Private Jets Banned from the UK…

Private Jets Banned from the UK…

[Music] hi welcome back to mystic TV it’s fat Pauly here and today we’re going to be talking about private jets gonna be banned from the UK before we get into this heated subject I’d like to encourage you to subscribe to Bishop TV if you haven’t done so already click on the notification Bell every time we publish a video you can watch it immediately and also give us a thumbs up and comment below we’d love to hear from you and hear your comments and get the conversation going here on beast jet TV and also we’d love to hear your suggestions for new and future videos so let’s get straight into it here we’re coming up for another election here in the UK on the 12th of December we’ve got the Conservatives running against the Labour Party and we also have the brexit party which is starting to saw even more in in the polls as the Conservative Party have failed to the liver brexit for the British people but as all this is happening Jeremy Corbyn who is the leader of the Labour Party is actually looking into banning private jet travel into the UK by 2025 because he says private jets pollute the air too much and these billionaires need to stop he actually said there would be no billionaires in a fair society and no-one would live in poverty well that’s his opinion anyway but let’s look at why the Labour government are looking at this now they looked at the stats as you do and they saw that in 2018 there were 128 thousand private jet flights between the UK and Europe and another 14 thousand flights which between the UK and other countries now when they looked at the the short trips the ones into Europe out of the hundred twenty eight thousand flights 80% of them could have been conducted with an electric aircraft now bear in mind that electric aircraft there are small ones that exist today but there aren’t electric aircraft that have the range to be able to do this yet but there are a number of companies that are working on it and you may have seen a number of my my videos here on Bishop TV about the electric aircraft and it is the future Neil is coming well is going to come before 2025 I don’t know because the issue is the range okay and the range is going to depend on the battery and so they need to build better batteries with with more range and the challenge with a battery going on an airplane compared to a battery going in a car is that the airplane goes up to 35 40 thousand feet where the temperatures are like – 50 50 Celsius and the battery needs to be able to perform at that low temperature so this is kind of the challenge that you know the engineers and scientists are working on right now now what’s going to happen if private jets are banned from the UK and now I know a lot of people that like to vote for the Labour Party people that don’t have much money and they don’t and and there’s a lot of rhetoric around this pointing their finger at people with money and whatnot and private jets in particular always flying around these private jet and there are private jets burning you know polluting the air basically and you know what we have to look at though is that the private jet is actually a business talk now I don’t know if you saw my video called flight shame or gain click on the link above and take you to that I’ll just briefly mention if you shop at Walmart or Asda in as it’s called in the UK charges are that most of the people that shop these grocery stores do so because for the amount of money that they spend they get more food put on the table for their families and that’s why Sam Walton created Walmart so he wanted to reduce the cost of groceries now what a lot of people don’t know is that Walmart operates a massive fleet of private jets over 27 aircraft and they continue to expand the fleet even in 20 2008-2009 when the economy went like this and when it when it when it tanked so the fact that they continue to expand the private jet Flitton continue to use private jets is the reason why they could keep the cost of groceries down now if suddenly we ban the private jet from the UK I mean just give me an example golf a golfer Ian Poulter professional golfer import is one of top golfers in the world when he heard this thing about Jeremy Corbyn wanting to ban private jets you know he said I’ll actually give some whatever you know he’s gonna play seven tournaments in the next eight weeks and there’s no way could even Poulter travel to play in in seven tournaments in eight weeks and perform the way he does if he did that by commercial aeroplane you need to do this by private jet now someone’s gonna say oh that’s a golfer he’s just playing golf but you know lots of business people like you know the walden’s you know the people from Walmart you know they travel by private jet they manage to have meetings in three or four different cities in one day which you’d never be able to deal with with a with a with the air if you travel by Airlines you can do it by private jet so private jet is a business multiplier and it allows these businesspeople to perform better to get more meetings in one day to be more effective to close more deals and when these deals close they open more stores they bring the prices down because the negotiations and what not and that puts more money in the pocket of the people on the street yes those people that vote labor are going to benefit from more private jet travel now I know that the issue of climate is an issue and needs to be solved but you know the engineers are working on that the scientists the inventors are working on developing the electric jet or maybe some other form of propulsion that doesn’t pollute the air that’s currently being worked on so don’t worry that’s coming that’s coming but in the meantime we need to allow private jet travel so I know that Labour government are considering this okay but you out there this is aimed at you have to vote you’re coming up for to vote this year in England next year the u.s. elections are coming up you need to ask yourself are we going to be voting for a prime minister or a president that’s Pro business because Pro business allows the enterpreneur to go out there and do more and you know today we are we live in a very very connected world thanks to the Internet that’s why you’re watching this jet TV so we are in a very connected world like never before and so what entrepreneurs do today is if suddenly they see the political environment around them start putting obstacles in front of them you know the entropy nor does he shut shop and moves to the other side of the world and so what happens if you know you’re living locally your mum lives locally your system is locally your kids are in school locally your wife enjoys living where you are suddenly you lose your job because the enterpreneur that set up your company you know he’s been jeopardized by the new government so he just shuts the whole shop moves his companies of Vietnam and says well if you want your job you need to move to Vietnam and your wife turns Reza I’m not moving to Vietnam your teenage son says I’m not moving to Vietnam your mum starts freaking out because she doesn’t no to you or your daughter or her daughter to to live the other side of the world you know and and now what you’re going to do so these are things that you need to consider so the private jet is very much a business tool do not believe what the newspapers tell you don’t believe what what mainstream media tell you about private jets that’s the whole purpose of busy jet TV is to educate people it’s for people to see and understand that the private jet is a business tool so have a look round here the the number of videos that we’ve produced and we’re going to be producing and the purpose of the channel is to promote private aviation but to show you that the business jet is a business tool and I was talking to somebody the other day who was actually somebody that swatch was watching business jet tea his jet TV they need an aeroplane beginning next year and so talking to it to this person they were saying that you know they’re not ready to buy but they really do need the airplane because they need to fly between London and a place in Africa back and forth and so the private jet gives them that flexibility we talked about budget and say you know what four or five million dollars a year we can do this you don’t have to buy the airplane you have spent 20 millions by the airplane for five million dollars gets you a plane based in London available 24/7 with a crew for you and for you only and that will be a business store but what you need to think of don’t think of the five million dollars think of if you have this airplane available that’s got you know five six thousand mile range where could you go with that plane to do business or where could you send that plane to pick people up to bring them to you or where could you send your team on that plane to do a deal or do two or three deals in three days in three different countries so how can you use that tool that you’re gonna pay for your flight because Barry you’re gonna pay five million dollars for the airplane okay to fly three hundred three 400 hours a year so how can you use it to make money that doesn’t mean you know leasing the plane and charging out to Tom Dick and Harry that means you know using the plane to go out and do deals and that’s the way you need to look at it so if Jeremy Corbyn gets elected as prime minister and decides to ban private jets from the UK which stops all UK companies from having their private jets so all those companies are going to shut down all those charter companies and whatnot and those people are gonna be out of work all the entrepreneurs coming into the UK to do business we with companies in the UK won’t be able to come in with their private jet and that’s going to send an alarm bell to them I’m going to start having second thoughts about investing in this country so you need to start thinking along these lines okay because the private jet really is a business talk so I invite you to have a look round subscribe to this channel if you haven’t done so already comment below let’s get a conversation going about this okay because you know I’m always open to hearing other people’s opinions it’s important to hear other people’s opinions and respect other people’s opinions I’m just giving you mine my take on this whole thing and yeah so I’d love to hear from you hear what you have to say if you want to email me and book yourself in for a private one-to-one about using a private jet or you know leasing a jet just email me on fab at Orion Aviation calm and and we’ll have a conversation one-to-one and I take it from there but that’s all from fat Pollack blues jet TV and I’ll see on the next one [Music]

33 thoughts on “Private Jets Banned from the UK…

  1. What do you make of the Bombardier Lear Jet 75 Liberty? slick marketing, or a solid product? compared to it's tarketed market..competitors such as the Embrace Phenom 300 E, Cessna CJ 4 and Pilatus PC-24 buyers etc; the latter being single pilot certified.

  2. Done 5 countries in one day. Hard work. Would have taken longer than a week if it was airlines. Thank you falcon 10.
    Labor are a bunch of nutters, who are not in the real world.

  3. If one needs a private jet, he or she should use a private jet. Instead of banning something it would be better to promote or subsidize cleaner carbon-neutral fuels (i.e out of algae or plastic waste). Concerning soot particles, LNG and hydrogen are also options which have been successfully tested on a Tu-155 in the 1980s. Everything with its pros and cons.


  5. WOW, What a MORON that Labor Party Guy is!!! I thought that the USA had the exclusive on STUPID MORON Politicians!!!! But I thought wrong!!!

  6. Thanks Fab for taking this topic up. Hope Corbyn & Labour party don't ban internet (lot of electricity, most of which is from coal, nuclear is used for servers, computers, phone charging etc.!!) & instead ask people to communicate using pigeons!
    Btw, does he think that post Presidency, when Trump comes to his property at Scotland, he will take United or Delta airlines flight over his BBJ757?

  7. It would never make sense to restrict business travel. Never. Socialist (environmental) policies do make sense…. until you get your first real Paycheck (chosen ‘Career’). Your points are well taken. Thanks for the video.

  8. It's hard to "tax the rich" when they make one final private flight out of the UK (or anywhere else for that matter) to their new country that allows private jets and doesn't demonize them. I often worry about this happening here in the USA, hopefully the rich and powerful are rich and powerful enough to make sure this doesn't happen so myself and other aspirational people can have to opportunity to maybe own jets of our own someday in the future.

  9. I’m sorry, but Britain,EUROPE, has lost its mind and the US is right behind them. How are we to compete with China with this stupid Political Correct shit .

  10. if they ban private jet in the UK. that means we can go to Cardiff, Ireland, and Scotland instead not a problem. London to Cardiff by car it's like 1hour drive

  11. Businessmen direct the growth of an economy so making the process difficult for them will only end in disaster. A good government is the one who understands the need to listen to the needs of the entrepreneurs and its workforce to draw plans to grow the welfare of the country

  12. Flying down to the yacht in the Cote D’azur can’t be much about business. Lots of company owners use their jets for private use.

  13. Nice video! I understand the environmental issue but banning business and private jets isn’t the answer. The answer (IMHO) is to follow the same logic Elon Musk used when trying to get Tesla off the ground. You need to create a product that outperforms the competition in many ways and “oh, by the way, it is environmentally much friendlier as well.”. We are getting there with cars, but there is a long way to go before there will be an electrically powered aircraft that can, for example, safely fly across the Atlantic.

    The focus should be on encouraging and funding the development of more environmentally friendly aircraft. Electric aircraft will come eventually, but we have a long way to go before there will be an electric aircraft that can compete with the performance and range offered by current business jets. 20 years ago, the possibility of a practical electric car with a range of over 300 miles was a pipe dream, but today we have that, even though they are still rather expensive . In the grand scheme of things, getting rid of fossil fueled ground vehicles is going to have a far greater impact than getting rid of business jets, and we already have the technology to do that today.

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