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  1. “It was a convenient place to stay”? I am offended ..oh you could not afford a hotel suite for FOUR DAYS? Oh darn you are busted!

  2. He also seems to suffer from a severe selective memory disorder. People have known about this for years, it's only new news to people who aren't very informed. Because they only watch the news on t.v. Like ABC, who killed the story three years ago, only for it to come back and blow up in their faces. The real truth will shock people, it gets much worse than this

  3. 🆘 Prince Andrew you’re a disgrace to the Royal family as well as England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 go hide in one of the castles dungeons that’s where you belong.

  4. What a liar…You have two daughters and you would be attached with a kniwn predator as your friend?? You hung with him to have the same access to those underaged girls just like Epstein..Disgusting

  5. Andrew: "I'm being polite"

    Well. He was asked about the 17 year old victim and he stated "I have no recollection of every meeting that lady". He used the word lady instead of teen. That to me is someone who is trying to distance themselves from a specific event. I think what the victim said is true. In this interview he said he doesn't party (used a different word) and reassured us that he doesn't sweat yet he was pictured on the French Riviera in 2007 doing both… I'm guessing that picture was also doctored Andrew?

    I hope more organisations cut ties with this man. Think of the negative association. This couldn't be more pertinent considering he is involved with some children's charities.

    The Royal Family were once admirable but they've all played a part in ruining its history. I mean the Queen herself put money in offshore investments, yet she (and much of her family) are heavily subsidised by the British taxpayer. He was recently told (allegedly) that he isn't immune from prosecution so hopefully that's scared him.

  6. Funny. I notice the press is going after PA now, but no one has said a word about Bill Clinton. If we assume PA is guilty why would we not assume BC is as well? If you question one if them for their friendship why would you not question both?

  7. 😆 wait until the body language people dissect this. His body language is saying something completely different from what his mouth is saying. Using his kids as his alibi was beyond reprehensible. 🤮🤮

  8. The Child Trafficking and Pedophile Ring the Elites have is global. Washington DC, Hollywood, Roman Catholic Church, leaders globally.

  9. Prince Andrew sounds like a liar with every stutter he mutters out of his mouth and looks like a liar with that crooked tie around his neck!

  10. Surely pizza express would have a record of his purchase and it would have been a talking point among the staff that he had actually been there, or maybe in actual fact he just bought a bag of good old-fashioned pork pies 🐷

  11. "It was inappropriate for us to be seen together" …. does that mean that it's okay if they are together, as long as they "aren't seen"? I think it does mean that, because a few month's later, while in New York "I may have visited" (in spite of earlier in the interview stating that after the Dec. 2010 trip there was ZERO contact. He's a horrible liar…he didn't practice enough.

  12. On top of Andrew's bad actions, look at how long the media has known about this and let him get by scot free while lying and talking about the Sussexes all summer long and up until down. Media on both sides of the pond allowed the distractions by reporting stories (mostly lies) much of the year about the Sussexes (the only young royal couple who really works hard and are honest). So you have a role in this mess as well. Own it.

  13. No one is asking the question in all this WHERE WERE THE PARENTS of these so called d minors who attended big people parties or spent nights at jeffery epstiens places or were they themselves pimping out their so called minors to the rich flattered that a rich guy was showing interest in their darling little minors jeffery epstien was a devilish sicko but that question burns in my mind didnt these darling little minors attend or miss school etc there is an advert years ago tha t asked ITS LATE DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR KIDS ARE .

  14. A 17 year old girl should stay at home , where were her parents, she looks very happy on the photo, at doesn’t look that she was forced to do something against her willingness, she’s after money, why she didn’t report this to the police then , why now, she’s the blame and old enough to know what is right and what is wrong

  15. I wasn't really friends with pedo Epstein…only through his pedo gf Maxwell BUT I had to do the "Honorable thing" & go over the Atlantic & tell this convicted pedo that we can't be friends anymore.

  16. Evidently Prince Andrew doesn't perceived Epstein the way the world does. Epstein an highly appreciated member of high profile people or a pervert 👀 seen on "To catch a Predator" ?

    These people write the LAW but live above it!!

  17. I wonder if he visited Epstein to find out if there was any incriminating evidence then went to his house to wipe his tracks

  18. Putin Had Epstine as a spy and manipulator The bribery of a Prince. The clue is in the Russian girls provided to the Prince.

  19. How can you people be so unkind to poor old Prince Andrew? He would NEVER do such things – I mean, he’s a PRINCE, he’s RICH and speaks posh and nice and wears nice suits. AND he lives in a very nice big house …. possibly a few, to be exact … mostly funded by us, his British subjects. How could someone like this POSSIBLY be capable of anything untoward? I mean …. surely not!!????

    PS: I’ve been told (by my American friends) that some Americans can’t spot irony even if it slaps them in the face singing “ironic days are here again”. So let me just give you a little clue here ….

  20. If he kick's himself on a daily basis I want to see the proof. Show us the bruises Andy or is it just another figment of your imagination.

  21. If you KNEW it wasn't you and couldn't possibly have been you in the photo, you wouldn't say, "Gee, I don't remember that…" I haven't been to Spain, but if anyone asked me if I had, I wouldn't answer, "I have no recollection of being in Spain!"

  22. Lol…He went to the house of a convicted child molester to tell him he could not see him anymore—-and proceeded to stay there for four days! First of all, why go in the first place? Just don’t see him anymore. Period.

  23. So, you go all the way to America to end an association?
    Wouldn’t a phone call or email do?
    If someone I knew was convicted of peadophelia I would take a wide birth and pray for them
    This interview was rubbish

  24. Chris Hanson: Have a seat on the stool. What are you doing here?

    Prince Andrew: I only came over to say I couldn't come over.

  25. Prince Andrew ……….he regrets the interview!!

    Is he a paedophile??????? Probably to powerful for investigation

  26. Where else do you do your business but a remote island and how many other elite do it .they think the common people are stupid haha your caught .of course being royal well we all know the consequences.

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