7 thoughts on “President’s Cancer Panel Report on Environmental Risk

  1. That's because the report isn't intended to be practical. They don't care about the earth. They care about their microcosm. A feedlot is less environmentally stressful than free range. Free range is unsustainable and would cause more famine globally due to expansion of land requirement. Plant based is the only practical way to feed everyone.

  2. Plant based is the ONLY way to achieve a healthy planet. Human sickness and environmental sickness results when animals are farmed but try telling than to the idiots who think that "free range" or organic meat is the answer. It still results in the same outcome: disaster! Not only are we on a course for extinction in the near future, we are going to take everything else down with us. Just because of the meat and dairy industry dogma!

  3. I read a little article in the Express paper today that said conventionally grown food is healthy because the level of pesticides is within safety standards. I laughed so hard at this I freaked out everyone else on the Metro.

  4. Did not hear anything about this in the debates… how many people will die before this becuase a main stream issue?

  5. I agree for the most part, but feedlots although they may take up less area, it is highly concentrated. So the toxic runoff is considerable. Other than that, plant based diet is the answer.

  6. I want to apologize for going off on you, assuming you practiced traditional/allopathic medicine. All of what you're presenting has been on the radar for decades though it was dismissed by this expert or that expert who were lap dogs and on the payroll. There is so much corruption in science because corporations control our congress, senate and the high seat. How in the world could they say there was no problem while destroying careers in many cases? This is laughable is all I have to say…

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