Reconnecting To Nature

Reconnecting To Nature

>>Oh, a coyote! To not
completely our relationship
with nature is a tragedy.>>
I think there’s a relationship. There needs to be kept.>>I’m Ellen Vanlar and I
am a person of this land.>>For me, that means that
I’m an artist and a musician, a nature lover, and try to do my best
to have a relationship with the
land.>>Always studied history
of humanities. And I wanted to not
just talk about it. I wanted to experience it.>>And that meant
a closer relationship with animals and plants. This is mint tea from the yard.>>And also trying to promote
that type of living where we actually
get out of our heads and away from our electronics and we don’t watch TV
and create our own stories instead of having people
create them for us. This one.
Yeah.>>I call it the garden wall.
Whoops. Oh, great. My battery’s dead.>>There’s a problem
with addiction, like what’s happening today
on Facebook and the television and in our political
structures and lies. We don’t know
what the truth is anymore, but the main truth is nature.>>Because the natural world
needs us, it needs us a lot or we need it
actually more than it needs us, but it’s a matter of how
do people relate best together. And for a lot of us
it’s through taking a walk or playing music together. And some people like to watch
movies and television and all that. But the balance of knowing we’re
connected to something larger is what also connects me
to people. It gives me hope to know that
people want to connect to nature and recognize that
that’s what feeds us. Well, it’s like being
with little kids, you know,
if you can get them back to that awesome state
of discovering things. And it just like they’re not
looking at other people in their work.
Can those kinds of things. So watching people
do that is a joy. It’s like watching kids grow up
and people teach me so much. My hope that people take
the time to look at the seasons and the stages of ice
and water and fire, a lot of this water has probably
been in the Atlantic Ocean or the Pacific Ocean.>>It’s traveled
around the earth. It’s like where our bodies are, what, 90 percent water
or something like that. We take that water and we’ve
taken the heat of the sun. And that’s why our blood
flows through our veins. So it’s a pulse. It’s a pulse.

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  1. Wow so beautiful footage my friend.amazing place.i like it.thanks for sharing of luck.have a nice day

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