Punjab’s Street Cultural Monkey Show 2019

Punjab’s Street Cultural Monkey Show 2019

Khan, Be a Wrestler. like young men are wrestling these days. What a wrestling, Gentleman Wrestler, Do an exercise, What a Brave Wrestler. What a Star Player of Kabaddi Game. Well Done, Youngman, Your Jump, Excercise & Wrestling, Well Done, It is your Chair, Sit on It. Sit, as you drink tea in a Restaurant. This young man came from Karachi city. Young man Show your attitude. How the Karachi’s Gentleman Looks like. What a good attitude, Sit on Chair Now, For Parent’s sake sit on the chair For brothers, Sisters’s sake sit on Chair For your kids’ sake sit on the stole. For your wife’s sake sit on the chair. He does not obey parents but obeys owns the wife Ok, Now, Go to In-law House after Newley Married. Going, in-law house with a new wristwatch. Dancing with friends, New marriage. Happily, in 3 piece dress going in-law house Well done, Young man, Happy Going with longing interest to in-law house. Everyone was dancing in your marriage. After reaching in-law’s house. In-Law ask about a meal, tea, drink, Pepsi, No, respect at in-law house Tell me, what happened at In-Law house. Hello, Oh, the Young man says, Wife was powerfull. My wife broke my leg with a stick & humiliated. Hide the Necklace, the Young man returned from the job. want Meal but wife show the shoes. She served her brothers and sisters a good meal. for Husband, dry bread without cooking oil. My wife broke my leg with the stick. When was living parents’ home was a good Wrestler? In-Law made me Mad, with the help of Magic. Now, Mad is sleeping in the streets. Parent’s house was a wrestler, exercises and ups and down. Now, Come here and use a rifle. Aim to enemy’s plane and fire on the enemy’s army fireeee, right, Aim, Stand here. The aim, Stand, Sitdown. Sit Down Goodman, Single down, Shot and died. Died after Encounter The enemy is close enough, Hiding in a bunker for saving a life. It is a Rifle, It is Bunker & It is a telephone wire after the encounter, very happy to survive his life. Very Happy Jumping Now, Be a watchman. Take it stick, Night Watchman A brabe Night Watchman very happy, Jumping. Now, Pray and Salute Donator always donates and poor request. Take your box and request for Food.

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  1. Ye to mere gaon me mere bachpan me hota tha madari ka khel 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳lekin log to h hi nahi dekhne Bale ye madari to kabristan me h kya murdo ko dikha raha h 🤣🤣😂

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