100 thoughts on “President Donald Trump Putting Troops At Greater Risk, Says Senator | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. What a strong parallel this is to Trump not having the qualifications for being our President . He has never been a politician nor served in the military. The Republicans are screaming about Biden’s son Hunter go to Ukraine yet are not even looking at what they have created as a misfit President. No big surprise, the Republicans have lost it.

  2. I’ve been saying this for a while now he sold the Kurdish people for nothing but political favours and iff he is prepared to sell his allies whose next he is a lunatic and he is the biggest threat to world peace since Hitler how many more chances are you gonna give him America.

  3. Bringing up Biden's son as a false equivalency to Trump's kids' grifting is crazy. "Trump’s children take in millions overseas as president slams Biden’s son" https://www.latimes.com/politics/story/2019-10-10/trumps-adult-children-do-business-overseas-as-president-slams-biden

  4. I feel like hugging a Trump voter. Can you imagine your every waking moment knowing this is all your fault. I'd be suicidal, in deep denial or just royally wasted.

  5. Donald Trump needs to be locked up, he is selling the lives of members of our armed forces and even ADMITED IT!!!!!

  6. If you're sick of having the majority of news broadcast EVERY SINGLE DAY be about the President of the United States then you need to #VoteBlue2020

  7. Possible Biden for Sec'ty of State case (age v. relentless travel) but STILL NOT the Best Candidate to fight FOR for Average Income Americans

  8. Hunter represents Russian and Chinese fwd looking plans to influence Biden and although Biden would unequivocally be a far better president it just shows that Biden is another of the life long corrupt conniving good old boy political network. We are fortunate the press informed us about the Hunter specifics which exudes an rotting odor . Hunter had no credentials for those positions and furthermore has a long history of hard drug abuse, for him to be a legitimate qualified member of any board is preposterous to consider .

  9. Saudi? Who cares about liberal softy ideas like Christian values or human rights, if you can get hard cash for Syrian oil or US weapons.

  10. Hmm…Did Obummer secure the troops? Did the Bushes secure the troops? Did Killary protect the Benghazi ambassador? Nothing but Trump bashing. Geez people haven't you gotten tired of this crap? These dems are just war mongers. Endless wars. How long have we been in Afghanistan? How long in Iraq? How long in the Mideast? Time to let them sort out their differences. They have been at it for hundreds of years. We have our own source of oil so we don't need to be there. Good Bye. And good luck.

  11. Forgot to ask the Senator how much he made off defense contractors and the sale of weapons. Killing is big business for corporate news, defense contractors, oil companies and Congress just ask Bush, Cheney, Obama, Clinton, Biden and Warren. Corporate news, Joseph Goebbels contribution to society.

  12. Oh America, my God! What has happened to you? It's like we (the world) doesn't even recognize you anymore. We miss the "old" you! With warm hugs – Canada.

  13. Do you realize what Trump could do with his horde of zombies??? He could slowly turn them all into SOCIALISTS!!! if he wanted!!! LOL. Seriously, they would literally follow him in any direction. What a bunch of frightful blind sheep! So easily duped by the most obvious con-man in all of history. And you know what they all have in common including their dear leader man god????? NONE of them read!!! I call them "proud anti-intellectuals", they run from books like vampires do from garlic cloves on a silver platter! Well all except for the one book that they have to have someone else interpret for them on Sunday mornings… they clutch that one tightly because it tells them that they don't have to bother with any of them others…

  14. Christ another war monger that's an expert on getting us into never ending wars which cost American troops their lives while the war machine lines its pockets with trillions.

  15. Even I confuse my kids name. At times I even call him hey boy when I totally forget their names for that moment. We all make mistakes but, this Trump guy is just plain stupid and clueless.

  16. you know trump is a rich brat child at heart. he thinks he won the country not elected to lead it.
    gonna use it to make money and maybe trash it before the next kid gets to play with his toy.

  17. Thank you morning Joe blow for spoon feeding the Dems. 24/7 trump derangement news. Swallow and enjoy the taste losers. Trump 2020 Maga

  18. If all this mess is happening in the open can you imagine how much real mess is going on behind the scenes…
    The corruption in this administration is bigger than any of us will ever know about!

  19. this remind me of the twilight zone where they cant say anything bad about the kid or hill do something bad to them with his mind. Look how scared they are to be forthright.

  20. Saudia Arabia can buy their own troops! Why would we want to use our troops for in this place? Another Russian play by Trump? More than likely!!

  21. Trump is truly a danger in the White House! He cannot be trusted! The Syria situation makes me sick! We abandon our allies? Since when? SINCE TRUMP!!

  22. Politics Monday, a weekly segment on the PBS Newshour with Amy Walter and Tamara Keith, just because they are women it does not mean that they have to appear hair dyed and greasy lipped, its way pass time for serious female television journalists to appear more like humans instead of someone’s very narrow vision of what all women on television must look like…

  23. The world has done its mighty best to politely deny a blatantly obvious truth.
    Denial is not just a river in Egypt but too much clear information breaks through the most stubborn cognitive dissonance.
    The reality of American ‘respect for life’ is now crystal clear.
    It goes like this ‘ you WILL respect our lives and yours mean nothing to us’. Die quietly!
    We see. If the lives of the Kurds and others who fought and died in support of you mean nothing – and the ‘good’ among you wring your hands and sigh, you have become DANGEROUS to humanity and your neighbors.

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  25. This SORRY main stream Dem is on this program to PUSH Biden, So sick of this Dem we need real Change..Bernie & Warren NOW…..

  26. Being allied to the US, in the modern era, is perhaps the most dangerous political state to be in. Erratic foreign policy and diplomacy, and not an ounce of genuine concern for allies, at all. C'mon America! Who are you anymore? You, at least, used to fake concern for foreigners, and keep alliance promises…. Can't even do that anymore… Shame, America.

  27. Also, I can't get past how quickly we have forgotten how Erdogan got power in Turkey, and how he illegally maintains it. He is not even worth being recognized on the world stage. He should never have been addressed so casually, by the mock president, or approached without a huge level of mistrust, and disdain. Shameful politics…

  28. Trump must think that ISIS is fake news. The damage is done and there's no other explanation for trump's cavalier attitude. From trump's ivory tower, he feels no shame, no remorse and no empathy — for killing innocent people that were depending on us for protection or for destroying what has taken us years to correct/control. With a backdrop of destruction, we can see trump like the betrayer Judas counting his money. The world is burning down and trump tells us how trump lost billions. Per trump, "let them fight their own war …" "I've lost billions being president." Trump is not merely a corrupt politician. Now he is a murderer and a war criminal. Wake up people!!! Trump breaks his oath as president everyday. I wonder how much money he got under the table from Putin for pulling our troups?

  29. The problem with singling out individuals like Bidens son is that we're not talking about the general topic. This stuff happens all the time, and the core issue is bigger than individuals, yet every time we talk about an individual it leads nowhere.

  30. Right but Hunter said he regretted the decision because it effected his fathers political campaign, not because it was nepotism and/or wrong. Biden literally is Clinton 2.0.

    Bernie 2020, cuz you and I payed more in taxes than Amazon did. Maybe Yang 2028 if gets experience governing somewhere first.

  31. Any Republican Democrat I don't care who you are speaks against the Constitution of the United States of America is guilty of a crime if the Senate don't want to get rid of this man they're guilty of a crime it's real simple

  32. 45 In Helsinki Even Though My Intelligence Agencies Told Me That Russia Was Interacting With Our Election System. He Believes Putin Over His Own Intelligence Agencies. That's Not Working On Behalf Of The United States Of America.

  33. Trump the crazy nastyass honey badger don't care. Honey badger don't give a sh*t.

  34. I knew Trump was going to put United States of America Troops in harm's way, these are our children, husband's, mother's, sisters, brothers, uncle's and auntie's. These are people Americans love. They are just not a number to us. Trump or Congress don't know our military on a personal level. Trump needs to send his sons over to fight in a war zone, he would possibly learn to appreciate what other families are going through, who have concerns for their love ones.

  35. It's impossible to follow the Left on when to support a war or not. They supposrted the war in Iraq until they did not support the war in Iraq. Now the Left is in bed with Daddy Warbucks.

  36. Since he never produced his tax and financial records why is he even allowed on another election ballot ?? He’s a clear and present danger to the whole world not just America. It would be nice to see some ppl recognize this and stop this mobster before he does even more egregious things! He’s set precedents, why doesn’t Congress or the Military set a few with him…a rogue imposter and a threat to the rule of law and this Constitutional Republic ?? Just say..you didn’t meet the requirements so you’re out! Simple! STOP enabling this Traitor Or you’re complicit!!

  37. When will the Republicans wise up and that they are spending too much energy defending Trump. They should be spending their time pursuing policy and moving our country forward, but they have to constantly make fools of themselves and lie to show support of behavior that they know is bad.

  38. Soon as he endorsed Biden it invalidated everything else he said prior. Biden is almost as bad as Trump. Old, out of touch white guy that can barely string together a coherent sentence.

  39. To know which another country may be vulnerable to a betrayal from this cruel dictator Trump, all we need to know is any country where Trump owns some real estate…

  40. Trump must really believe that Russia and Syria will keep ISIS in check. OMG. Russia and Syria will allow ISIS to attack the free world. God help us.

  41. Every super power Nation falls with a secret spy running their country to the ground. What American president ever praise their enemy and they're dictators.Remember Trump said the reason why he would run Republican because they were so dumb he can lie in their face and they won't know.

  42. So how does it feel for the military to pull back to iraq just like the syria refugees that are fleeing there too and having Iraq saying that USA military has no permission to stay in Iraq?

  43. The democratic party with the 80% of the media is huge for a coorperate expansion agenda, almost impossible to make the democrats smaller, there should be a third party that does have anown economic and foreign policy. The DNC does want to decide for the people what is good and what is not good, they use media campaigns to influence your image or they veto or rigg the elections, well the republicans do also but less becauise they dont have so much access to the MSNBC / ABC and morning programs.

  44. THIS IS NOT JUST INEXPERIENCE!! IT IS RUSSIA DIRECTING OUR POTUS!! Trumps instinct was to bomb syria when it used nerve gas on civilians. Yet now he helps the perpetrator of that attack by pulling out. Putin speaks through Turkey & both have dirt on trump who has been using his 2 towers in turkey to launder russian money for years.

  45. @10:55 – Though "Joe Biden did nothing wrong" doesn't mean that it's not corrupt. Hunter Biden isn't qualified to be on the board of an energy company. Chelsea Clinton isn't qualified to be on the board of Expedia. And Ivanka and Jared aren't qualified to be representing the United States in foreign affairs.

  46. Trump, his knees are dusty from the deed he performs for the Vlad. We don't need a video of the deed, he broadcasts his loyalties every single day, all day.

    Come on ya'll, chant it with the crowd, "Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!"

  47. Politicians from both parties have blood on their hands. They facilitated Vietnam under Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon, the Gulf wars under daddy and baby Bush, failures in Afghanistan under Obama and Trump and the capitulation of Syria under Trump. America's meddling in world affairs has cost the lives, not just of American troops but far more citizens of those countries embroiled in the U.S. interference. Carter's meddling in Afghanistan in the late 1970's to draw Russia into a stalemate Vietnam style war with the Mujaheddin. In the late 1980's the U.S. funded Saddam's armed forces against Iran and then engaged with Iraq in the early 1990's. The complete catastrophe that was Somalia in the early 1990's. Their administrative sloppiness post the 2003 invasion of Iraq lead directly to the formation of ISIS. Obama's indecision allowed ISIS to flourish. Trump's sheer stupidity has now lead to a resurrection of ISIS.

  48. Everybody keeps saying Hunter had no skill sets to be on the board of that business. Why are they saying that? Have any of them ever seen Hunter's resume and education? Go look. He was pretty qualified for the job.

  49. I have family members dear to me in this middle east mess.
    They cannot believe that TRUMP has done this . They feel betrayed and ashamed. They feel endangered by his grammer school intelligence in war. My nephew a longtime green beret has nearly lost faith in the integrity of his career. When you hear the words crime and betrayal associated with the fight you swore to on your honor, your word , .. .what a disgrace Trump and the GOP are !

  50. I'd easily handle the situation in Vietnam. I visited there 18 times with BARRACK OBAMA when I was President. I'm the most electable. We need more words. This is America. And most importantly BARRACK OBAMA.

  51. Joe Biden is garanteed loose to Trump a centrist candidate cant win against Trump. Moving to the center is a false narative.

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