100 thoughts on “Rand Paul Talks Chaos In Syria, ‘Shadow Policy’ In Ukraine, Hunter Biden | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. Erdoğan was involved in evading US sanctions against Iran in an international billion dollar money laundering and bank fraud scheme through a Turkish national Reza Zarrab's gold business. We applied sanctions against Turkey so what Erdoğan has made Trump do is disgraceful and dangerous.

  2. Jared and Ivanka made 82 million in outside income in 2018 alone while working as Senior Advisors in the Trump Administration

  3. Amazing how stupid one can be and still be elected in high levels of government. This guy wouldn’t last a day in a corporate environment.

  4. Wow, so if we want to investigate the president, we have to be "equal" and investigate the former vice-president's son. That really is a stupid thing to say.

  5. Wow, a lying pig,,, Hunter ran Amtrak for 5 years, was a lawyer in one of the worlds most important law firms, and didn't spew lies like the republicans are now doing, in defense of a man engaged in continuous treasons against the U.S. The democrats should enforce their subpoenas with jail time in every instance where the Trump crooks refuse to comply. Trump is trying to turn the country into a dictatorship. Putin, Trumps boss, will stop at nothing.

  6. Disappointed. Rand Paul is a part of the problem. I thought he was truly a libertarian…but merely just another politician.

  7. Ok Mr. Paul IsIs is coming back nice job, and this administration is sending our military to Saudi Arabia where we have no business at all!!!! Trump’s alliances with foreign dictators is b***t he can’t cozy up with the actual common sense alliances!!!!! I think you are misguided bring them out of Saudi Arabia then come on now!!!!

  8. Why do people like Rand Paul never listen?
    Hunter Biden may (allegedly) not have been qualified for his lucrative job, that he may have got because of who his dad was, but that's the kind of low-level corruption we would probably all be tempted to do if we could – use our influence to make our kids' lives better.
    That doesn't make it right, but that seems to be as far as this case goes.
    Everything else has been debunked, yet Paul et al still harp on as if the facts haven't been presented to them several times.
    And comparing Hunter Biden, who has no apparent relevance to US politics today, to the antics of Trump, his kids and his cabal, is disingenuous at best.

  9. Sen. Paul is lying through his teeth about the Democrats wanting national socialism where the government takes over all the companies. They have NEVER promoted that. They are for democratic socialism which is what the Scandinavian countries have which includes capitalism but capitalism with restrictions so it doesn't overwhelm and take advantage of the average citizen and yes, people will pay a bit more in taxes but far less than they are paying in private healthcare premiums so it will come out better economically for the average citizen.

  10. Rand…In fact, the poverty rate in USA in 2018 was 16.8% whilst in China it was only 12.1%. There’s socialism for you.

  11. PS…Also, fyi, murder rates in USA are 5 times higher than in China, and has the highest rate of incarceration in the world. Most people want safety and security. USA does not give that to its people.

  12. In fact, the more he speaks the more he sounds like a money-grubbing conspiracy theorist – he'd do well on InfoWars. Stuff his book.

  13. Rand Paul is evil. Evil. EVIL. I hope his ribs are still hurting.
    His message is "Cheer up, poor people in Somalia don't have it as good as poor people in America"

  14. This is why you don't investigate the previous administration…

    And the reason why we pay government officials it's true church or wrongdoing

    It's the reason why we tried to pay cops a decent salary so that criminals don't pay them more and the fact that the president's family is working in the White House and are not paid says that they are making money from their presidential prestige

  15. So then let the new standard be that anyone running for presidential Administration must pass a criminal background investigation internationally by every leading Nation

  16. Twist anf turn, scream and shout!
    Seems to be the Trump supporters song.
    I'm so happy to see some of them breaking away and singing the National Anthem instead.

  17. Best government money can buy. Good job showing the hypocrisy of president lil' horn, his demon spawn and the slime in DC. 👍🏽

  18. Kentucky has some of the worst poverty issues in the country. He can't even handle his own backyard, but professes to be an expert on the middle east?? Is this the best the GOP has to offer?? Between he and Mitch, there's enough corruption to fill the Derby's infield.

  19. Why has every interview with Rand Paul lately allowed him to get away with mischaracterizing the Biden thing? The Ukrainian prosecutor that Joe Biden had fired was fired because he WASN'T prosecuting corruption, including the company Hunter Biden was being paid by.

  20. rand paul supports the billionaires over the middle class and the poor-he thinks we should not tax the billionaires and he against medicare for all to keep the billionaires from paying tax,he has great health care that tax payers pay for,but dont want the middle class and the poor to have good health care like him

  21. OK, Sen .Paul, what if your hotel/golf club is a declining business (Doral) or is dependent on another business that is failing (Turnberry being dependent on the failing airport nearby), is it corrupt to funnel U.S. government and foreign government spending there there so that your business don't go bankrupt even if the business is booked at market rates, or booked at market rates but not actually used, just booked and paid for?

  22. I guess Sen. Paul (and perhaps the PM of Denmark) doesn't get what Bernie's point is when he says he wants "socialism like Denmark has socialism", i.e. yeah, exactly, private property, capitalism with strong regulations for a market system where markets work and a strong social safety net for things where markets don't work (mainly because some things simply do not have price elasticity of demand).

  23. Rand Paul is a fool! Another one of tRumps bone head boot lickers! Pulling out troops was a huge mistake! This is what 911 are made of! Rand Paul is wrong! Smh. Can’t even answer the questions! Hunter Biden is a civilian! Rand Paul is a fool! DONT BUY HIS BOOK SAVE YOUR MONEY!

  24. Rand Paul is absolutely correct. This was an unconstitutional regime change war that leade to the rise of ISIS. Iraq, Libya, Syria are in ruins. How are you idiots supporting MORE war and occupation?

  25. Here is another perfect example of why we need a 2 term limits in congress. 10 minutes spent trying to make the case that democrats = socialism. No mention of what his plan is to improve health care or lower costs. Go write that book.

  26. Rand Paul bitchslapped that propaganda HARD. And the comments section is pure gold. All these commie tears is making me moist.

  27. Something else doesn't pass the smell test: that roadkill on his head. Looks like he peeled it off the highway and cleaned it before placing it on his head.

  28. so questions about Trump are answered by what about Joe Biden questions about Jared ans Ivanka for the same reason they want to investigate Joe Biden are answer the same way what about Joe Biden dont the republicans in congress know any other answer

  29. Rand Paul 'Everyone is corrupt so it's okay that Trump is corrupt, what are we going to do, Investigate everyone?' Yes , yes investigate everyone who is participating in corruption. Including Rand Paul who used taxpayer funds to obtain treatment for health issues in another country. A country with socialized medicine at that. Rand Paul hates socialism unless it benefits him personally. Then hes all for it. Rand Paul loves corruption when it benefits him. Rand Paul thinks the constitution and rule of law is infallible until the emoluments clause is brought up. What a POS. His own arguments against income inequality destroy themselves because the reason the poor are doing as well as the middle class in certain metrics is because the middle class is being bled dry while the richest in the country continue to increase their wealth at the fastest rate in modern history.

  30. Wow this corruption runs so deep it's jaw dropping. Again and again they're all coming back with the same carefully choreographed answers.

  31. Like asking a 8-year old… is it OK to hit someone? Bob also hit someone! Is it OK to lie? Many others in my class has lied as well. Is it OK to steal? I think Brenda also stole a pen…. how can such person be elected and sit in the US senate.

  32. I’m old enough to remember msnbc as anti war when they slammed bush for 5 years straight on the Iraq now. Boy how things change so fast.

  33. Socialists hate trump so much they change all of their previous views that trump agrees with. You liberal idiots need to die already you’re a waste of life with your partisan brainwashed minds.

  34. Sen. Rand Paul is a Trump and Putin puppet! One day the news will find out how much money Rand Paul has invested in Russia!

  35. Muller report said collusion was in plain sight Birr said the President in office can not be prosecution If he was not the President he would be prosecuted muller said To say the muller report found him innocent is a lie

  36. Capitalism does better for poor than Socialism in the world???? ROFL ROFL
    In the so called world poor people dont die or get bankrupted for health

  37. Rand went into a rant…and talked a lot…..without hitting the dot…..he BS the whole plot……just to show us all…..how he lies and defends Trump

  38. So you approve Kurdish ethnocracy. You know there are other people living in the same area. What about their rights?

  39. He talks about the “Smell Test”, he needs to smell himself and check. His whole card on the issues he says he aligns with! He certainly doesn’t have a clue about income inequality …. what’s the income inequality in his own state!!!???

  40. Rand pulls the numbers for a Nordic country out of his hat regarding taxation. And there are no socialist countries in Europe, apparently he wrote a book about Cuba, wonder why.

  41. What is he talking about? Pakistan and Ethiopia and most poor countries have much bigger economic inequality than the United States.

  42. I agree with him on giving the people back their autonomy on foreign politics, but he’s a complete tool when it comes to his party and domestic issues.

  43. Total Headcase Rand Paul.. Double talk. Whatever way you spin it, TRUMP ALLOWED TURKEY partake in the Genocide of the Kurdish People. Hundreds Dead already. Hundreds of Thousands displaced, Men Women and Children. You're pitching your flag to Trump's Mast. Can only end one way.. You need to be cleared out of that swamp..

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