Private School Success Around the World

Private School Success Around the World

Imagine the best school teachers making millions of dollars a year, making more than star baseball players. That’s already happening one country. It’s something I learned from the PBS series School Inc. Here’s part 2 of the Stossel-shortened version of the documentary made by Andrew Coulson. Wouldn’t it be great if the best teachers earned that same remuneration and that same recognition? Well here in Korea, they do! Mr. Choi is a national star. A lot of students have fallen in love with his lectures. In the past, students from outside Seoul had to come take these classes during vacation. But as internet technology improved, kids got the opportunity to listen to great lectures in the comfort of their own homes. There aren’t really many celebrity teachers, so we have to take online courses. He was like a celebrity to us and he actually helped me with the subjects that I did not really do well on. He helps a lot of people. On average over 100,000 students taking my lessons. That’s how he makes millions. And since these most popular teachers make the most money teachers compete within the market to become, like, entertaining and educative at the same time, you know? Teachers competing to be entertaining and educational! That happens in the private education market. Government schools… they’re different. In government schools, the best teachers don’t make more money. Mr Choi is thankful for private schooling. To be able to share the things that you know and get paid for doing that is actually a miracle. America’s private school sector is not yet that robust. But there are now some charter schools That do make a big difference. One of Oakland’s worst schools was gradually turned into the highest-scoring school in California. Every racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic subgroup of students at these schools easily out-performs its statewide peers. And all of them beat the average for wealthier white students. The high school has topped the Washington Post’s list of the nation’s best. Jemila transferred here in 7th grade. This charter was different from her government-run school. It was just a really big transition because the school that I went to, they actually gave me a text book and put us in the back of the classroom to learn and teach ourselves. But the enemies of choice keep trying to kill off their competition. They fight charter schools, vouchers, school tax credits, education savings accounts. They say charter schools are unaccountable, because they’re not run by the state. But real accountability rarely comes from government regulators. Regulators may sleep on the job, or take bribes, or just follow meaningless rules. Real accountability happens when parents get to choose which school gets their money. If there were no regulations at all, wouldn’t some private schools try to take advantage of families? And wouldn’t the most likely victims be children whose parents had little schooling themselves Here in India, a lot of schools are taking advantage of poor families. Back in 1999, a team of researchers made surprise visits to schools around the country. In village after village, they found one type of school that consistently had the worst facilities and the least learning. Most had leaking roofs, and barely any had drinking water. And if you’re wondering why anyone would pay for that that kind of service it turns out there’s a good reason: they have to. The findings I just described are for public schools. This teacher talked with a public school teacher. I said that, “Oh, so what’s been going on with you?” And she said, “Oh, I managed to get a government job. My life is set.” And I said, “Set in what ways?” She said, “Well, I’m never going to be fired. This is a job for life and it pays me well. And I don’t even have to go.” She hasn’t been to school for the last year-and-a-half since she was posted there. Coulson then interviews British education professor James Tooley. Tooley travelled the world to research how the poorest people educate kids. He went to the slums of India And I found something which which changed my life. I found a private school, a low-cost private school in those days charging the equivalent of about one U.S. dollar per month. I found one, and then a second, then a third and soon, I found this federation of low-cost private schools When he told his fellow educators about that, they dismissed his discovery. “What you’ve found is a couple of businessmen ripping off the poor. And anyway, it’s only happening in India. We know about it. “It’s a small thing, you know” And I thought, ripping off the poor? But that’s not what I have seen there. I’ve seen dedicated entrepreneurs who are running schools. They come in on their weekends, and run science fairs, you think, “Okay, this must be charity. maybe the mosques are supporting them, some NGO, some non-government organization is supporting them When you see 5, 10, 15 and you hear 500 of these schools you realize that can’t be the case. There has to be a financially-sustainable business model. I talked to a lot of parents and said, “You’re poor,” you know “Why are you spending money on the private schools when the government schools are free?” I’ll never forget, one said, “In the government schools, our children are abandoned.” And sure enough, I went to see one of these government schools. 130 children sitting on the floor. It’s a government school just around the corner from here, 130 children, all bright-eyed, eager to learn, eager to welcome this stranger in their midst, doing nothing, abandoned. There are government school regulators. Tooley interviewed them, and they admitted that they take bribes. They were quite up front about it. They came, they sat in the office; they sat in a comfortable desk. They took the money; they didn’t even bother to look in the school. They had a nice cup of hot chai and off they went. Dozens of scientific studies have now looked at these budget private schools in India and elsewhere. And what most of them find is that private schools are out-performing government schools that spend three or four times as much per pupil. These parents care about their schooling. They said, “Why are there only 10 computers? Why was their teacher absent last week? They care. They are paying money. And because they’re paying, they will keep the schools accountable. That’s a very important thing which you mess with at your peril. That’s just a sample of Andrew Coulson’s 3 part PBS series, School Inc. You can watch the whole thing on the Free to Choose Network’s Youtube page. Unfortunately, Coulson did not live to see his documentary finished. He died while completing it. School Inc is a wonderful memorial to him and his fine work.

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  1. Did he cover why even when student's CHOOSE to go to private schools, their subsidizes are still sent to the government schools they don't attend?

  2. One thing that seems to stand out about the Korean culture is that they appear to seek out this knowledge. I think we have a much smaller demographic of people who value knowledge here in the west. We'd rather watch Honey boo boo than a lecture.

  3. Their always is a disconnect in our country, I feel like my whole life I was listening to those disconnected people.

    Congratulation on 23k subs John!

  4. My wife is from Vietnam and their culture is similar. East Asians seem to revere learning and you see it in our schools.

  5. The issue you fail to bring up is that many charter schools are religious-based, in violation of the separation of church and state. While I detest public schools, I don't want my tax dollars being used to cram religious non-sense down the throat of innocent children.

  6. Teacher's unions and school administrators would be against this. The unions exist to protect mediocre and sub-standard union members and to prevent outstanding performance from being rewarded. Administrators primary interest is to protect and increase their funding. Neither teacher's unions not administrators have the interests of the students as a priority.

    They have no competition and so no reason to change or improve. Competition, as in the free market economy, results in innovation and improvement. Government thrives on meaningless regulations and the status quo, and stifles innovation.

  7. I had more than one teacher that wasn't there literally. The american lit teacher only taught 2 days. The rest of his time he spent in his office writing a book.

  8. John. I just found you tonight on youtube. WTF Why are your videos not blowing up every where? We need you! I will do my part to spread the word of your awesomeness!

  9. Here in Florida they steal Public teacher pension money to balance the budget, and funnel tax dollars to private schools. Add in hyper testing and you have a beatdown on public schools of epic proportions. The best students flee to private schools and test scores go straight down.

  10. Security through contribution to society requires a society worth supporting. Ergo, profit based motivation to escape the society.

  11. In Eastern Europe nobody respects diploma from the private schools , because teachers tend to baby students, and let them pass all exams, but the national Universities are strict and tough.But it all depends which countries you compare.

  12. The real problem is in the USA those MICRO-SCHOOLS for lack of a better word are illegal.

    I looked at it. I can legally home school my step kid provided I use state approved core curriculum as the base, but open my house to doing it for her friends: IN COMES THE SATE to tell me to buy a bigger place and spend a crap load of money I don't need to… It is sad, but it is reality

  13. Funny. With government run education, money enters in at the top into the hands of admistrators, then trickles down to students at the bottom. Funny.

  14. I had a simple system when I was looking for a private school for my son. There were many choices in the neighborhood but one had a waiting list of two years just for preschool! The others had no waiting list. It was worth the wait and the cost. Eventually due to a divorce, my son had to attend public high school. There was no comparison. Public school had no interest in the students, only the budget.

  15. I loved this two part series. Thank you John. I am passing School INC. onto my sister-in-law who is a public school educator. Maybe it will show her what I have tried to tell her for the last two years.v/rSteven

  16. Public Schools are about the Institution; Education is a By-Product. If it comes…. I was CONTINUALLY FRUSTRATED by my BORING education, YEARNING TO ACTUALLY GET A WORTHWHILE EDUCATION, INSTEAD OF B.S.

  17. Teachers don't need that kind of money, they are not worth it. Charter is not same as private. I went to private. The idea we even need teachers is ridiculous.

  18. This is funny. Outstanding teachers should be paid more than baseball stars at schools that charge $1 per month per student. Let's hope the students learn basic mathematics better than Stossil.

    Another funny thing is that teachers should be paid based on popularity. Women with big Breasteses will soon become the highest paid teachers. I personally have no complaint with that if I'm not being too subtle, but it won't necessarily improve education. Maybe attendance among boys will increase though

  19. The only sure way to know your child is being educated (and not indoctrinated) is to homeschool them. Homeschool them? What a novel concept.

  20. there's a reason private schools are succeeding, because they dont have the public school teachers unions telling them to care more about the numbers graduating and safeguarding their feelings than the individual meeting the requirements. teachers unions have been brankrupting my generation from day 1 because rather than make sure kids know enough to succeed they'd rather just give them a passing grade and watch them fail in life

  21. in my opinion, government should stay out of education, because look at how well it's done so far. we have teachers left and right teaching kids to hate conservatives and #yourpresident, telling kids that people like mao and even castro arent bad. my god, we have an entire generation that cant even handle objective viewpoints without crying in a corner, and who do we have to thank? big brother government for giving them a shoulder to cry on instead of telling them to grow the fuck up.

  22. We'd have good schools if more parents didn't coddle their kids. Too many democrats that want their kids to have a HS diploma but dont wanna put in the work to get it. Then you have the kids that are disrespectful because their parents dont teach them to be respectful

  23. The LAUSD system in California is managed by the socialists/communists. In the coming years, California will be the next Venezuela.

  24. How about a video on Mexico, its eduction system and its Sicily Mafia type, all powerful, National Teachers' Union. The lady head is so powerful she can (and has) removed politicians who oppose her or want to reform the sclerotic system

  25. You fools and very funny. you had met all fucking tribalist who support North Korea and act anti-America protests. Korea have failed in education system compeletely. The reason why they make a lots of money is because Korea education system failed absolutely. Now Koreans' mental world is before the 19th century. They are in primitive tribal wars. Futhermore In Korea, There is only technology and religion, not science and philosophy. Think about North Korea. Why did they become such a strange society? Even South Korea has never played a democracy. The reason is all of Korean style education. You are trapped in language barrier and all are deceived.

  26. How's it possible for this channel to only have 72k subscribers? Some crap spreading channels have millions and do no good for society…

  27. John Stossel is without doubt best reporter on network TV. Why is he the only guy on TV that has a functional Brain and can ask intelligent question? This guy should be CEO of a network. If Stossel was a CEO we could weed out some of the Caulk Suckers….does anyone know why so many greasy Demohomcrat Caulk Suckers are on TV and CNN. Do Caulk Suckers get paid more than normal heterosexual people….just asking. What attracts Caulk Suckers to news media jobs. Does the word “job” have any meaning here …….just axing ????

  28. Korea has the worlds highest suicide rate for teenagers, i dont think the preasure from school. The reson they take classes online is bcs they are more efficient. Korean students are also always one of the unhapppiest in the world. The reason for the amount good academic student is bcs if they dont do good. They will bw a social outcast

  29. I agree with choice for the school system. Unfortunately, for students to be successful you not only need the child-teacher and administrator working together with the PARENTS. What do you do abut the IDIOT parents who view school as a day care? Unfortunately this is where public schools come in. The problem would not be so bad though if you could hold all schools accountable through the power of competition. The poorly performing schools administration and/or teachers should be able to be fired because of poor performance and cannot compete.

  30. Fo me…. It's all about the grades. I teach as if my life depended on it.
    There must be regulation. Meritocracy……create competition. Things will improve. Stop hiring incompetent n lazy teachers.

  31. I am from India, and government workers here consistently break the charts in terms of corruption and insincerity.
    Most of the country is completely fucked tbh.

  32. Funny how the government establishment schools accuses private charter schools everything that they are doing wrong themselves.

  33. The only reason my public school is one of the highest scoring in the state is because it's in the country side, has less students, and the teachers are really good at doing their job, they actually care. Inner City schools the teachers don't care about the children.
    The main problem I have with private schools at least in Ohio, is they all cost thousands of dollars and some people just don't have the money to go to those schools and they get stuck with shitty public inner City schools. This is why we should have values, credits, etc like stossel showed in the last video. If private schools were more common and popular, there would be competition to drive prices down from those high numbers down to an affordable level for everyone.

  34. Our kids need to keep. Up with the world,I don't think union public schools work at all ,,thank God my kids make a good living and. Send my grandchildren to private schools

  35. Sometimes, when something doesn't make sense to you, it's because you are presupposing a motive that doesn't exist. Why does anyone think the objective of a school is to educate? The objective of both private and public institutions is to generate and collect paychecks and other benefits. There are only individual, not institutional, exceptions. Now, supposing this motive, schools are extremely effective. Usually, people accomplish what they set out to accomplish. Yes, money can be had along with more charitable goals, but not so much if the more charitable objectives were to be made the priority.

  36. the only reason they want private schools and that their successful is because they eventually want to start charging parents to send their children to school it's a long-term scam to get out from underneath public education

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