a
lot to the whole mild depression and magnesium treatment I haven’t written a
booklet on depression um I don’t like to imply to people again that it’s just a
magnesium deficiency because you even though I believe depression
biochemical if it can be people to you know do homicidal suicidal things so I
don’t want to apply to people but it’s just about magnesium the product that I
do recommend and it’s mainly a mega multiple vitamin and mineral with amino
acids that has been tested compared to drugs for many years and they’ve got
thousands of studies that show it’s more effective than antidepressant medication
you cut out right while giving the name of that could you give that one more
time the the nutrients that I do recommend there was something empower or
something yes it’s called a empower Plus empower Plus by true hope calm and
they’ve done dozens of studies compared their nutrients which is high vitamins
minerals and amino acids and compared antidepressants they have like an eighty
percent recovery and drugs have a forty percent recovery which is comparative to
Bliss Allah SIBO effect so thank you from there we’ll talk about a few more
other key ones one that a lot of kids are coming down with these days which is
asthma yes well as nice it’s in and out of our society of what is it is that a
dust allergy plant allergy isn’t ragweed is it’s your your pets your cat or dog
well everybody’s expose to those things why do some people suffering and I think
some people softer because if you don’t have enough magnesium’s and the smooth
muscles lining your bronchial tracks you can go in disguise them and if you
coffee little bit because of does store cat hairs then if your magnesium
deficient back hop can trigger a spasm of your bronchial Airways and then more
and more coughing etc it can lead to wheezing
there’s a an anxiety component to asthma as well
because as soon as you start feeling that you’re not getting deep breath if
you feel that your your lungs are going to despise them you’ll start
hyperventilating etc and just increase the condition if you’re an anxious
person then you have to look at seeing magnesium deficient yes I’ve had many
many parents who tell me that when their children start taking magnesium their
asthma symptoms diminish and go away and oftentimes with asthma and in cold these
children are put on a lot of antibiotics that seems to be you know the calm you
can ear infection take an antibiotic your lungs you might you might have
bronchitis or we don’t want you to get pneumonia take an antibiotic so a lot of
these children are developing yeast overgrowth and that can lead to a lot of
these toxins that can actually cause a drain on magnesium so I highly recommend
b3 diet lots of garlic good probiotics to stay away from yeast overgrowth
syndrome thank you thank you thank you so from there one that was been
successful for us that I’m not sure how Jessica feels about me sharing I’m
guessing she’d be okay with it she didn’t have PMS but she had horrible
horrible cramps and then cramps really got better after we started on our she
started on magnesium right right one yes when you think of cramping that’s going
to be muscles in spasm and you know went when your period is flowing out of the
uterus through a tiny tiny little opening in the cervix it’s going to
cause some pressure and you know the pushback of that pressure can be the
muscles clamping down a bit if the muscles are deficient in magnesium they
are going to go in spasm it’s just its basic body physiology and
yes if you are sufficiently repleted with your magnesium
and I just don’t mean you know enough magnesium to replace what you lose every
day you know in urine or feces or what you’re burning off but you need
magnesium stores you need to know that if you don’t take your magnesium for a
couple of days you’ve got enough magnesium to last you to last you
haven’t proved it if you have an accident or if you have surgery and I I
recently had ear surgery and I I made sure I took a lot of magnesium and I was
concerned I didn’t want to take a general anesthetics a lot of them are
fluoride and medics and I did it I did a local anaesthetic and they drilled in my
ear but anyway I was concerned because on the operating table I did not want to
relive my heart palpitations and then they would say oh you have a heart
condition and we get you know we’re going to give you all this arrhythmia
medication so this is what you know I know I’m kind of side boring again but
I’ve had so many people say to me that I’ve never been well since I had that
surgery and well what happens under the stress of surgery you’ll burn off your
magnesium and then you’ll and that you could end up with with cramping and her
palpitations and then be told you have another medical condition fascinating
it’s got me thinking of my blood transfusions I had years ago after my
surgery let’s talk about you you mentioned briefly headache so maybe you
could talk teddies and specifically migraines yes it’s amazing with
migraines I mean I remember when I was in practice of a woman had the most
severe migraines and and when I took her history when did her migraine start
after she was hit in the head with a baseball bat and I said well didn’t your
doctors mention that that could have been the cause oh no they didn’t they
didn’t think it’s related anymore but if
with that I mean with being a naturopath and a medical doctor I said okay you
need homeopathic arnica to do with past trauma you need magnesium to deal with
you know your the cranial bones being so tense you need craniosacral therapy
there’s so many things we can do when we know the history but when migraines in
general I mean it’s it’s the the tension in the in the arteries around the scalp
for one thing and that can be relieved with magnesium there’s different
neurotransmitters and biochemistry that that creates a migraine symptom and that
can be worked on by magnesium I mean I’m trying to think of all the layers that
are affected by magnesium but the final outcome is that 99% of people who get
their imputing amounts of magnesium their migraines are a thing of the past
what I also recommend one of the other products I work with has methylated B
vitamins and vitamin b6 is very important to treat migraines and with
headaches themselves that’s more muscle spasms often coming from the back of the
neck you know people with their you know typing on our computers like I do so
that the tension up the back of the neck now that type of tension as well I’ve
heard a lot of people say that oh I have this nerve tingling you know that just
grabs me up the back of my neck well that’s magnesium deficiency as well and
we’re telling people to spray up my magnesium on on muscle spasm areas to
also get the transdermal effect so migraines and headaches they are very
amenable to magnesium therapy Jessica used to get headache she doesn’t get
them as much anymore but sometimes he does and we’re going to guess that their
tension headaches she’s had trouble with the mouse and her arm that uses the
mouse we went from our cookie mouse to a roller mouse
I use a pen as a mouse I’m wondering maybe if we need some topical magnesium
on her on on those areas or any thought yes I mean I I think I would have those
problems too but I use a laptop so that you know my wrists are on the base of
the laptop and there’s not a lot of action when you use the mouse I think
you have more action but but yes we tell people on with either carpal tunnel or
this this outlet here of all the nerves that come down the arm yes to apply
magnesium it’s in a layering process that works best so you spray magnesium
on and let it drive and spray it on let it dry do that you know four or five
times and that will allow the magnesium to saturate the muscles and relax and
also even you know epsom salts baths every time Jessica takes a bath just put
in a couple of pounds of epsom salts it’s usually one or two cups but you
know I think a couple of times it would really help I like it it sounds like I’d
never thought about made this connection before and I want to get get into
different types of magnesium in a second but I never made the connection between
maybe athletic recovery and magnesium other than epsom salts but you’re saying
maybe we could spray muscles or spray joints or spray hot spots with magnesium
does that sound right after workouts or if there’s nothing that’s sore oh
absolutely but it it’s just as good you know the reports of people who tell me
just is good to take your magnesium your C salted water and then your multiple
minerals in your drinking water you know before during and after run and
then you don’t even develop lactic acidosis in your in your muscles or
there’s no real recovery time I mean people tell me this every day thank you
from there what are the different types of
magnesium what is people magnesia if I have that right which is I guess
what I’ve been taking on a daily basis that’s right well you know in my first
couple of editions of magnesium miracle I listed all the magnesium products and
and it just as people wrote to me it get too confusing for them if there’s some
magnesium oxide that I tell people it’s only if you’re majorly constipated would
you even use it there magnesium chelate switch which advertised that they’re
much better absorbed but these the absorption may be up to 20% even the
glistening says it’s said that they are non laxative magnesium but they’re
mainly coated with substance that makes them even hard to digest so what I
narrowed it down to my last addition of magnesium miracle is Epsom salt baths
and that can grab a person and let them know look you can do something
externally you feel so much better magnesium is helping you the second one
is my magnesium remag which is the picometers stabilized ionic form of
magnesium that’s a hundred percent absorbed into the cells you don’t even
need a digestive tract to to make it that work for you you know all the
people with leaky gut say I can’t take anything well this is these are minerals
you can take and help heal your leaky gut and then I also recommend that
magnesium citrate powder the natural calm for people if you just means a
laxative effects that some people need it for for the laxative effects so I
tell people to take all three but it’s it’s winsome remag 100% absorbed taking
300 600 900 milligrams that I’m getting people off their heart medications off
their arrhythmia medications there they’re getting off the kidney
transplant list people who have been forced to have
dwelling catheters and there are more their knack for for IV administration
for their severe magnesium deficiency but they can’t take oral magnesium
because it gives them the laxative effect they’re switching over from IV
magnesium to remag it is that effective and and it’s so well absorbed and with
no laxative in fact so I’m actually at stage in my life where I’ve been looking
for something to help people for a long time I it makes me think of this
Buckminster Fuller quote that I’ll read out to you
Fuller said you never change things by fighting the existing reality to change
something build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete so what I
realize is you know I I’m giving all this information out I see health sites
giving out a lot of information well people really need something in their
hand and they don’t need to go to a site that has a hundred different products
and then they don’t know what to do with them so as I’ve been telling you Michael
I I just built up a protocol with my remag magnesium miry might multiple
minerals I tell people to put sea salt in their drinking water I have a gentle
detox with methylated amino methylated beads and a couple of amino acids to
make meth I mean I have a protein powder now that is awesome
I have RNA drops that make new perfect cells so I have this small handful of
nutrients and they’re working so well it’s to the point where my huge busy
consulting practice I just shut it down because what would happen is everybody
that came to me they’d they’d end up on all my products and I say well you don’t
you don’t need to pay a consultation just buy the products and take them and
get back to me is there such a thing as taking because you mentioned before it
kind of raised a for a question that yours your
your pico magnesium and remag is a hundred percent absorbable so is there
the potential of taking too much that’s a good question and that’s what I
studied raised from the beginning and what I found is when I first started
taking my remag I finally got rid of my heart palpitations and leg cramps and
when I tested the amounts there was a certain point where I did get the
laxative effect and now I need about half as much as I started out with and
if I take a half a teaspoon more I get the laxative effect is there such a
thing as a well kind of leading the witness here we know that food can’t
fully be thy medicine but what does a magnesium eating plan look like well
this that includes seaweed there’s three times the magnesium in ocean water then
there is calcium it’s dark chocolate and yeah yes so that’s very helpful you know
you have women who say oh I get this craving for chocolate before my period
well they’re craving magnesium and actually the chocolate craving does go
away when they they are saturated with magnesium and their nuts and seeds
they’re whole grains but this soil does have to have the magnesium and see what
what’s happened lately with people avoiding more and more grains and I
think women especially they don’t eat nuts because they think they’re
fattening we know so who is eating seaweed and chocolate may be the only
source of magnesium for most people so it’s difficult because you know there’s
no labels on a piece of fruit or vegetable to say what nutrients are in
that fruit or vegetable so that’s why I tell people look at the hundred factors
that create Museum deficiency and you can just
Google 100 factors magnesium in my name and see them all and just get get used
to what your magnesium deficiency symptoms may be and then as you take
magnesium and get yourself saturated and you feel better you just pick off oh
okay no more normal or twitching oh I’m sleeping better oh that nagging
back pain is gone and just prove it to yourself and you know that’s part of
taking responsibility for your own health where you know you really analyze
and assess your body not in a paranoid way but especially with magnesium in a
way that you’re just amazed that engage day you feel so much better
I apologize now for the crinkling my kitty in the studio because my wife is
overseas right now so join me in the studio he’s trying to get my attention
we’re going to ignore him because we’ve just got a few more minutes now there’s
just a few more minutes one that I wanted one last before we start to wrap
things up one last symptom or piece I’d like to address both for my
father-in-law and for my dad is hypertension or high blood pressure yes
some I alluded to it in the Tim Russert sequence the blood that’s why I
apologize it won’t be picked up by this microphone he is meeting a piece of do
you want to get on camera here for a minute anybody left people are always
curious about you because this is not the first time this has happened and
this is a good Hawaiian kitty cat her name is Sir meow xor’s whoa and and he
has quite the presence quite the mana he was a semi feral cat when I am inside
outside on Maui doing a meditation legs crossed eyes closed and he appeared in
my lap he I think at me a few minutes after that just because I was petting
him too much but then he said your mind ah
and he took ownership of us he looks like you
the dark hair and the white the white eyes it’s perfect
what do you think my others is their connection think so aging so so so I if
he’s distracting I’ll put him down if not I okay so hyper tension this seems
like an important one that that may be magnesium could really help with yes and
that’s sort of where people start on the downward spiral of their health okay the
blood vessels are surrounded by smooth muscles it opens them and closes them
down I mean they you have to have something creating the wall boundary of
some of the blood vessels so what happens if your magnesium deficient
those smooth muscles can go into spasm tighten up and clamp down on some of
your blood vessels which will drive up your blood pressure it’s very simple and
then the doctor you know sort of takes over and you end up on your diuretics
calcium channel blockers and AAC inhibitors and then you end up with high
cholesterol and high blood sugar so we the way to work with magnesium and
hypertension is you have to know don’t stop your medications it’s not a matter
if I we’ve got to stop your medications before you start something healthy no
magnesium is like food you wouldn’t stop eating your food so you start slowly
introducing magnesium and alert the person that looks this magnesium is
going to heal your blood vessels and heal your hypertension so be aware of
your blood pressure you’re going to do home monitoring and as your blood
pressure decreases go to your doctor and say oh look I’m getting better aren’t
you happy wouldn’t you like reduce my blood pressure medications isn’t that
what you were trained for in medical schools that people should just take
medications only if they really required them
not for prevention so that’s how I deal with hypertension thank you
what advice would you give to parents to help their kids stay with healthy levels
of magnesium through their childhood well I really focus on this when I was
dealing with autism when I lived in Manhattan and basically every child gets
a bath every day so you you do the Epsom salt so you put a couple of cups of
epsom salts in their nightly bath and it helps them sleep it helps your bowel
movements they’re in the autistic population there’s there’s less
behavioral traits with magnesium is quite amazing and then as they get older
you you put a liquid magnesium in their drinking water
with some with athletics you really have to educate them about taking their
magnesium water someone asked me recently you know would you write
something about teens and what they should eat and how they should get their
magnesium I said forget about it you cannot force the teen to eat anything
other than chips and hamburgers but what you can do is spike their water bottles
with with my liquid remag and the multiple mineral REME I’d and if they
can tolerate it some sea salt and and prove it to themselves that they feel so
much better after their game I mean I’ve had a lot of teenage athletes whose
parents have approached me and maybe if they were in so much distress they
wouldn’t have done it but once they do the mineral treatments they feel so much
better whoo-hoo yeah and the others are
celebrating too yes I hear wonderful so from there just a few wrap-up questions
and then we’ll let you get going since it is Halloween and it’s going to be a
fun day today this is a question I believe we asked you last time but it’s
fun ask again what so he brings you the greatest happiness
or what I call the woo factor what person what personally what Bruce you
what person well certainly my husband of course
personally the great room I really when I have a great interview when I produce
a great booklet on magnesium I really love right when I produce a great blog
when when I get the information out there that people will share and pass on
I really love sharing information and I don’t need any feedback about it it just
makes me feel good that is a yeah where can people go to find out more to find
your products and to find your books okay dr carolyn decom join my newsletter
free newsletter my product website is are in a reset calm and you can google
google my name and I’m everywhere I’ve done about a thousand blogs and articles
and a lot of them are on magnesium but you know I’ll keep doing it till
everybody out there is taking magnesium and and hopefully most of them are
taking my green bag because it is the best it’s the most therapeutic so I
thank you very much for allowing me to say all that and to be on on your
podcast and I wish you and Jessica all the best and your future family on
magnesium Thank You Carolyn I always have to ask so forgive me if you don’t
have any last words but any last words of wisdom you wish to share take
responsibility for your own health because nobody else is going to do that
for you amen thank you so much Carolyn this has been
a to honor a pleasure and a treat and we are doing this on a daily basis it has
made a big difference everyone out there get the magnesium miracle check it out
for yourself for everyone out there this is Michael Sandler saying
be well have fun get the magnesium miracle put that mackney magnesium back
in your body where it belongs and shine bright thank you this is a treat ah
thanks so much for watching if you enjoyed it be sure to LIKE like below
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