Random Rush: Limbaugh Baffled by Listener Who is on Welfare

Random Rush: Limbaugh Baffled by Listener Who is on Welfare

bucks it’s time to read the russians at
one twenty eight sixteen pm on the east coast i listen to rush limbaugh sixty
seconds i respond to him in ninety let’s see if he’s on and their every week it could go you know two hundred employees one
dollar but by rev up loves proper way now with fifty amp you know i’d had to get help now because
you know i was reading up on here a m you know that they vote going through
all the way so i’m still a lot of the tiger jennifer here it is uh… why did you call snugly and what eleanor
the cement tell me what but don’t misunderstand the planet there where we’re going i will get i hear u_n_ this determine what had to
do that i know i’m and armpit mera at later here i’ll agree evening gap five hundred dollar with it dam hair gain wary it dot track down people
fifty dollars allotment would you rather lived not meeting in the in the stuff afterward lab at heart no market win winner i mean army time are very humble
person it’s just a million itself says i listen to your reply to me in your
you’re sitting there uh… and eliminate justifiably angry that this rotten no good company that
you work for and but it certainly was not about food stamps is of little by
little staking food out of your mouth well and well you know and it cannot
work because hearing and you know trying you know you know that helped me out a little bit
and i’m very very you know thankful amy i would like to get out of the bump you know idolatry but they’ll never have
never well fifty dollars uh… it like buying milk bradley an edm you know well michelle obama says you
shouldn’t be eating that kind of thing anyway if you have you with the like
told full uh… uh… you probably you might save some
money that way all right i went down long because i
have a sense of is that uh… that is a prime example of rush limbaugh trying to figure out how he’s going to
get out of this situation where uh… every plan type of person
that he has built a career on demonizing calls in some fashion gets through and then somehow it doesn’t work out i
don’t know what you think thoughts yardley is producer had some type of
uh… click on this or not but here it is here’s a woman talking
about how she is barely making it by on food stamps and of course it he would
denies her in any other time except when he’s face-to-face with their inner his
audiences singing so he’s only response can be well michelle obama doesn’t want
people heating milk eggs and cheese uh… stunning i don’t even know if there’s anything i
need to say to respond to this other than rush limbaugh just got pumped by
his own inability to continue to do my guys the people you demand eyes is on a
daily basis but i think it’s interesting this this woman was definitely a regular rush
limbaugh listener just sounded like that i think he was shocked at how to
approach like yes a lot of my adios is actually on these programs idealized but
how act which is on my show and talking with one right of course generally these
people don’t make it through this call screening alright that’s omitted twenty seconds i won a little
short cuz i let him go a little it’s stupid to not let those to the cuz

100 thoughts on “Random Rush: Limbaugh Baffled by Listener Who is on Welfare

  1. 64 percent of minimum-wage workers are women and 79% of them are 20 and older. An increase in wages would go directly to families and back into the economy. The argument that employers can not afford a higher wage is false as entities like Walmart do just fine in jurisdictions where the minimum wage is fundamentally higher than ours. Companies never hire workers because they are cheap but only because they need them, that will not change if we raise the minimum wage.

  2. Don't get sucked into arguing with whyamimrpink78, he is just a troll, trying to get attention from ppl and starting pointless arguments that go nowhere. As soon as you make a good point he will change the topic, or make a statement that detracts, requiring a long answer that shifts the conversation.

  3. Yes thats true, but he's one of the worst Ive seen so I warn ppl when I see him in comments. Ive seen him argue that gay marriage shouldnt happen bc it might affect his taxes.

  4. Why do you think a majority of women work min. wage jobs? Because they are flexible hours and they can do so to raise a family. I stated that before. They are a second income to a family for extra money. I live in a place with higher min. wage and I see less Walmart employees compared to a place I grew up in where min. wage was lower. Big corporations can simply do with less people compared to small business. That means small business suffers.

  5. It doesn't put more money in the hands of the workers. Small business simply don't have the money. Big corporations like walmart have to worry about stock holders which some of their employees have and use for retirement. They also have to worry about benefits, retirement and prepare for bad economic times like now and the fact that people like you attack them for no reasons.

  6. Anyone can stock a shelve or do dishes. That requires very little skill so they hire low skill workers who need flexible hours to do that job. As a result it is low paying job. I guess you could pay those people a lot then where is the motivation of someone becoming a manager if it won't pay as well. I suggest you get a job or run a business and you will see.

  7. Well they are pretty much one and the same, but this one just repeats the same nonsensical stuff over and over to make ppl respond at length, theres just no point. Especially when he talks economics, he's got no clue what he's talking about but will just keep going and going to waste your time.

  8. Oh the classic insult troll to provoke a response… still at it i see.

    You just keep talking out your ass and wasting everyone's time. How about you take some fucking economics classes so that you can actually waste ppl's time effectively at least.

  9. You actually bring up a great point in something that I support and that is the definition of words. We have an amendment and those words have definitions. So there is a debate on what the second amendment really is because of that. I stress constantly to my students being an educator that we have definitions for a reason and they can't be changed. It creates a black and white area which isn't easy to do but it does.

  10. One example of definition is assault weapon. That is not a define term. If you look at assault and look at weapon really a baseball bat is one. So a bill that bans assault weapons is not a good one at that. Overall my feeling about firearms is this. We need the ability to revolt against politicians much like the founding fathers did. In a worse case scenario we should always have that ability so the government should never ban firearms because of that.

  11. "That sounds swell, but accomplishes little to nothing."

    -Hah! Try telling that to Jesus. He's the one who said a poor person giving away two coins is worth more than a rich person giving away millions.. not me. I was just agreeing with him. 🙂

  12. Again with the trolling insult for a response. U did say gay marriage was wrong. And you know very well about my extensive labour and business experience.

    You are a waste of time and space, spending your days trolling for attention from those who don't realize that your just trying to waste their time with nonsensical arguments.

  13. "Not really"?
    "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."
    The latter part is subordinate to the premise stated in the first one. If the premise doesn't hold, the latter part is void of any meaning.
    Now, there may be a case to be made that one needs guns against the politicians (although the 300 million haven't helped so far), but you can't make it using the second amendment.

  14. I said the majority of minimum wage job earners are woman, that is completely different. Giving low and middle class families more money in their pockets directly goes to the economy. You need to understand the number of jobs is NEVER related to the cost of wages but the demand for product. No one hires extra people they do not need because they are cheap. Hiring people has nothing to do with their cost and everything to do with a requirement to fill the position, this is a fact is in stone.

  15. Low skilled workers are precisely the ones protected by a minimum wage. We will always need people to fill these jobs and weather you value them or not they are necessary for ever business that employs them. Arguing that they do not deserve to be paid respectfully or that we as nation should be subsidizing these employers by handing out food stamps to their workers is only playing into the greed of very profitable corporations like walmat whose talking points you faithfully parrot.

  16. I don't know about your business experience. What is funny is that business owners I personally know disagree with you on business. And I never said gay marriage as wrong. I said our approach towards it is wrong. I am not opposed to gay marriage, I just hate how people are trying to make it legal.

  17. The well regulated part can be debated on what is well regulated but the idea of the second amendment is to give the people the ability to defend themselves against politicians. That way coming from a militia and that can happen with our ability to keep and bear arms. The founding fathers fought for their freedom and felt that the American people needed the same ability so that is why they placed that in there.

  18. Low skill workers are a dime a dozen and the people who work them are not making a living off of those jobs. The average household income of a min. wage earner is over $47,000 a year. Why does little Johnny needs a lot of money when he has no previous work experience? Paying someone that much more money will raise the cost of doing business and thus raise prices. You are paying someone money that one, isn't worth it, two, a job anyone can do, and three doesn't need the money to survive.

  19. A kid works a min. wage job when they have no work experience. They work that gain a skill and earn more money. Eventually they move up. If you force businesses to pay to high of a wage they just won't hire people with no work experience or people seeking part time flexible hours. It won't be worth it. Also, where will be the motivation for that low skill worker to move up and become a more productive worker thus helping our economy. Investors won't invest in that.

  20. You can't give out money if the company can't afford it. The number of jobs is related to the cost of wages. I am running a business and I want workers who are not overworked so I hire more. I have 4 workers doing a job. Really I only need 2 but I can afford 4. Now I am forced to pay them more because of an increase in min. wage. So what I do is fire 2 (usually the worst of the 2) and tell the other two they still have to get the work done. It won't be an easy thing to do but if I can't…..

  21. The argument that they can not afford it is simply not valid, if their margins are that tight they they they can not afford a to pay an indexed wage they should not be in business. If you have more workers than you need you are not running your businesses efficiently, a business runs to make money not provide employment. The fact is your spin is almost never the case and the increased demand of cause by higher wages may actually require these kinds of business's to hire more people.

  22. That you do not value these workers does not make them any less important to the employers the need them. Your argument that we should keep money out of the hands of the poor and middle class and put into the hands of people obsessively like you because do not do so would be bad for everyone does not hold water. I have said it before I will say it again there are plenty of places that have a higher wage that are not suffering the issues you imagine will afflict us if we had a reasonable one.

  23. "…they should not be in business."

    And this is why we need to implement an IQ and basic economics test in order to vote.

  24. They saw their freedom through having their own state, which is why the text talks about the "security of the free state" as the reason. It is essentially about a prerequisite for organizing a national defense through militia. Sure, if the politicians erect a dictatorship, there's an argument to be made for your interpretation, but there are other controls to ensure that doesn't happen.
    (Your argument is also blunted by the irony of the gun-toting people seeming to side with the authoritarians.)

  25. Well-regulated is of course debatable, but the bare minimum requirement would be formal, well-organized, stable (as in not splintering, revolting or constantly rotating personnel, etc.), controlled, trained group with a command structure, a roster and supplies (i.e. a registry of guns and people), who have some ideas about strategy and some plans.

    I don't think they had in mind an unregistered bunch of nutjobs running around with 300 million guns shooting people, schoolchildren and congressmen.

  26. Business owners will always make their profit. If you attack them through taxes or regulations and make business more expensive they will find a way to make money and one way is firing employees. They want more employees to pay people to do work in a relaxing way but they if they can't afford to they won't.

  27. You said it right, a business is there to make money or profit. They do so base on the state of the economy. If McDonalds were to give everyone a better wage they will have to raise prices so bye-bye dollar menu. If walmart or a Raley's or Hy-Vee grocery store were to give everyone raises a gallon of milk will go up. The economy and free market sets the price of something at one value and so wages are set at another. Increase wages you increase the price of products.

  28. You do know that there are places where they companies operate with a much higher minimum wage don't you? You do understand that giving the people who rely most on those low prices just to get by more money will help them far more than it will hurt if prices went up marginally. Our economy is driven by demand and demand alone, the more money spent the better for business. The money we are talking about will go directly back into the economy and that is good for everyone.

  29. The economy gets better when you invest money in something useful. Giving money to a min. wage worker, like a high schooler, to take his date to the movies isn't investing it, it is just transferring it. Now putting money into research to create the next best car or into a person who has a skill few possess and that person improves a business that improves the economy. Simply transferring money is no different then taxes. It doesn't help he economy grow it simply moves money.

  30. The problem still lies is this. A company can't afford to pay more because it simply can't. You raise wages you have to raise the price of goods and middle class workers will buy less. So now the company is selling less, less demand, and still have to pay more. So where is this money coming from if the company doesn't have it to begin with?

  31. Cshaw85 has kindly pointed out that you're just a troll; your lying comment that you're an educator confirms his analysis. No educator could write what you do, unless you're hired in one of those crazy States that use Genesis as a science book.
    So, go away.

  32. Sam Seder is just a mouth piece for the anti-capitalist jews that hate ideas and opinions not aligned with there own, or for exposing their state-sponsored media monopoly… just a mouth piece. Peace.

  33. No the economy get better when people have money to spend. Investment only occurs or should only occur if there is demand to drive it. Giving people more money in their pockets increases demand which increases the pace of the economy, it is a pretty simple formula that trickle down people like you consistently ignore. Moving money from a place where it is static to a place is is in circulation locally most certainly helps and there is no way to refute that.

  34. You keep asserting that they can not afford it when the fact is it is simply not true. Companies like walmart are the largest users of minimum wage employes in the country have consistently reported excellent profits. But the fact is they make money even where the min wage is not so low and continue to be in business there. Your argument on their behalf are touching but we would all be be served if their workers were paid better so we did not have to publicly subsidize them with food stamps.

  35. No, investing money produces something. I can spend money on a stripper giving me a lap dance and that won't produce anything compared to a business owner giving money to a worker that actually builds something. What happens is that the worker has money to spend on something else and the owner makes a profit to invest in something to better his company creating jobs. I give money to a stripper I get nothing in return. If you give more money to someone they are worth you get nothing in return.

  36. Overall investing money is where you get more money in return and that improves the economy and produces thing. Spending money doesn't. I spend money on candy bar I didn't produce anything and didn't get more money back. The owner that invested in a cashier to sell me a candy bar made money and has more money to invest in something to his company like a better cash register or another employee.

  37. Why would this idiot who made this video even talk about this.
    This woman is demanding more from the government. Plain and simple.

  38. No, an economy improves as wealth is created. Invested money is not money that sits under the mattress, it is not static. The guy you are responding to is also wrong. In the US we are net negative in everything because of spending, and printing money. We borrow money to give to the banks, the banks multiply that money by fractional reserve banking, the money is mistaken by the market as savings, the market expands, and then collapses because of the mis-allocations of resources.

  39. The minimum wage employee is doing 2 things, primarily. 1. He is working, that is he is providing a service that someone is willing to pay for. This creates wealth. 2. If he takes his date to the movies, he is voluntarily giving up a portion of his wealth (not much) in return for a different service. Meaning that he valued the movie, more than the 1/3 of a day he worked to earn that money. Both parties are better off, and wealth has been generated.

  40. Easy fixing this foodstamp bullshit… FIX THE ECONOMY! Government doesn't create wealth, it takes wealth. Taxes, regulations, banning, outlawing… Get government out of the way! But liberals needs huge government. Need it in every aspect of life. Hard to fix something you want to take credit for when you yourself are the problem. Fuck the social bullshit of why we need government in our lives, get out of the way of small mediam and yes, big business. Then bring up gays and abortions etc.

  41. I love it how the Rush Conservatives do not seem to understand that people do not want to be on welfare or food stamps. For the most part, obviously there are going to be exceptions but we are talking about majority or in general.

  42. It is so obvious you people don't listen to Rush enough to know the Michelle Obama thing was a joke. You guys are pathetic. Btw, how do you know he didn't send her money? Did either of you? Do you give to charities on a regular basis?

  43. While Rush Limbaugh bashing is as played out as shit gets, and your commentary is definitely lacking, this is a good bit.

  44. Rush Limbaugh actually recommended that the woman buy tofu! And up comes the commercial, aka "Snerdly, get me the hell outta here!" Hahaha. smh

  45. Wouldn't you rather not need all this?
    Fucking really?! No, Rush, you pill popping sex tourist – people love living in poverty and receiving tiny scraps to help them get by while hearing what lazy moochers they are! I don't know if I could ever pass this guy on the street without kneeing him in the groin, assuming he ever walks anywhere, which is unlikely.

  46. Why does the Rush creep always blaming Obama for all the crap pulled by republican legislators? They are the ONLY ones who have reduced or eliminated many safety nets that some people have to rely on!

  47. Congressional Reps. Republican like Paul Ryan are cutting the programs , not Obama Jerk !  Yeah let's let people starve !

  48. Obama that's taking food out of the poor's mouths??? What about fucking Paul Ryan and all the other Republicans who slash food stamps in their state? Look at what's been happening in North Carolina!

  49. Rush just proving why preaching ideals from a high horse is much easier than actually having to face reality.  There's a very good reason this guy never does interviews or is a guest on other shows, as he aptly demonstrated during that call.

  50. Rush Limbaugh is a man who utilizes logical thought and sound reasoning in all his analysis…….he expresses his common sense ideas in a very entertaining manner. He wasn't baffled, he wasn't punked. Stop sniffing glue, you come across as a moron.

  51. Rush Limbaugh is great for liberal media. It gives them something to talk about that isn't quite as obscene as the latest horror out of O'Reily's mouth.

  52. No one gets on That show by accident. That is an episode in "as the republican stomach turns."Its not a real call in show.Everone incuding Limbaugh is an actor.The entire show is like everything that Rupert Murdoch owns in media,its scripted.

  53. Seems Rush is listening and understands her plight. He is not concerned about the legitimate needy people, but is against all the frauds who are taking the food out of the mouths of those truly in need. 

  54. Rush, I know facts are hard (really, really hard) for guys like you.  Obama has nothing to do with funding for food stamps or general assistance.  The states and counties determine how much they can provide to people out of their Block Grants.  The federal government does not determine how federal dollars are spent in the states; the states receive Block Grants and make those decisions themselves.

  55. I have high functioning Aspergers and am on disability and food stamps. The disability payments is like either a leash or a noose. You either sacrifice any chance at making it on your own or you find a way to jump through hoops to have a job that doesn't make much and hope that if you lose the job you could get back to where it was before, or you live your life cashing a check that covers what you need and not much more than that. I am on SSI (Supplemental Security Income) rather than SSDI (Social Security Disability Income) because at first I didn't have enough credits to qualify but after working a year and a half at a local restaurant I am not going to check on it because SSI is financially stable while SSDI isn't.
    In short when is the government supposed to hand me everything on a silver platter. I have been on for almost ten years and barely getting by and a hundred less than before I worked at Denney's.

  56. rush Limbaugh is a piece of shit hypocrite! he himself was (is) a pill popping junkie, no different than anyone else with an opiate addiction except the fact he has money! he was doctor shopping for narcotics which is a felony. he has absolutely no moral high ground in which to judge anyone! I used to be a Republican but it's pieces of shit like himself, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingram and all the rest of the right wing nuts that turned me to the other side!

  57. Rush tries to demonize Obama for the woman's plight – her food stamp amount being cut in half – when it was actually caused by the Conseratives cutting the SNAP budget!

  58. This isn't fair to Rush, let me take over and let me add my 2 cents worth. Just like Bernie Sanders complains about how we subsidize the healthcare of Walmarts workforce we also subsidize the processed foods industry by allowing the purchase of unwholesome foodstuffs with SNAP cards. The sugar and processed foods markets have bought off our politicians, and they are now powerless to act.
    I used to say that turning over politicians at the ballot box was one way to keep corporate america constantly having to buy new politicians, but they are buying them so cheap and easy that my idea can't work. What the hell let's just throw them all out anyhow for the fun of it.

  59. this one is very sad, rush has made millions off of these poor people he is fooling into buying into his bullshit. a lot of times us liberals want to make fun of people like this woman but it is actually very sad and understandable when you look at the big picture like education and racism in this country….she needs to get a clue but rush is taking advantage so hard i hope he dies of an oxy overdose

  60. Tofu is not cheap. Hey this lady gets help. I am on medical leave for a serious condition and receive no help. Lady should be happy

  61. I don't really understand the mentality of food stamps/welfare. When I used to go to high school (in the 1980s), a blind man would meet me at the bus stop, every morning and go to work. I'm assuming, like every other human, has problems. The blind man probably had more than his share of problems (not just blindness)…and he worked, everyday.

  62. Work a cashier job for just one month. You will see what people with food stamps buy. They sell their stamps for half price. You can still buy certain energy drinks with them. It needs a change.

  63. I don't know any Black people on welfare. i know Brothers that will sell dope & rob before they stoop that LOW LOL!
    And they are patriotic AmeriKKKans!

  64. As we should be baffled by the fact that Rush spent no time in jail for his drug 💉 crimes dealing with prescription drugs.

  65. He could have just asked her if she has a TV, a fridge, or a phone. That’s the standard Republican playbook.

  66. He acts like ONLY Michelle Obama recommends not eating animal products…. It's just her. Scientists and doctors don't think so too. My guess is Rush has had one too many burgers and milkshakes in his life.

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