Puppy stolen from Humane Society

‘STOLEN’ FROM THEIR ADOPTION CENTER! TONIGHT, THE LEXINGTON HUMANE SOCIETY IS ASKING FOR HELP IN FINDING ‘THOMPSON’… A PUPPY THAT WAS TAKEN FROM THE SHELTER THIS AFTERNOON. AND THE THEFT… WAS CAUGHT ON CAMERA. GARRETT WYMER TALKED TO SHELTER LEADERS… ABOUT HOW THIS THEFT HAPPENED. IT’S OUR TOP STORY AT 11. “Oh. It’s just devastating. It’s very – it’s disgusting.” IT’S HARD TO FIND THE WORDS TO DESCRIBE WHAT HAPPENED TO 10- WEEK-OLD THOMPSON. “It’s one of our animals. It’s one of our babies. And we care about each and every animal.” THIS IS THOMPSON…WITH HIS PIERCING BLUE EYES. “Sweet, sweet guy, very small.” NOW THE HUMANE SOCIETY NEEDS YOUR HELP TO GET HIM BACK. “We’ve got to find these people. We need to get this puppy back so he can continue his medication.” “It was around 5:30 in the afternoon when staff doing their rounds of the puppy area here at the Lexington humane society noticed a puppy was missing.” THEIR SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS CAUGHT THIS COUPLE ON CAMERA… TAKING THOMPSON OUT OF HIS CAGE AND INTO THE PUPPY PLAY YARD. THEN HAMMOND SAYS THE VIDEO SHOWS THE MAN THROWING THE PUPPY OVER THE FENCE, TO THE WOMAN ON THE OTHER SIDE. “The fact that they did that shows that they’re not really, they don’t really care about the welfare of the animal. We’re amazed that this happened.” HAMMOND SAYS SHE HOPES SOMEONE welfare of the animal. We’re amazed that this happened.” HAMMOND SAYS SHE HOPES SOMEONE WILL RECOGNIZE THE COUPLE IN THESE PICTURES. THEY’RE DETERMINED TO FIND THEM. DETERMINED TO FIND THEIR THOMPSON. “He deserves to be back with us. And he deserves the chance at a forever home. That’s what we were going to give him, and we will give him that once we get him back.” IN LEXINGTON… GARRETT WYMER… W-K-Y-T. IF YOU HAVE ANY TIPS… YOU’RE ASKED TO CALL POLICE OR THE SHELTER’S EMERGENCY LINE. YOU’LL FIND THAT NUMBER ON W-K-Y-T -DOT-COM.

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