PUBLIC CHARGE UPDATE, Immigration & Welfare Benefits, New Rules [October 2018]

PUBLIC CHARGE UPDATE, Immigration & Welfare Benefits, New Rules [October 2018]

hi friends welcome to another video about the hottest subject in the world of immigration we’re going to be talking about public charge or public benefits or welfare benefits that immigrants have received and how the government has changed the rules on us or changed the rules on many people stay tuned you don’t want to miss this one [Music] hi again friends thank you for watching this video and for watching other videos of mine you guys have been amazing you’ve been giving me thumbs up you’ve been subscribing that is awesome keep it up keep it up because we need good smart information and I will tell you this I had a terrific call yesterday with a woman who is a victim of marriage fraud and her story is heartbreaking but she said to me you know Latoya I watch your videos every day and I’m learning so much from you so that gave me the extra motivation to get in front of this camera today to do this video for people like her but for those of you who have nasty things to say about immigrants and even about me stay off my channel because if you do comment and spew hate and racism and all sorts of ugly things against immigrants and against each other I’m going to block you I’m gonna block you just like that at a click of a button stay off my channel this is not the forum for people like you ok let’s dive right into it public charged about maybe 10 days ago or so the government issued the rule change to public charge I did a longer video on this topic several weeks ago and I’m gonna put a link to it in this video check that one out because I go into much greater details about this change but in this video I want to focus on what the government has now publicly put out there for us to comment on ok the government has indicated which welfare benefits are part of this change and which benefits are not part of this change so in a nutshell before I dive into that list of benefits in a nutshell the government is proposing to make immigrants inadmissible make people inadmissible who are seeking a green card if they had received any sort of public benefits right cash assistance and certain Medicaid and other benefits from the government those individuals will be considered a public charge they included in this rule change the non-cash benefits that are included in public charge definition are the following Medicaid if you receive medicaid okay except for those of you who may have received emergency Medicaid or other certain disability related medicaid services you are not included in this those people were set an aside but everyone else who have received Medicaid you are part of this public charge definition or if you’ve received Medicare Part D low-income subsidy others who have received food stamps snap right Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program food stamps those of you who have received section eight section eight for housing to subsidize your rent Section eight vouchers you are considered you will be considered public charge if you seek to apply for a green card or naturalization and those who have who are living in public housing if you’re in public housing you’re part of this pot as well okay so just to reiterate those individuals who have received the benefits that I’ve just mentioned those are the benefits that are now under this public charge definition okay Medicaid Medicare Part D food stamps section eight public housing now who what benefits are not part of this what benefits are excluded from this so if you’ve received these benefits now you should not be worried because the government will not hold it against you so for those of you who have received emergency medical assistance for those of you who have received any sort of assistance related to a disaster right head start foster care and adoption services if your children have participated in any sort of National School Lunch or breakfast program those programs are excluded from this children who have received the child health insurance program okay and this is a big one this is surprising to me I didn’t know this was in here until today those of you who have been recipients of Obamacare okay if you’ve received subsidized health insurance under the Affordable Care Act you are okay you will not be considered a public charge okay that’s really important for you to know women who have received WIC right which is a special supplemental nutrition program for women infants and children if you’ve received that benefit you’re not considered a public charge okay others who have received other certain energy benefits and some other things those individuals are not included in this part of public charge so this is a really important list I want you to not worry if you’ve received WIC if you’ve received Obamacare if you your children are receiving Head Start or any of those other benefits that are touching your children okay that’s the government has excluded those benefits because the government realizes that immigrants have children who are born here in the US so these are US citizens right who would be impacted by this so not to worry if you’ve received those benefits there’s a lot more that I want to cover because there’s more to this issue of public charge so stay tuned for future videos on this topic comment below with your questions I can answer some of your questions please keep your comments civil again and for those of you who have not yet subscribed go ahead and hit subscriber button and I’m gonna see you in the next video guys stay tuned for the next one bye bye [Music]

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  1. Can you make a video and give us more info for people who are going to apply for us citizenship or people who already applied and waiting.are we those gonna get effected with this new rules??

  2. Hi McBean. I really appreciate your videos. Can you tell me where to send adjustment of status documents. I'm in Houston Texas

  3. Thank you for the valuabbn le information you keep giving us. My question is this public charge is for persons seeking a green card, but I have a conditional green card until I renue it to get the condition remove (k1 visa) so am I still at risk if I use something like food stamps?

  4. Does this apply to those who already have their green card but are conditional? Or just those who are seeking but have not recieved their card? Hubby and I did a K1 and he recieved his conditional card this year.

  5. Hey thank you so much. I'm trying to get my wife over here from peru and you've been so helpful. I've watched alot of your videos and they're awesome! Forget the haters!

  6. TyMs Mcbean for this public service that you render for free every week. God bless you a million fold. You should run for public office because we need people like you in there.

  7. Thank you for educating people that are interested in learning more about the right way of filing for our family members. May God continue to bless your every step. We appreciate you.

  8. You are seriously best attorney in united states as you give everything in detail and in a good manner keep it up. @mcbeanlaw

  9. My aunt is trying to sattle her 3 childs now. She is going to america every 6 months later. She actually going for the facility from the government. Can her childs will get this facilities?

  10. I really think you shouldn't block them because we need to know how crazy they really are we need to know the depths of the evil and the ignorance from which they're coming from because ignorance is not Bliss and people suffer and perish because of lack of knowledge so thank you for the knowledge that you're giving but we also need to know how certain people think we can't be naive to it because there is this misinformation going out there that racism doesn't exist anymore but we need to be glad that now they're speaking up because. We can get into a sense of fake security and it's not that we're glorifying hate speech Or Glorifying negativity. I encourage us to sit down and watch Fox News as absurd as what they're saying sounds or is , we need to know how they think that way we can create a better strategy. Thanks again for all you do.

  11. Does this affect naturalized citizens? My son and I just started receiving snap and medicaid for my son because my husbands immigration process has been in administrative processing for about 5 months now will this affect my husband with his green card process and what if he wants to become naturalized when he is eligible will us receiving snap and my son receiving medicaid affect his naturalization application.

  12. hi mcbean…i liked your videos!!i just have a question.I am having my treatment for tb here and the medicines that i am taking are paid by the state.Does it means i am a public charge?i am confused.We believed that this is a program in the government to give free for those people like me that is sick.I hope you will answer me and give me some clarifications.

  13. Hi Ms Latoya hope ur well,My elder brother a US citizen ..i am a British citizen if he files i 130 for me my (age 45 a British citizen..Merrid ) How long will this petition take please let me know love u love ur program very informative keep the great job up..2 thumbs up

  14. Common Man we dont have room for Racists k.USA is a land of immigrants & those who wants to know the real people of this GREAT LAND ARE THE RED INDIANS K) NO 1 else.Take that.

  15. Hi, Does this rule apply for immigrants who applied for a green card but receiving Medicaid and snap for her son who is a citizen?

  16. Right, thank you for that your giving info to get a better understanding and help.
    Trolls can stay under their bridge.

  17. What about the American people?and us blacks who built the system fault and died for it??
    Well don't block me huh…it's good you're educatint them about American Law's

  18. Friends, I appreciate all the calls to my office! Unfortunately, I cannot answer questions over the phone due to my busy schedule working for my clients. However, if you'd like to meet with me about your case, call to SCHEDULE a Consultation…(718) 301-9732. Consultation FEES apply. Phone or office meetings only. Visit my website for more details –

  19. Bet you're an idiot maybe you should pay for everybody that wants to come over here including their college because people over here that are born and raised our kids can't even go to college and if they do go to college it's a struggle to pay for it seems to me bitch you need friends so please block my ass because you're a fucking idiot

  20. I am an american citizen. born in Jersey Cit new Jersey. I have been in the military, i worked my whole,life.
    I had a stroke in 2014 i am on social security disability. I use to work part time, I have recently had open heart surgery. I am in love with Genesis my so to be wife in Philippines. I want to sponcer her when i get back from there . in January 30th. i also have rent assistance and just qualified for housing voucher. i am forbidden to bring her here?

  21. If I am an American born citizen who
    received benefits, will my husband automatically be denied even if we have a joint sponsor?

  22. on 10/10/2018 government published some new changes in federal register and then i heard about government considering applying another proposal like income requirements like where you are regarding poverty level 125% above or 250% above and you need to earn certain amount of income so my question does these changes impact those are going to apply for Removal of conditions?

  23. I’m a immigrant but also a US Citizen and I petition for a relative but I’m also getting government help would that affect my case???

  24. what if i received food stamp & cash assistant about 4 years ago for 3 month, will i be still eligible to apply for passport, right now I have premium payment insurance?

  25. Thank6 got educate us
    I have a question I'm citizen and I brought my dad and he is 73 years old is it ok if he recieved food stamp and cash

  26. Let's not forget! Those kids was born by "Illegal parents. Black and white americans are being by them because they don't get the same help it's not fare, i hope my Commander and Chief start making changes. I love everyone! But change needs to be made.


  27. They should have stayed home Americans won't get the money taken from them to illegally aid them.americans voted to get them out its what the citizens want No kids illegals have aren't citizens it's a scam,a stolen amendment written for black Americans, whatever Obama illegally did is backfiring he thought cause he was President it would stick well it didn't.

  28. I got my Green card by EB2 category under NIW. Within a month I was fired. Could not get a job and became public charge
    Will that effect my naturalization? I continue to be in Poverty income.

  29. The enforcement of policy and rule respond to discretionary conditions relevant to each case immigration officers have the discretion to consider all or part of the rule. Lawyers advice client in light of their understanding of law or new policies the true outcome of one's case depend on numerous facts associated with the discretion of the officers. I strongly believe in separation of power comin from a divers background of law and to set the record straight for individuals who are confuse about all this. The authority to amend or pass a new rule does not equal the authority to apply the rule.

    Some Individuals might smile like Democrate but breath like republicans and thoroughly believe in liberalism. The DHS will publish the rule and recommend his staff likely to stick to it but the truth reside in the heart and the polical tendency of the officers in charge of your case. The rule itself will likely have more positif impact than the opposite. Keep in mind some vulnerable citizen might be impacted dramatically especially the us born kid because their parents will have to decide for them.

  30. Public charge has always been those who cannot support themselves. Enforcement of these policies are new, and only these new policies affect the ability to obtain a green card Just another nuisance lawyers pocket money objective. Nothing is law as of present.

  31. This is copied and pasted directly from USCIS website:
    Q. Whose benefits are considered?
    A. Under the proposed rule, DHS would only consider the direct receipt of benefits by the individual alien applicant. Receipt of benefits by dependents and other household members would not be considered in determining whether the alien applicant is likely to become a public charge. Similarly, any income derived from such benefits received by other household members could not be considered as part of the alien applicant’s household income.

    Here is a link so any immigrant who wants the rules can.

  32. Food Stamps and Welfare benefits should be for Americans People Citizens that are Struggling to help them get back on their feet . Illegal Immigration should not be allowed to receive Food Stamps or Welfare Benefits , I seem many Illegal immigrants receiving Food Stamps and Welfare Benefits drive a Nice Car and have nice Homes . It's Stink !

  33. My mother receives medical and she is 64 years old,, can she apply for citizenship ? Or it will be considered public charge and be denied therefore placed on deportation

  34. Thank you so much for all you are doing for the immigrant community. The knowledge you are sharing is changing lives in a positive way. I will keep referring you to all I know that need your help

  35. Mam, informing immigrants of our United States Laws is excellent, commendable in fact, however as long as you also inform & discouraged them from taking advantage of the Systems, by indefinitely remaining on Systems set up for "US citizens!" Additionally I might add, you also encourage them to assemilate becoming apart of our Country by learning to Speak the English language, working, & being productive participants in our American Society!

  36. Hi , I need your help . I had an immigrant visa interview for F1 and I did not take my non criminal record during the interview , the officer gave me 221(g) and ticked bring required documents anytime during working time , bring passport with two blank pages , bring China non conviction. The thing is , I am based in china and I don’t know how long this will take , I feel frustrated and stressed , any information to help me understand my status . ?

  37. Thank you so much. Can you clarify… Does this apply to the Sponsor also or just the actual immigrant? I will be sponsoring my husband's spousal Visa within the next three or four months and I'm concerned because I was receiving food stamps for a while and Medicaid when I was out of work. But I am back to work now and I'm wondering if that's going to affect me as the sponsor and make me ineligible to sponsor him?

  38. If i am applying to go to school and i receive tuition payment from my state department of labour is that also apart of the public charge thats included?

  39. HI,keep up the good work.I am not in New York.I was wondering ,with the new rules tht become effective on Nov 19.Can i file a I-60I waiver while i commence an I-360 petition.I was in a situation where i was taken advantage of.I i am just thinking ahead as to what options therd might be before the dreaded NTA arrives.I know rules change all the time i hve not filed anything yet…

  40. Thank so much, I was wandering everywhere to get this information. Thanks again happy holiday season to you and your family.

  41. Donald Trump's has iligal housekeepers he makes millions out of them. And don't deport them nor tells them thank you.

  42. Ma'am I m really confused please help me, my wife is an us citizen and she is gatting ssid so can she able to apply for cr1 visa??? Please help

  43. They don’t care about a green card or a visa. They want money and they send it back to their countries by cashing in food stamps at Mexican stores

  44. What do you mean with housing benefits can you explain i live un a HUD program will that affect now that i will apply for a green card?

  45. hello mcbean,thanks for your wonderful videos,i have learnt from, i filled for removal of conditional status,they are asking me for more evidence,what are the exact things require,cos i can't sleep,please i need ur advice

  46. Question: what happens if I’m using the Covered California tax benefits it’s going effect my green card application?

  47. So.. My step son got his green card on 2015. And he has been enrolled in medic aid… So will that affecr him?.. I just find this unfair because I pay my taxes like any other Amwrican.. So in a way we are all helping each other anyways..

  48. This is America freedom of speech. A lot people don't want to take care these freeloaders . American black people deserve freebies like these illegals None of those kids are born her in America are the qr Amendment does not apply to these illegals.Honey get your facts straight. You want these illegals than you take care of them. Not off the backs of the taxpayers. These are not going to take up the cause foe the blacks like your your doing for these illegals.

  49. Hello and thank you so much for the information you provide.. But when this rule is going to be in effect ?

  50. Hi
    I am watching your video. And i have learned so many things from you. But i have one question to you. My brother in low. He had interview last month. But they are asking to him for public charge Report . Where can i get his public charge .

  51. How about those illegals using their kids that are born here to get all that 'free' stuffs..there is no way they can charge them since they are not on record.

  52. If you a us citizen and on food stamp and Medicaid for your kid but trying to give your husband green card would that effect me

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