– Hey it’s me, Matt, here at opening night of “The Great Society” on The Broadway. And tonight we’re playing a game that I like to call, “I Know Him.” (dramatically drumming beat) – I’m going to show you
the pictures of Presidents and you’re going to tell me who they are. – You’re gonna show me
pictures of a bunch of dead white men and I’m going to tell you. – Yup, that’s correct.
– Great. – George Washington? – Harrison?
– Andrew Jackson – Thomas Edison? – Einstein.
– My dad. – Adas? – Donald Duck. – It’s some dude with a
big nose and crazy hair. – (purposefully unintelligible) – It looks a lot like my great, great, great grandfather’s
really mean teacher, but– – What did he teach? – Math. – Those math teachers. – It’s Martin Van Buren, is that right? – Okay that’s right, you
got that (bell dinging) – Ha! – Jefferson.
– Garfield. – Millicent Friendly. – Bill Murray’s brother. – Edgar something. – That’s my dad! – Jimmy Dean. He makes sausages too. – Who is that? – Well, hold on let me look it up. – (laughs) – It rhymes with
Schmutherford Schmee Schmayes. – Rutherford, – B. – Hayes!
– Hayes! (bell dings) (cheering) – Rutherford B. Hayes! (bell dings) – You’re right! – I’m right! – Rutherford B. Hayes? (bell dings) – B. Hayes. – Must have lost some
weight because he looks good in that picture. – Bush? – Peter Piper. – I don’t know! – Who is that? Is that a President?
– Who is that? – Hoover. (bell dings) Hoover. That’s Hoover. – Hoover, (bell dings)
but that’s not hoover. – It’s Hoover! – It’s Hoover? – Hoover? (bell dings) Herbert Hoover. – Everybody. ♪ Hoover ♪ ♪ Who’s going to tell some secrets? ♪ ♪ Hoover ♪ – Chester A. Arthur. – Oh, he looks like a walrus. – That’s all you need to know. – Edward B. Nondwiddle. – Eddy Munster. – He doesn’t look so happy. – He’s the one who died real, he was only in office for a minute. – Sitting back with his
mustache just peering at everybody.
– That mustache. – So I don’t even care what his name is. – Don’t care. – He was in the army. He was an army guy, he was a general
– Yeah, for sure, right? What gives it away? The mustache? – No, because I know. – Rhymes with Smover Smeevland. – Oh, so it’s Smover Smeevland? – That’s correct. – Grover Cleveland (bell dings) I got it! – William Howard Taft. – Not fat enough. – Let’s just go with Taft.
– He’s not fat enough. – They don’t know! They don’t
– Well, I’m going to show them the pictures! – Do not show them the picture! I had no idea that was part, That’s a gotcha question. (dramatically drumming beat)


  1. And yet NOT ONE of these theater connected people jumped into singing We'd Like To Thank You Herbert Hoover from Annie upon realizing HE was the subject of a POTUS pic they were looking at.  That should warrant them at least 50 DEMERITS on The History Of Musicals Scale.

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