President Trump Presents the Congressional Medal of Honor

President Trump Presents the Congressional Medal of Honor

The President:
Thank you very much. Please. And thank you
Chaplain Hurley. Thank you to Vice
President Mike Pence for joining us for
today’s ceremony. Today, it’s my privilege
to award the Congressional Medal of Honor to an Army
Special Forces medic who now serves in the United
States Secret Service. Please join me in
welcoming Staff Sergeant Ronald Shurer. (Applause.) Ronald, thank you. Thank you. I wish I was that popular. I’ll tell you. (Laughter.) Today is a truly proud and
special day for those of us here in the White
House, because Ron works right here alongside of
us on the Secret Service
Counter Assault Team. These are
incredible people. Several weeks ago, my
staff asked Ron and his wife Miranda –
thank you, Miranda – to a meeting in the West Wing. They didn’t know
what it was about. They walked into the Oval
Office, and I told Ron that he was going to
receive our nation’s highest military honor. It was a moment I
will never forget. Ron and Miranda are
joined today by their two beautiful sons: Cameron,
who is 10, and, Tyler, who is 7. Stand up. Look at these guys. (Applause.) Cameron. Tyler. We stand in awe of
your father’s courage. We really do. Today, he joins the
world’s most elite gathering of heroes. Also, with us are his
parents: Ronald, Sr. and his mom, Fabiola – both
Air Force Veterans. America is grateful
for your service. Thank you very much. Please, stand. Thank you. (Applause.) I want to thank, also,
Secretary Nielsen for joining us – Secretary,
thank you very much; along with Secretary of the
Army, Mark Esper. Mark, thank you very much. Vice Chairman of the Joint
Chiefs of Staff, General Paul Selva. Thank you, Paul. Army Chief of Staff,
General Mark Milley. Mark, thank you. Commander of Special
Operations Command, General Raymond Thomas. Thank you, Raymond. And Sergeant Major of
the Army, Daniel Dailey. Thank you very much. Thank you very
much, Daniel. I also want to recognize
Representative Gerald Connolly, and
Representative Dan Newhouse. Thank you very much
for being here. Appreciate it. We are privileged to have
among us five former recipients of the
Congressional Medal of Honor: Bennie Adkins,
Harvey Barnum, Gary Beikirch, Florent Groberg,
and Brian Thacker. And thank you all
for being here. Thank you. Please stand up. (Applause.) Thank you. Thank you very much
for being with us. These are very
brave, great people. Staff Sergeant Ron Shurer
was born in Fairbanks, Alaska. He grew up in a military
family, moving to four states before
middle school. He graduated from
Washington State University and applied to
join the military but was rejected due to a
medical condition. I can’t believe
they rejected you. (Laughter.) Boy, that was
a bad mistake – (laughter) – but, they
made up for it. Right? They made up for it. Soon after, America was attacked
on September 11th, 2001. Determined to serve, Ron
reapplied to the military and was accepted into
the United States Army. He became a medic, and
then he completed the grueling training to join
the legendary ranks of the Green Berets. That’s a long way from not
getting accepted the first time, right? That’s fantastic. That’s a great story. It was during his Special
Forces training that Ron met Miranda. Just before Ron’s first
deployment, they were married. Miranda was six months
pregnant with their first son, Cameron, when Ron
deployed to Afghanistan for the second time. Just a month before he
returned home, Ron was called on a special
operations mission. The aim was to hunt down
a deadly terrorist – a leader in that world. He was in a remote
mountain village. Very dangerous territory. On April 6th, 2008, Ron
was among the few dozen Special Forces soldiers
and 100 Afghan Commandos who dropped off by
helicopter into Shok Valley — a rocky, barren
valley far away from reinforcements. There was nobody close. Ron was the only
medic for the team. While he was still near
the base of the mountain, the first team began to
scale the cliff toward the village. As they approached
the top, roughly 200 well-trained, and
well-armed terrorists, ambushed the American
and Afghan forces. Soon, Ron heard his
comrade call his name. Ryan Wallen had been
struck by shrapnel at the base of the mountain. He was very, very
seriously hurt. But Ron braved enemy fire
to rush to his friend and to treat his wounds. Then he heard over the
radio that American fighters near the top of
the cliff were pinned down and some were
critically injured. There was blood
all over the place. It was a tough, tough
situation to be in. Immediately, Ron climbed
the rocky mountain, all the while fighting back
against the enemy and dodging gunfire
left and right. Rockets were shot at him. Everything was
shot at him. When he reached the top,
one of his close friends, an Afghan interpreter,
was already dead. Two Americans had been
shot: Dillon Behr and Luis Morales. He treated them both to
stabilize them and their condition. Ron threw his body on top
of Dillon to protect him from shrapnel. It was there on that cliff
that Ron realized that – I guess, he felt pretty
much like that was it. Right, Ron? But, Ron, realized that
this was probably the end. Might be all over. And as he recounts, “I
just said a prayer and asked that my wife and son
would be okay with what was going to happen. Then I just went
back to work.” One of his teammates, John
Walding, was trying to protect the injured when
he was shot, almost severing his leg entirely. As Ron was still rendering
lifesaving aid to Dillon, he directed another soldier
to help stem the bleeding. Then a bullet cut through
Master Sergeant Scott Ford’s arm and
struck Ron’s helmet. Ron said it felt like he
had been hit on the head with a baseball bat. But he got up, and in
pretty bad shape, bandaged Scott’s arm. Soon, Ron and his comrades
used nylon webbing to lower the most critically
injured down the sides of this really dangerous,
and very steep cliff. When he reached the base
of the mountain, Ron raced to each patient, giving
them lifesaving care – they were bleeding
profusely – and preparing them to be
evacuated by helicopter. But Ron was not done yet. He charged back to the
mountain – all the way up – and then
rejoined the fight. For more than six hours, Ron
bravely faced down the enemy. Not a single American died
in that brutal battle, thanks in great measure
to Ron’s heroic actions. Many of the warriors who
fought in Shok Valley are here today. When I read your name,
will you please stand? Staff Sergeant
Dillon Behr. (Applause.) Stand up. Stay up, please. Specialist Mike Carter. Thank you. (Applause.) Stay. Thank you. Master Sergeant
Scott Ford. (Applause.) Sergeant First
Class Seth Howard. (Applause.) Staff Sergeant
Luis Morales. (Applause.) Sergeant Major Dan Plants. (Applause.) Lieutenant Colonel
Kyle Walton. (Applause.) Sergeant First
Class Matt Williams. (Applause.) Sergeant First
Class Karl Wurzbach. (Applause.) And two wonderful Afghan
translators: Behrouz Mohmand and Zia Ghafoori. (Applause.) Thank you very much. We really appreciate it. He did a good job. Did he do a good job? Better say “yes,” now. Otherwise it’s too late. (Laughter.) We can always
change our mind. (Laughter.) He did a good job. Thank you all for your
noble service, and for being here to celebrate
Ron’s historic achievement. It truly is that. As many of you know, a
year and a half ago, Ron was diagnosed with cancer
– tough cancer, rough cancer. But he has braved,
battled, worked – he has done everything he can. That cancer – he’s been
fighting it every single day with courage
and with strength. And he’s a warrior. He’s a warrior. And just like he faced
every single battle of his entire life, he’s facing
a very tough battle right now with cancer. But I will tell you, he’s
the best dad and role model two boys
could ever ask for. Right? Do you agree with that? You better say yes. (Laughter.) I already asked
them that question. They needed no prodding. I said, “Is he a good
father or a great father?” They said, “Great father.” Right? That’s good. Cameron And Tyler Shurer:
Yeah, the best father ever. The President: The
best father ever? Wow. (Laughter.) That’s great. Beautiful, beautiful boys. And Ron, I just want to
say, is an inspiration to everyone in this room
and to every citizen all across our great land. Ron, our hearts are filled
with gratitude and joy as we prepare to engrave
your name alongside of America’s greatest heroes. It is my honor and
privilege, along with Mike and all of these incredible
warriors in front of me, to present you with the
Congressional Medal of Honor. I would like to ask the
military aide to come forward and read the
citation, please. Thank you. Military Aide: The
President of the United States of America,
authorized by Act of Congress, March 3, 1863,
has awarded, in the name of Congress, the Medal of
Honor to Staff Sergeant
Ronald J. Shurer II, United States Army,
for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity
at the risk of his life above and beyond
the call of duty. Staff Sergeant Ronald J. Shurer II distinguished
himself by acts of gallantry and intrepidity
above and beyond the call of duty on April 6, 2008,
while serving as a Senior Medical Sergeant, Special
Forces Operational Detachment Alpha 3336,
Special Operations Task Force-33, in support
of Operation Enduring Freedom. Staff Sergeant Shurer was
part of an assault element inserted by helicopter
into a location in Afghanistan. As the assault element
moved up a near vertical mountain toward its
objective, it was engaged by fierce enemy machine
gun, sniper, and rocket-propelled
grenade fire. The lead portion of the
assault element, which included the ground
commander, sustained several casualties and
became pinned down on the mountainside. Staff Sergeant Shurer and
the rest of the trailing portion of the assault
element, were likewise engaged by enemy machine
gun, sniper, and rocket-propelled
grenade fire. As the attack intensified,
he braved enemy fire to move to an injured soldier
and treat his wounds. Having stabilized the
soldier, he then learned of the casualties among
the lead element. Staff Sergeant Shurer
fought his way up the mountainside, under
intense enemy fire, to the lead element’s location. Upon reaching the lead
element, he treated and stabilized two
more soldiers. Finishing those lifesaving
efforts, he noticed two additional severely
wounded soldiers under intense enemy fire. The bullet that had
wounded one of these soldiers had also impacted
Staff Sergeant Shurer’s helmet. With complete disregard
for his own life, Staff Sergeant Shurer again
moved through enemy fire to treat and stabilize one
soldier’s severely wounded arm. Shortly thereafter,
he continued to brave withering enemy fire to
get to the other soldier’s location in order to treat
his lower leg, which had been almost completely
severed by a high-caliber sniper round. After treating the
soldier, Staff Sergeant Shurer began to evacuate
the wounded, carrying and lowering them down the
sheer mountainside. While moving down the
mountain, he used his own body to shield the wounded
from enemy fire and debris caused by danger-close
air strikes. Reaching the base of the
mountain, Staff Sergeant Shurer set up a casualty
collection point and continued to
treat the wounded. With the arrival of
the medical evacuation helicopter, Staff Sergeant
Shurer, again under enemy fire, helped load the
wounded into the helicopter. Having ensured the safety
of the wounded, he then regained control of
his commando squad and rejoined the fight. He continued to lead
his troops and emplace security elements until it
was time to remove to the evacuation landing zone
for the helicopter. Staff Sergeant Shurer’s
actions are in keeping with the finest traditions
of military service and reflect great credit upon
himself, Combined Joint Special Operations Task
Force-Afghanistan, Special Operations Command
Central, and the United States Army. (The Medal of Honor
is presented.) (Applause.)

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  25. Does anybody else see the irony in this here's a person who when he had his chance to serve his country turned into a coward and now he's looking so pompous handing out Medals of Honor to people who really have courage I really believe you should have had a general present they honor however it's just a makes a mockery of it all by having this piece of shit as our president do it I'm sorry I meant your president not mine

  26. What the…. I was literally watching past Medal of Honor videos last night and thought how I’d love to see when Trump presents one. Wow!

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    Tito harris prasetyo > TAS KUNING-dian pelangi & DATINGNYA-fardianti widiastuti

    Otoritas zacky rachman turn back crime polri > yang ada bataknya siapa ?

    Robby-rojack > IR Iyan surya buana Raffi ahmad

    Ahmad julian > militer HKTI

    NG_singkatan terburuknya apa Caba Pinter kebocoran P > residential thredsould identitas ku & Pembajakan digital google in smartphone samsung dimulai dari tahun 2015 s/d hampir 2019 in lenovo smartphone

    Errie / Er / Eeiii alias heri suheri bin rohana meninggalkan warisan dan sudah meninggal dunia atau mati ya Budi sarwoeno lapas subang klasIIA 2015-2016 Berlanjut GNPF

  29. Let us pray…🤣😂🤣 agent orange don’t believe in anything so he figures he’ll just take a standing nap. Lmao you fat bitch money hungry cheating laying assclown! I’d love to go one on one in a fiat fight with your fat ass! Id give you one buzz cut strip right down the center of your head! You fucking bitch! Take your fist and shove it up your ass cuz you’re up your own ass, you douche bags shittard!

  30. Sure sure, people want to say this and that about Kavanaugh but you know what, we were all young once and we all did things that we probably would wish to forget.
    These events may or may not have took place, we'll never know. It just seems like such a witch Hunt to systematically break someone down.
    I'm not saying they shouldn't investigate because she truly believes what happened happened and I support her.
    I just wish they wouldn't assume these events happened until they have proof. Atleast that's how it is in a Democracy.

  31. This is how I cured my own Cancer, and a lot of other Health issues:
    Please help others realize that they can also heal from the damage that has been done to us all.
    Much Care Folks

  32. Listen for the emergency alert system tomorrow oct 3rd at 2:18 EST whether it’s a test or not listen. DJT will communicate with us that way when he needs to. Our President has our back. Trust the plan. Stay strong and read the q drops yourself. Censorship begins as [they] try to silence us. God speed patriots. The shift will begin soon.

  33. What a story!
    We need more men like Staff Sgtt. Ronald Shurer in this country to help fight the corruption within!
    Together we would surely win!!!

  34. that story was amazing! While we are safe in our homes, we can't even imagine the sacrifices our soldiers are doing for our nation, all those tough situations they have to pass through, all those great challenges they have to face in the battlefield… they got our respect, and they deserve that medal of honor

  35. Gaslighter 'n Chief

  36. Thanks its me jerry naw we see you naw we said not to help men who send me other places naw we did so pay me men said naw man you aint suppose to do my job im suppose to do it and men even broke shit to say naw man im here for one job frank knows it too yeah and all so pay me i said no and men said why not i said naw im not helping men see this but men said thanks frank and all naw men said frank aint cool naw man im cool about this little fucking serial killer naw she creepy naw she hate me naw she want me but she said i can still be like that and all while he around him yup so i said oh ok then bye bitch

  37. Trump supporters are indecent and lack moral values. Ask deep inside one heart and ask yourself is Trump a good example of human virtues. If you still said yes you are indecent human being.

  38. This Fake Christian Trump. Trump set precedents that is ok to assault another person, not charitable and sexually assault women. This county is found by moral leaders who turn down dictatorship, practice charity and forgiveness. Men such as Washington and Lincoln. High moral standard keep peace and long term prosperity. Being indecent cause money to be spend on enforcing indecency. Supporting indecency don’t make country prosper. Truly this Cheedo don’t practice what is preach.

  39. Look at the guilt on Trump when he bow down. He knew he did so much wrong. When most people did wrongs they correct themselves ,but Trump do the opposite.

  40. Wow… just wow. There is a medal of honor recipient, yet you are talking more about the president than you are the recipient himself. Hats off to those respecting Staff Sgt. Schurer, as for you other people, you mean less than dirt in this life… seriously.

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