Private Prison CEO Targets AOC

>>There been a number of protests at various
facilities that are imprisoning and detaining migrant children and asylum seekers. And so the CEO of GEO Group. This is a for profit prison that runs and
operates most of these facilities, is upset about this protest. And actually sent out and internal email explaining
to employees what’s going on and how they are not bad guys, they are actually the good
guys. There’s all sorts of myths about them. Now I’m going to read from the actual email
which TYT investigates obtained. Great reporting by Ken Klippenstein as always
ahere’s how it goes. George Zoley is the CEO who wrote this. On August 12, 2019, our Corporate Office in
Boca Raton was protested by Never Again Action. Never Again Action is a mobilization of different
affiliated Jewish organizers whose goal is to shut down ICE. This new organization sprang up after congresswoman
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez referred to ICE processing centers as concentration camps. So she was mentioned and she was blamed for
these protests. But he doesn’t go into the treatment of these
migrants or the two dozen migrants who have died in these facilities. He doesn’t talk about that at all, he just
talks about AOC and how it’s her fault that these protests were taking place. Shown the GEO Group memo, a spokesperson for
Never Again Action told TYT, Direct action works. Damn right it does. I love it. I love the protesters, love them. They’re so good. So more from the email. Again, this is George Zoley from GEO Group. False narratives and deliberate mischaracterizations
were the basis for these recent events. Misguided individuals intimidated our employees
and defamed the American flag at a time when we recently commemorated the birth of our
nation and the 75th anniversary of our landing at Normandy. Okay, that’s hilarious. So these guys, you’ve seen what happened to
Never Again Action. One of the employees in one of the detention
centers runs over them with a truck, right? And then of course, the Republicans came and
started blaming the protesters saying, well, what were they doing attacking that poor track
wall sitting on the ground. They deserve to be run over and have their
lives broken, etc. So now, the guy is saying, can you believe
that they are attacking the flag on the 75th anniversary of Normandy? Where did Normandy come from? We’re talking about private prisons and detention
centers and immigration. And he’s like, on 60th anniversary of Arbor
Day, can you believe they did this? What, where hell did that come from? It’s just so pathetic. And on this 243rd day past Valentine’s Day. I can’t believe that they would do this. Let alone, how many anniversaries have there
been, Mother’s Day and yet they have done this in the flag. What flag? Okay, by the way, they didn’t defame the flag. Of course they didn’t, the guy is making everything
up. Yeah, so apparently some protesters had taken
the American flag down, and he considered that defaming the American flag. Besides which 2,000 people are dead because
of these facilities and the fact that they’ve been brutalized and neglected in these facilities. Six of them were kids. So I mean, look, I get their hard feelings
over the American flag. But American lives are, I should say lives,
should be more important. He doesn’t want to talk about that, right? Yeah, I mean, it’s an obvious diversion tactic
and never get actually didn’t do that anyway. Right. So he’s talking about never giving an action
in AOC. And then reversal completely different protests
or someone apparently took down an American flag. And be like, there is 12 people dead here. Somebody took down the flag, and right around
the corner from Labor Day, can you believe that? Ignore the dead people. Organizations that have threatened our employees
or taken violent actions against or company have also directly used the same terminology
as Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, including concentration camps. Look, these protesters are Jewish Americans,
many of them are Jewish Americans. And so they understand what concentration
camps are, which is why they have sprung into action. So to blame everything on AOC and to use her
as a scapegoat rather than taking personal responsibility for the brutalizing of migrants
is ridiculous. And also, a spokesperson said quote, we don’t
play a role in passing criminal justice or immigration laws, and we have never advocated
for or against criminal justice or immigration enforcement policies. That is a flat out lie. For-profit prisons in this country have not
only pushed for tough-on-crime policies when it comes to undocumented immigrants. They have pushed for tough-on-crime policies
when it comes to you. When it comes to me, when it comes to all
Americans participating in nonviolent behavior like smoking pot, okay? They have a long history of pushing for and
imprisoning, nonviolent drug offenders. And in the case of migrants, let me just know
GEO Group spends at least $1 million each year since 2016 lobbying federal government
on issues like homeland security appropriations. In 2016 GEO Group subsidiary contributed $225,000
to a pro-Trump super PAC and an additional $250,000 for the president’s inaugural committee. What happened to lobbying us? Well, golly, gee, I’ve got the vapors, I would
never do that, especially not on the 75th anniversary of Normandy. Okay, no, Ken Klippenstein did a great job
of not only finding the documents here but also giving you the context of the fact that
they, in fact, have done a ton of lobbying. And I wanna thank the audience as always. You made our reporting team possible. They keep breaking these stories one after
another after another. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez then retweeted the
story, that’s got 30,000 likes on it. And now being looked at by all the media,
etc. And you guys made that happen. Without you guys we wouldn’t have Jonathan
Larsen, Ken Klippenstein, or any of the reporters we’ve ever had. And I wanna say one last thing which is doubling
down on what Ana said. Guys, private prisons have a profit motive
to lock up Americans. Right or wrong, it doesn’t really matter as
far as their profit motive is concerned. And they don’t have a second code. Their only code is maximize profit. You know how that the markets work. So when you create a private prison, the only
way to maximize profit is to stuff more people in those prisons. And if the people in the prisons are guilty
or innocent, who cares, you’re still maximizing profit. In fact, if you’re not pushing for laws that
are quote, unquote, tough-on-crime. If you’re not pushing to imprison more Americans,
right or wrong, you should be fired as the CEO of that group cuz you’re not maximizing
profit. And so they logically, in this insane system
that we have, pour millions of dollars to buy corrupt largely Republican politicians. And if any Democrat takes money from a private
prison, it should immediately be primary and written out of town and tarred and feathered,
okay? And when they cry, are you going to ruin our
industry where we get to lock up Americans to make money? Yes. Goddamn right we are. We’re gonna drive your right out of business. So you can’t lock up any more innocent Americans
or any other people and have them treat them with this kind of outrageous system and centers
that you have. Yes, we will not allow you to make money off
of imprisoning and taking our liberty away from us. Hell, no.

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