Private Prisons BANNED in California

Private Prisons BANNED in California

>>California just passed a bill banning for
profit prisons and immigrant detention centers. Now this bill would shut down private facilities
and hold inmates with criminal convictions. More than 2,200 people were held in such facilities
as of June, according to data from the Federal Bureau of Justice Statistics. It would also shutter privately run facilities
for immigrants who are considered civil detainees despite being held in prison like conditions. Some of these facilities could be gone as
early as next year, with all of them being phased out by 2028. Now the Assemblyman who introduced the bill
said in February the inclusion of immigrant detention facilities wasn’t meant as a jab
at President Trump or his immigration policies. Instead, he told the San Francisco Chronicle,
it was a stand against companies that only care about the almighty dollar. Now, immigration advocates, they worry ICE
and its contractors will try to find a way around this new rule. And because as you may remember when several
sheriffs’ departments canceled their contracts to house Ice detainees last year, instead
of freeing the detainees, Ice moved many of them to prisons in Colorado and Hawaii. Now this is not totally set in stone yet because
the bill does have to be signed by Governor Gavin Newsom, but he has Long expressed support
for this.>>And that’s something is refreshing too. I know California has a lot of work to do
without question. We have issues but at the same time too, this
is so cool to see that we’re stepping away from this institutionalized profit game where
they don’t care about people. They don’t care about these individuals. They just want to continue to make a buck. And you know, in California having the world’s
fifth largest economy, it’s cool that there’s a lot of thing that we can just kind of say,
hm, screw you to the rest of the nation. We don’t have to do this. We can actually play by rules that we think
are right. And we’re gonna do that. And I love that. That’s so cool.>>It makes the state a little bit safer for
the citizens that are black and brown, whether you want to admit it or not. It might be something that some people never
have to think about. But when you see that Felicity Huffman is
going to prison for what, 37 seconds for what she did but there’s a black woman in America
who’s in prison for wrongfully voting. Those are the reasons why this prison for
profit thing is such a concern to people of color, because people of color are a currency,
if you will.>>Absolutely.>>Always the collateral damage when it comes
to these types of decisions. So I’m glad to live in California that at
least is making an effort towards something in this direction. Because honestly when I heard that man say
that the P word was a bad word, the privilege word, I was like, we are really battling the
disease of ignorance to the utmost degree. So when I see a victory like this, as minor
as it is, these are the things that are the launchpads for greater things that really
can cause a difference in our society for us, because we are here too.>>I agree. And like you said I am glad to live in California
because of so many different reasons, similar like this. Decisions like this, and just thinking, just
even reading that sentence. These people who come here from another country
are held in prison-like conditions although they are not prisoners.>>Yes.>>Mm-hm.>>We’re talking about something that it does
amount to, it’s a civil issue.>>Mm-hm.>>And this has to happen in order to just
protect people from being abused. And we’re still not out of the, what’s the
word there? We’re still not out of?>>The woods?>>The woods, to hunt, you can see how much
I like the outdoors.>>No, you’re absolutely right, it’s a new
slavery. And so having California shut that down, even
if it’ll take a few years to actually kind of really go into it. As it’s pretty much my understanding of the
bill is that it’s essentially saying we’re not going to renew this contract when it’s
out in a year. And so I think that that’s good that we’re
moving towards that and hopefully we can be a model for the rest of the nation in walking
away from a lot of this stuff.

26 thoughts on “Private Prisons BANNED in California

  1. Let's see how many Republicans will watch this video and completely fail to see anything significant in this story being covered by Brooke, Aida and Adrienne.

  2. Great, this will put more criminals back on the streets, burglarizing and assaulting law abiding citizens such as myself. California is pro criminal, anti citizen, and it's just getting worse

  3. Dear lady in the middle (I'm sorry, I don't know what your name is), I understand that talking about a great injustice that really affects and hurt you on a personal level can make us feel emotional and sometimes frustrated. It's appropriate to be angered by injustices. That being said, I don't think that your audience disagree with what you say and the way you speak feels as if you are mad at us watching at home. I'm not saying that people watching you aren't part of some problems, I do my best to be informed and respectful of all and I'm sure that, as I keep getting older I will keep evolving and I think the world would be in a better shape if we all did. I'm just suggesting that, people who are watching this channel are more likely to voluntarily listen if you speak to them in a nicer way. It's okay to raise your voice and be emotional but the way you do it makes it feel as if I'm having a one sided fight with someone I've never met or did anything wrong to. I'm not trying to blame you, it's simply a suggestion (a very naive one because there's almost no chance that you end up reading that lol).

  4. Good move by CA. Now we need to get this passed on a federal level and make it the law of the land. No more profiting off of societal ills.

  5. Ive alwayes beem against for profit prisons, but this is soly a jab at imigration. Maybe we need to give california their independence and then conquer them. Should put things back to normal.

  6. Blacks and Browns are arrested more often, but also I have a family member who is white and he's got 6 years for a woman who accused him of selling her a pill he got from his doctor, no actual video of his face, nothing but a crappy audio recording of him talking to her about getting her something, never says pills, he talked to her because her husband was his best friend.. but they'd just split up.. Private Prisons are evil and affect everyone who's POOR!!!! and they need to be done with.. he keeps getting "FLOPPED" because he's in a private prison that doesn't want to lose his free labor and the money they get for him occupying a cell.. not to mention our family is giving 100s of dollars a month to talk to him, pay his doctor bills, and pay for his food which isn't free..

  7. Brooke is a know-nothing dummy. She has absolutely nothing of value or substance to contribute. Please stop imposing this attention-seeking bobble head moron on us.

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