Putin: I Told Trump, If You Want, We Can Sell Russia’s Hypersonic Technology To USA!

Putin: I Told Trump, If You Want, We Can Sell Russia’s Hypersonic Technology To USA!

Mr President, what about the presence of Russia’s military and navy in this region [the Strait of Hormuz]? It was quite substantial back in the Soviet days. We could easily do this, considering the progress in the development of Russia’s Armed Forces and Navy. The question is whether initiatives of this kind are effective, facilitate settlement and improve the security in the region, including in the Strait of Hormuz. A few years ago Russia came forward with an initiative to establish an international mechanism with the involvement of almost all the interested countries of the region, as well as those who are interested in the normal operation of these routes, which would include Russia, Asian countries and the United States. In the future, we could even establish a specialised international organisation for dealing with matters of this kind. We are currently discussing this proposal with our colleagues, including with our Chinese partners, as well as others. Let us wait and see where it takes us. Russia is undoubtedly interested in promoting detente and preventing any further escalation so that all the parties involved contribute to calming down this situation and resolving the problems, including those related to the Iranian nuclear programme, in keeping with the existing international instruments approved by the corresponding resolutions of the United Nations. Here is my last question about security. Interestingly, a notable change has taken place where NATO has now three nuclear powers – the United States, Great Britain and France – whereas the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation has already four, Russia, China, India and Pakistan. Of course, much depends on Russia-US agreements, including in the sphere of strategic stability. What do you think, Mr President? In your 2017 Address to the Federal Assembly, new types of high-tech weapons, in particular, supersonic, were presented. Hypersonic. Can they be part of a bigger deal with the Americans? Yes, we operate on the premise that the existing tools, in fact, only one of them – START-3 which was concluded between Russia and the United States – is still in force… The United States has put forward a new idea where it wants to involve China in this joint work, but the Chinese responded quite reasonably that the Chinese nuclear potential is much lower than that of Russia or the United States, and they are not sure what exactly they should reduce if they already have fewer carriers and warheads. Their reasoning makes sense. But let’s not forget that the United States has not even joined the nuclear test ban treaty. It has not ratified it. Not ratified means hasn’t joined. There is talk about deploying weapons in space. These are very serious challenges that humanity may face. Imagine, there will be some kind of a weapon, maybe nuclear, hovering at all times on a geostationary orbit over the head of each of us, meaning each of them as well. The flight time will be very short, and the defence equipment will be very complex. Indeed, this can drastically change the security situation around the world. So far, our American partners have remained silent with regard to our proposals to maintain contacts in the sphere of disarmament and containing the arms race. In fact, there is nothing new here. Most recently, we met with our US partners in Osaka, and also raised the question about how we can include our latest weapons, including hypersonic strike missile systems, in a general agreement. I mean no other country, including the United States, has such weapons. I told Donald: “If you want, we can sell it to you and thus balance out everything in one go.” Truth be told, they are saying they will soon start making it themselves. Perhaps, they will. But why spend money when we have already spent it and can get something from them without jeopardising our security, but with an eye towards creating a situation of balance? We can discuss how and what we can count keeping in mind the number of carriers and warheads. This is a special question. In any case, Russia is ready for this dialogue and this discussion. But so far we have not received a clear answer from the Americans.

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  1. Maybe go have another elite orgy???

    Beat their missile with sex magick~~

    Satanic ritual abuse Einstein

    TeeHee harry Potter occult ritual says so!!!

  2. I'm not even Russian, but, WOW, Putin is a cool player on an epic level. Sort of like a Russian "Don", he is a badass politician and might have even posioned people. Cool President compared to Trump. Go Mother Russia!!!

  3. The U.S. will break the Russian economy, just like we did with the Soviet Union, Putin cannot afford another arms race with the U.S…!!!

  4. I hope the US and Russia can improve relations. Putin is already a reasonable guy, he can be talked to and what's the deal? if US and Russia go to war, Germany will get fucked real hard and so do i with it.

    If you know something about military, it's really scary to think about US-Russia war while living in Germany.

  5. I have respect for Putin. I don’t think he hates the US. And we don’t hate Russia! United States and Russia need to get along and support one another for Peace throughout the world.

  6. The only thing Russia has is nukes and a decent air defense system other than that they can't afford a large advanced Air Force or large Blue Water Navy.
    Russia will always be weaker than America

  7. Mr dumbass Russian president is a war criminal he’s supporting a man who is not feeding his people he tricks people an buying is crap of military stuff he can’t even compare to the AirPower you people are being brainwashed by his lies Russian an China blame USA for everything when they are to blame they just want to trick people an make them think that USA is a Horrible country we save people lives

  8. Rigel Greys : The main Extraterrestrials abducting humans, (mainly Caucasians). They help create technology for the American Government and Military deep within Area 51. They did mining on the, Moon as well as had many plants produced across America.
    Even though the deal was for Rigel Greys to do what they want with any human (except Melanated hunans) in exchange to help the America advance in technology in which they did, and this is the reason why America is the most dominant country on Earth. All elites in every country knows this, (especially Russia) they know aliens are helping the United States which is why they're all afraid of America.

    The Rigel Greys would've proceeded with their plans either way though, it's just by humans being "trigger happy" against the Rigelians had justified their abductions on humanity.
    Inside Area 51, Now that the Rigel Greys have helped America have back-engineered alien crafts that can fly through the air, now the Rigel Greys are are helping America achieve space-traveling crafts by back-engineering their spaceships for humans as well as teaching them how to operate the spaceships sense their spaceships (like most extra-terrestrial spaceships ) fly best in less -to zero gravity areas in which humans are completely unfamiliar with.
    Nowadays, flying saucers could be back-engineered and piloted by humans, usually in America though. Elsewhere it's probably extraterrestrials piloting them.

    3 secret meetings have happened between Dwight Eisenhower and Grey Aliens. However, the first race of aliens that Eisenhower met with looked of Nordic descent. One of the prime examples of these ‘human aliens’ would be ‘Valiant Thor’ who visited the Pentagon. Hmm sounds suspicious don't you think? Phil Schneider already exposed an Grey-like alien named "Val Valiant Thor" so what's going on here?

    Anyway, According to lecturer and author Timothy Good, a former U.S. Government consultant has claimed that the 34th President of the United States of America met extraterrestrials at a remote base in New Mexico in 1954.
    Eisenhower (one of the few U.S. Presidents to believe in other worldly beings) and a few F.B.I. agents are said to have communicated with these beings through 'telepathic messages'. They communicated back and forth until deciding on a place to meet.

    The two parties finally met at Holloman Air Force Base and there were 'many witnesses'.
    This meeting was said to have taken place while officials were told that he was on a small vacation in Palm Springs, Ca. in February 1954. Only a few officials have known about this meeting.
    Back in 1954, under the Eisenhower administration, the federal government decided to circumvent the Constitution of the United States and form a treaty with alien entities. It was called the 1954 Grenada Treaty, which basically made the agreement that the aliens involved could take a few cows and test their implanting techniques on a few human beings, but that they had to give details about the people involved. Slowly, the aliens altered the bargain until they decided they wouldn't abide by it at all. Back in 1979, this was the reality, and the fire-fight at Dulce occurred quite by accident.

    And yeah there is Gliese Greys, which are beings from Gliese star systems within the Reliculum Constellation. They choose to work closely with their creations, the most powerful Asian countries such as Japan, China and Korea in developing gadget-like technology and devices, even creating Android beings and android suits. Although Rigel Greys are helping America advance in offensive technology, the Gliese Greys are more intelligent than Rigelians and help mainly Japan have more advanced devices, which explains why Japanese technology such as gadgets, devices and machines are more advanced than other countries.

    The only people that has an agenda against hu-manity is the government in America, Freemasonry and Rockefeller .
    One of the depopulational ways that the governments are pleading for the Draconians to do is to manipulate the weather to depopulate humans because afterall it's the government's idea to make an clean depopulation to where it looks like natural causes from either diseases (which governments negotiated to be created by "aliens" such as AIDS, Ebola, etc) and by working with so-called terrorist by giving them weapons and access to kill Americans and citizens in other countries. Also having Americans commit terrorism in America and using human clones made by aliens to commit terrorism.

    Hurricane Katrina, 9/11, Boston Bombing etc were all part of the government's clean depopulation.

  9. The yanks have them already they just dont need to brag about it like the Russians have to as their army is mostly a badly trained and equipped conscript army !

  10. He really is a great man. A GOOD BUSINESSMAN as well. " I told Donald…" I ALWAYS KNEW they could be great friends if it weren't for the intrusionistic LEFT(and Great Britain) and military warmongers here in the US who NEED an adversary to keep money flowing their way. I pray for a joint effort for BOTH Presidents to bring about world peace and that they become good allies.
    I found it SO IRONIC that for the memorial services marking the anniversary of WW II that the COUNTRY THAT STARTED that war,GERMANY were invited,while the country who became one of our allies and helped to end that war,RUSSIA, was NOT on the invitation list. Ironic and disgusting.

  11. Why would u by something u can develop equal to or better. Putin afraid cause he knows how far America can take this technology. Remember trolls this technology can be perfected by many nations and will b. Won’t b long and a lot countries will have these

  12. So what's the deal like the USA will not are already has this , and I'm sure both have things the no one knows about why can't we just admit that if major war happened it would be the end period the end of everything so why risk it if either one of these powerful nations thinks it could win is not being honest with itself.

  13. Best Meme ever Putin that smile tho 😀😀LULW
    I told Donald to take my trash in front of my door

  14. Oh Russia Insight, you gotta start doing better on the translations or we’re going to have to start calling you “fake, fake news” for real…

  15. Yes the US should buy Russia's hypersonic missile technology if it works as claimed by Putin. This will save money for the US in R & D OF hypersonic missiles technology. Then the US can quickly build hundreds of hypersonic missiles targeting Russia. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Payback from Russia who stole America's nuclear weapon technology. 🤣🤣🤣🤣😁🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. I’m sorry but that sounds like some bull Chief. I would take some of those new Typhoons or Chinese swing bats over whatever their trying to sell. You guys have great tanks but aircraft you’re still lacking in that department.

  17. It’s not the Americans hating Russians and I don’t think it’s the Russians hating Americans it’s both governments hating each other, I watched videos that average Russians posted and for the most part you couldn’t see much difference between them and us , we all just want to be safe and we all want to do better for ourselves we have fundamental differences but all governments try to do the best they can for their own people except where you have dictators and their only for themselves, but America and Russia would be strong allies and decent trading partners on the world stage but both need to quit all the saber rattling and try to work together and that goes for every country that is not a dictatorship, it is in the best interest of the planet and everybody on it, if countries can treat everybody with respect in all their dealings they could work with anybody except radicals that everybody should take a stand against as a world force not NATO or anything like the old Warsaw pack, it’s all about 2 things Fair Trade and Human Rights .

  18. Personally I think those very dangerous missiles, weapons, etc. are better kept locked up where itchy fingers can't get a hold of them

  19. After decades

    USA : we are the first nation to mass produced hypersonic missiles and master it's technology.

    Russia : yeah, whatever we are currently using missiles that move with half of speed of light.

  20. Russia is like a orphan child looking for validation from the US…..A very talented child that cannot govern with out a dictator running the country…So much potential squandered

  21. Trump is not going to succeed at destroying the united states. In fact its going to lose NBC but that's just shedding a little extra weight it does not need. Pack your bags your heading to California Russian river east most side

  22. The Russians love talking about weapons, war and military parades. Yet they can't build a decent highway system or pay the pensions properly. That's why Putin had to cut pensions because all the money was spent on weapons.

  23. Sell Hypersonic Missile Technology to USA? Are you Crazy?!
    Do you want to hit the hammer on your own feet like the Yak-141?

    5:16 Situation of Balance? The United States has 21 Aircraft Carriers.

  24. Trump and Putin always talk to the public, joke with the public and carea about stuff the public wants to hear. Not all the easy stuff either. They literally be them selves and put it out ao people can understand the corruption. Dinally world leaders not always hiding in their mansions. God bless this planet!!!

  25. Russian technology never does what it’s meant to their ships must be accompanied by tug boats in case they break down their new armata tanks break down their panspermia air defence system has been destroyed on at least 2 occasions by the Israelites lol

  26. Well, it would be win win for everybody, Russia already spent a lot of money in development, US will spend a lot of money and time to develop the same technology but hey'll eventually get it no doubt, why not just pay the Russians half the cost of development and you save time and money and the Russians get half the cost of development, everybody wins, but I think it's just a joke from Putin, such thing is not probable.


  28. We don't have a traitor as president anymore, and Hillary won't be selling you our uranium or military secrets anymore. Ours will be better and we will have thousands of them. Don't poke the eagle Putin! I like you, but you need to be his ally, not piss him off!

  29. Different things between Putin and Trump.
    Mr. Putin is cool man with the high profile with the right decision and Trump expressed his angers to the world. 😂😂😂

  30. I love Russia but they are doing the same mistakes as in the world wars … they develop their arms but the people are still living in poor conditions … 1) the people will die of hunger and thirst in a 3° world war …2) the people nowadays have internet and are aware that in other countries people are living better and they are fed up with the bullshit and the people won't be motivated like in world war 2 ..

  31. Mr Putin has brain and power but loves peace . A dynamic true global leader n eminent figure . Who only could balance the world war . Much loves n respect for you. Sir

  32. Let me help you guys out just a little bit and I do have high regard for Putin. Russia has been breaking the rules so the United States decides to create a space force military. Russia can’t afford to get into another arms race especially in space and that’s why Putin is making the offer.

  33. Putin says it in such a casual way. I don't if he is kidding but must be infuriating as hell for …..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  34. I think America and Russia will still protect each other if www starts, for sure if China started a war ..
    I’m not much about Russia
    But China is very stupid and unstable

  35. They may be wanting to send nukes to other planets to trigger life development. There are many possibilities. I love Putin and I know he will get the love he deserves. May he continue being strong against the stupid and confusing. 🌹

  36. Mr. give nothing to america trump will use it against Russia remember americans are back stabbers and liers fork toughs pigs

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