Q1 Can I afford to go to a private college? (Manchester University)

Private college is affordable. I’m passionate about this. This is something we talk about all the time
in admissions, and one of the things that we really struggle with is for people to understand the
investment they’re making. A huge investment, one of the best investments
you can make in your life. The aid is there. You just need to ask what is available to
you and what your family is eligible for. One of the things we recommend is going to
college websites. You know you hear about what is called sticker
prices, kind of like when you buy a car, but that’s really not what you pay for your college
education. You know, you have to figure out what the
aid will be. There’s lots and lots of scholarships available,
so start talking with you high school guidance counselors. You can search for scholarships for anything,
if it’s academic related, something you like to do as a hobby. You would be surprised what kind of money
is out there. The other surprising thing is how much money
goes unclaimed every year. Put the time and effort into your schoolwork. That’s how you’re going to get those big academic
scholarships. When you look at a Manchester graduate, they
usually owe less than $30,000, and that’s great nationally. If you think about it, it’s less than the
price of a nice car. I can’t think of any other investment in life
that you can make for that amount of money that has the impact of a private college education. There just really isn’t any like it. And it doesn’t depreciate. Absolutely, and it just continues to pay back
and pay back and pay back over time. We all recognize it’s an investment, but it’s
the best investment that you can make. It really is.

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