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  1. I hate when religious ideals get confused with scientific discussion.. subjective motivations and their determinants are to remain separate.. keep it objective..

  2. I'm a Graphic Design major but I absolutely love your lecture and understanding people and human behaviors. You are so passionate and literate about this topic. I am more interested in understanding more about psychology. Thank you!

  3. i wish i saw this before i applied to my uni, if you thought me psych i would ace the class. my psy lecturer is PAINFULLY boring and doesnt even know how to teach! watching this lecture showed me how much im missing out.

  4. i think his great, you cannot teach life lessons based on a book. it is good to use it, but more important to apply it to real life. his approach is based on real life and real people stories.

  5. I will never give 100 dlls to no one XDjust like that, thos epeople start with 100 and then ask for more money they use those tricks to take all their money !!

  6. id be more than glad to have my brain picked and probed by this man here, psychologists are more or less Gods…

    btw why did the guy admit to the murder he didnt commit? all i gathered was "many reasons". but why did he admit to it?


    watched this again.. I like how on the edge you are and how as I'm writing this I'm shaping my future based on my thoughts while watching you.. *as my thoughts are untrue – heard untrue. and as I go to press the okay/comment button I feel a little iffy in my chest.. I change my mind a lot.

  7. I find it interesting that many of these "Christian" professors prefer to speak in a manner as though they are trying to prove their own innocence. This guy gets to the extreme side of it with his vocal high notes. Makes you wonder what he's compensating for. Believing he is fundamentally (dogmatically) inferior and unworthy? Therefore if he projects an almost artificial state, granted trying his best to "be good" to the ideals of his tribe, then he will be accepted and loved by "their" and subsequently "his god." At the root of all psychology there is no substitute for "knowing thy self," just different paths.

  8. TOO MANY STORIES (examples) USE a powerful example and stick with that so we can get more information. The answers of the class on top of your stories I feel is too much. Maybe like one powerful story that we all can relate too and get participation through that one example.

  9. The woman was shown to scam by her acting so apologetic, and so late at night 9 looking for you to be tired and maybe drowsy from resting after hard day?) Odd she went tat far and asked another college professor for money ! She must know her subjects, the money comes with the jobs? I would have done thing though and either not given the money at all, as would say " I do not have it, an sorry" Or yes I would have offered to pay for her ,with her ,and get a receipt stating it was pd by me, on her behalf ,and she will pay back. It would be written on a slip or memo area. 'She would need to sign it and that she is expected to pay back and by certain date" She would be told this will happen before we leave to pay. Often people can be gullible.

    We were ( my husband and I) gullible over the years, and you learn to size things up especially if taken by surprise. .

  10. Even teens may take us by surprise, and that is when they come up with " wanting to go here or there or do something, knowing you are busy and they maybe have friends with them when they will ask you.Then you are sorry you said "Yes," and so you learn how people will do it, and you are more careful after that. Once you have had things happen, it helps to be much more cautious of what could happen around you, when side tracked. That is the time people will often move in, and you will just not think and act. Guess I watch people too much, and their behavior and their speech? We can be nice and Christian, but yet not taken for granted.

    I think we are a spiritual and the spirit lives within us, and we do have life eternal, if we have chosen properly. We do have choice. We are not robots.

  11. I really do not understand why so many people are bashing this video, maybe because you guys are not in the field of understanding why people do what they do. I find this lecture to be AMAZING!

  12. science and psychology prove that there isnt a god and the bible is based on man written book filled with basic morals things other religious books as well is based on a jealous man mind

  13. I am someone who didn't go to post school and But I have invested Marjory of my life studying and think lot about the human phycology.
    I like to think critically and follow the leads is there anyone looking to for volunteers to have a discussion on some topic related to human nature and phycology

  14. Half of the comments about religiong is boring or why he talking about christianity…blah blah blah..Biola University is a Christian University Let that marinate in your mind for a sec.

  15. This guy is teaching nothing more than what 99% of normal humans have experienced. By no definition whatsoever is this a psychology class

  16. He's just getting persecuted in the comments because he is a Christian. Jesus said that His followers would be persecuted. Its because Jesus is the way the truth and life. The bible says even the demons believe and tremble. If he were to talk about any other religion people wouldnt have a problem with it. This presentation is amazing. I thank Jesus for you. Keep up the good work.

  17. After you told us the story about the lady . I thought you are going to say we can just ask the first person in the line to copy our papers too

  18. I'm seeing a lot of negative comments, because of religious based content. I'm personally not religious ,but I do believe openness to experience and differing opinions is essential to a well rounded education. Now I just began watching so I can't make full opinion on his lecture yet. I will say if nothing else it will provide insight into others on a cultural level .

  19. Had to stop when he said he was christian. You can't be a christian and be someone who uses science. The two do not mix.

  20. Psychology is quite interesting and I’m currently learning it in my college. While human behavior is mostly unpredictable it is based on our perceptions of the outside world and our interactions with the outside world. It’s fascinating how the study of mind and mental processes helps us understand and find cure for mental illnesses like anxiety and depression.

  21. This video was worth the watch and made me feel more interested about learning the human behavior .This video enables us to understand that mentality of different people belonging to different age group differs significantly . Also the speaker gives us various examples to understand the human behavior , emotions which are multi determined . The above video aids us in understanding the reason behind the behavior of people in particular situations . The speaker also says that the behavior also depends on various factors like genetical , social , biological , physiological etc.

  22. I think he was saying that Classroom A was shown pictures with the person they saw included, and Classroom B was simply told to write down as detailed description as possible and then pick out the person. Classroom A was able to pick out the person more accurately, because people have a tendency to start making things up or changing things (unintentionally), and so their mental image of the person because warped and changed and can't pick out the person as accurately. So I guess you could consider that (one thing I've heard), people have specific neurons in their brains for individual things. The example I was given is that if someone mentioned Oprah, your "Oprah" neuron would light up. Your brain has sort of stored that concept away in a specific place. I think that's why Classroom A, despite not putting too much thought into it, is able to pick the person out more accurately.

  23. I worked with homelessness and people collect or beg money to buy their drugs and feed their habits and refused food or coffee, anything edible. You're instinct was correct. Don't trust these type of people

  24. The effective way to cut off the line.. simple "cover your body with poop!" They will run… Feel free to try. 🙂

  25. hi guys so I’ve decided that I want to study psychology, can anyone suggest any good tips, yt channel, youtubers or books?

  26. Human Behaviour is the study of human biology and the physical meaning of each moment. Physiology is important in understanding Human Behaviour… To fully understand is to appreciate ourselves, all together. Human behaviour can be understanding of a higher nature than psychology. We fully justify our every movement… with each breath we gain more from inside. Movement and physical actions become more natural… Every movement is justified by the grace of our movement and we can respect others.

  27. So what I conclude from this lecture and of course many other ie Peterson, Sapolsky…is psychology is basically like religion with it's many methods and/or different denominations. Its just an evolved religion that's in the business of transforming consciousness to conform to said dogma.

  28. It was his brain 🧠 that sense, all the dangers of the man who ask for $5. We all have that. We call it a feeling. Perhaps the guys eyes were diollate, and the brain saw this, and all his training kept them safe.

  29. I need this so desperately. Can anybody guide me to more lectures or videos like these please?
    A link, a video or even a title of a book would o me good. Thanks

  30. Why can't i have a professor like this? I'm really struggling on my course because of these professors who's just go on and on about the lecture without properly giving any kind of explanations and examples of real life scenarios that i actually just memorizing things i don't know when and how i even use it… I was so happened to hate my Psychology course and drop it because of these reasons but then i stumbled to this… This gives me hope to endure once more.

    The Holy Fathers teach that the Heart and the Nous (Mind) is one and the same thing. The intellect of man is genius, mind, mentality, and wits and the heart s is also described to contain the logic of this world. A person, however, cannot see/know God through His intellect (logic) but through his Heart alone providing there is therapy because it is ill-begotten.

    Lord Jesus did not come to teach philosophically but THERAPEUTICALLY.                                                                    

    God bless

  32. No sure for any professionals are allowed to bring God or religion in the lecturer in UK all the medical students are told leave god at home, everything is based on evaluation in medical college.

  33. Although I dont know this teachers name but from what I observed he was as he said skeptical of others and from the story he got angry at the woman for having the audacity to go onto people's properties and ask for money for something she didn't need also I noticed the word crazy come out there a couple of time and if I'm correct from the same side 🤔

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