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  1. Haha, yea. Basically if there's a god, it's ridiculous to believe he's good when many are born with all kinds of bad things we didn't even ask for. Either he's evil, or he doesn't care (which of course is evil given that he is capable of anything)… or he doesn't exist.

  2. this is not a break trough if you looked more into science than just watching ted is that this has been around for a few years, whats a breakthrough is the higgs boson and NASA trying to make a warp engineering

  3. Amazing, we can see so many scientific breakthrough in 21st century, glad to see all this unfolding. I'm just mind-blown.

  4. To be fair…if u told me 10 years ago we could print a kidney with a printer id tell u not in a thousand years.Maybe they might not be able to achieve it with current technologies but id bet you say in in the next 50 years or even 100 years….the first immortal being will be printed or the life expectancy will increase to like 200+

  5. So is that all that we have to do?Also do u think we could make like a human cyborg?Am thinking if we could print organs we could easily print an entire being!

  6. A little torn on this one. I have chronic kidney disease and this is really great, but I also think we as humans are now way outliving the natural 'life span' of the species. It's great that we can live longer but can society really survive when people are spending 30-40 years retired?

  7. Most healthy people continue to live longer and healthier as they continue to work. Out of the top "advanced" countries in the world, America spends the most money on healthcare, and is the sickest country on the list. I believe that the greatest source of this is the way that we eat, and what we eat. Did you know that the FDA allows for a certain amount of maggots, rodent hair, rodent droppings, mold, etc., in different foods? Look up the FDA Defect Levels Handbook. #GagFactor

  8. I believe in God, and I love science. Science doesn't really prove that God doesn't exist, especially since God is omniscient.(unless you want to talk about different ideology and stuff that I'm not going to say because I'm not wanting an argument and if someone argues with me, do not expect an reply because it's a waste of my time to have stalemate arguments) I don't know why Christens and Non-christens argue about faith and science. It really doesn't help each other, in fact it hurts progress

  9. i'm with you, but remember what a scientific theory is. scientific theories are the most reliable, rigorously tested, and comprehensive forms of scientific knowledge. they come from hypotheses.

  10. I have heard about this before and i do look more into science. so stop assuming out of nothing.
    And in the video he literally says they have been working on this for years.
    You can't compare two major discovery's of different fields of science on what is greater than the other. This has more to do with biology, i don't see where you lay the all the connections.

  11. helllrocker1212 ..I hope it doesn't happen with you but if it does Higgs boson not gonna fix your kidney it is biotechnology and yes it is a breakthrough in science. My brother has kidney problem and he is on dialysis from past 6 months. I am thinking about this but I don't how affordable it is for such country like India. Lorenzo Ruberti said absolutly correct. You cannot compare two different discovery of two different field

  12. if luke m got the kidney in 2013 then why isn't this kidney still commercialised? when will this be available for common ppl…

  13. I think this is more show than science. Just look at the micro-anatomy of a kidney. Do you really think we could be able to print nephrons, the juxtaglomerular apparatus or glomeruli?
    Even if we would be able to print on a single-cell resolution, we wouldn't know which cells to print (since they are hard to identify and characterise) and even if we would do all of these things right, how can we assure that the printed cells connect to each other in the right way?
    The kidney that he showed is a homogenous cell-gel that was printed into a kidney-shape. May look like a kidney from the outside but even a burger-patty has more structural features than that.
    This technology may be feasible for simple tissued like bone, skin and cartilage. But I don't see a future for this for big, complex organs.

  14. Wow! :O I am so amazed at the creative marriage of the human imagination and science. I hope they begin to allow teeth structures soon!

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  16. This is more sci-fi and showman ship than reality. Much like Theranos. That kidney is not a functioning kidney but mush made to look like a kidney. There is no current tech now to recreate individual nephrons which is what you need, maybe in the future.

  17. Dr. Anthony Atala already has done a Living Proof-of-Concept of this procedure by transplanting a 3D-printed urinary bladder to a 9-year old kid, who eventually grew to become a playing captain wrestler of his senior high school.

    That was the year 1989.

    Major advances are expected…

  18. I'm really grateful for that disclaimer at 11:27. The speaker misleads the audience by calling it a "printed kidney" when really it's just the scaffold of a kidney. That's a massive difference.

  19. These things move so slow it's unbelievable. This video was made about seven years ago, another one was over ten years ago. I'm a paraplegic that needs a new bladder. I was injured at the age of three, I'm now 60. After being hit by a drunk driver my spinal cord was severed at T-10 complete. I have a neurogenic bladder that has also shrunk. Keeping all these things in mind I need a bladder replacement. Currently there are no studies being done. Even Wake Forest will not be continuing this work for another two years. Since I won't be able to go this route the bladder will have to be removed, my organs rerouted and a whole placed in my side for urinating in a bag. This will be for the rest of my life. Yet…..we have the technology. Why the waiting so long? will it be twenty or thirty more years before this will happen? If anyone hears of any studies please let me know!

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