Private language schools working with us in Italy

Private language schools working with us in Italy

What are the benefits of working
with Cambridge
Assessment English? Working with Cambridge means working with a quality
organisation, which obviously is a big plus in helping one stand out from
everyone else on the market. We have complete trust in the
Cambridge brand because it’s recognized all over
the world and, after all, that’s what
customers want. Cambridge doesn’t only and
exclusively certify the students’ level of English, but it is also indirectly going
to certify what our job is, and the quality
of our work in preparing the students. Why is it so important for
students to get a Cambridge English Certification? Having an Advanced Level
Certificate enables them to both study and
work abroad, and this is the kind of goal that we as a school must set
ourselves. So that English is something
they can use in their everyday
lives. That’s why this is now the main
requirement, of students and parents alike, when a student comes to our
schools. Our students come to us with different requests. Some of our students want to get a certificate after spending a year abroad to prove that they have learned
English while being abroad. We also have students who take, Cambridge English qualifications
in order to access universities both in
Italy or in other countries like the UK or even the US as the certificate, the
qualifications are recognized
worldwide. What impact do Cambridge
Assessment English tests have on children learning English? It’s not just about getting the
certificate or passing the exam, it’s about
taking the next step in their lives. Something that’s quite a
challenge, their first real
challenge. Because, let’s not forget, they
are still small children. Our teachers were there for them every step of the way. Even when they had to go to take
the exam, they were there with them as

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  1. Cambridge English Qualifications are excellent. They're synonymous with quality and reliability. Thank you, Cambridge Assessment English! 🙂

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