19 thoughts on “Prof. Karlan Explains How Bribery Was Defined By Framers | NBC News

  1. Trump tried to use US taxpayer support for the Ukrainian military as leverage against his personal quest for political dirt on his opponent, or bribery..🙄

  2. Republicans are SO SCREWED when encountering FACTS and SUBSTANCE, especially with expert witnesses like law professor #PamelaKarlan.

    Coached deranged Hippocrates violating due process, she also has made conflicting statements about when n what she heard, n again obviously enraged over HILLARYS LOSS STILL, n She is not a TRIAL JUDGE 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 crybabies

  4. Could someone tell me what bribery did the president do.
    Ladies and gentlemen watch these professors spin this in favor of the Democrats. But remember this is only spin noting else.. They are not witnesses . There only their for clarification so the Democrats could show the public “see we told you so”.
    But see we told you so was already put to rest by the previous hearings. With nothing to show for it. So this whole new circus act is just another ploy to stall for time.

  5. Trump hater Former Obama crony she is widely known in liberal circles. Ms. Karlan is the chairwoman of the board of directors for the left-leaning American Constitution Society. And in December 2016, she and other liberal scholars signed a letter expressing concern over President Trump’s statements and actions during the 2016 presidential campaign.

  6. Don't send your kids to Stanford for a law degree they will come out with a degree in Anti-American BS. This hack is a disgrace to our country and our institutions of higher learning.

  7. Professor Turley had to correct Prof Karlan on some points. Seems he was the only unbiased Professor to show up.
    BTW: He didn't vote for Trump.
    *Also, Prof. Karlan misquoted the phone call. She couldn't hide her bias……

  8. Really! It’s okay to bring in the Present’s minor son into this hearing by this arrogant professor? Are you all okay with this? Let me tell you what I think professor Karlan…I think you are shameful and very calculated individual! Your phony apology is not accepted! You finally got your turn to spew your hate for the President of the United States of America – Hope your proud of yourself:)

  9. This latest episode of Captain Kangaroo reached a depth never approached by Diver(se) Dan.
    Her "apology":
    "Call me Pamela,stupid."
    "OK,Pamela stupid."

  10. @Robert
    I have met this woman (Pamela Karlan- I live near Stanford University). She was SCREAMING at the 92 year old Chinese woman at the dry cleaners, telling her that she was scum and useless and taking up air that “quality” people need and to “die already”. All this over a lost sock.

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