Redhill Dev Date – Episode 2: “Simple & Weird”

Redhill Dev Date – Episode 2: “Simple & Weird”

Can you put us on the floor? No. Because we already have a table. I don’t know. I like this like Milos and Martin’s video. Welcome to Redhill’s
developer interview. I have the same text. You will find the drinks that you chose for your
colleague under the black cloth. Enjoy. This is yours. Oh this is something nice. It’s like lemonade? Is it ginger beer? It’s not beer.
– It’s something with ginger. It’s like Coca-Cola. But it’s not. Outdated Coca-Cola. Let’s open this box. What’s one of your favorite memories
from Redhill from the past year? We played a lot.
We played like almost every day from the very beginning of Redhill.
And that was pretty cool because I’ve never experienced that. And you’re doing play tests very often
so it’s cool for you. What kind of a gamer are you? Oh, I know what kind of gamer I am. I’m the kind of gamer who actually
doesn’t finish games at all. I read about this on the internet. It is called a game designer problem. Yeah, but the idea is that if you already
know all the mechanics of the game you’re too bored to finish it, actually. Truth or dare? Truth! I can ask any question any question. You know everything about me.
This won’t be fun. If today is going to be the last day
of the universe or our earth it’s going to be destroyed
tomorrow by some aliens, what are you going to do today? You.
You! Me?
– It’s your last day on the earth! What? Ok. The whole civilization, the humans
will be destroyed by aliens tomorrow. Now you remind me of Thien.
Thien always likes these questions. Just answer.
– I’m going to play Destiny. The whole day? Why not?
It’s the last one. Compliment the person sitting in front of you. Hello, Olga. You said that if it’s going to
be the last day of the universe you’ll be playing DOTA the whole day. DOTA?
DOTA. Oh no! Destiny. Destiny. Sorry sorry. It doesn’t matter to me. I want to tell that you are a weird guy. Weird guy. Thank you. It’s a compliment. I never expect more from you. Truth or dare.
– I mean stop it. Ok let’s do truth. If tomorrow, imagine… Again?
-Yeah, yeah. Tomorrow. It’s forbidden in the whole
universe to be a game designer. What? This speciality, this profession will be cancelled. Not for everybody just for you. Just for me? Yeah. What as a speciality would you pick? Like a programmer, designer… I can be a magician. Magician?
– Yeah. I don’t have a funny explanation for it. But we don’t have open vacancies for a magician. Ok so I’d just leave Redhill and be a magician. No tell me some existing real vacancy. I mean real?
– We don’t need a magician here. Maybe I can entertain you with some card tricks. Tell me something I don’t know about you. I mean something interesting because I know a lot. Yeah. Not something from your childhood that is
completely not interesting to me. I wanted to become a doctor. It’s not interesting?
– Nah. No?
– Try again. To really surprise you, yeah? It’s hard to surprise me. Yeah… because you’re a magician. Ok.
I had been doing dance classes for eight years. Can you prove it to me? No. If you could write a book about your career, what would be the title and why? Make it simple. Why? Because it’s the motto of my UX designer life. Oh yeah! Compliment the person sitting in front of you. I mean, you’re simple. Simple?! It’s kinda easy to talk to you. You have to find another word. Yeah that’s fine.
– No! I mean it’s a compliment from me. You know it’s hard for me to make compliments. You know that. Have you ever heard any
compliment from me to you? Ok you’re just inspired by the name of my book?
“Make it simple?” Yeah that’s true, that’s true. And then you said that I am simple. Or you are trying to make the worst compliment. No, it’s not the worst. I mean… I mean, you were offended by my compliment
and then you are taking revenge. No I was not.
You’re also my best female friend of 2019. So cute. Among your friends…
– Why are you asking me again? It’s my turn. I just want to.
Among your friends what are you best known for? I don’t have friends. You already said that I’m your friend. Among my friends, so among you,
what am I best known for? It’s kind of a compliment, but the most…
– Oh, thank you. non-conflict guy with a really
good level of empathy. Okay. And a very attentive listener. And oh my god it’s already three compliments.
That’s enough for you. Maybe that’s too much. As much as you can tell, what are
you working on from Nine to Five right now? Right now I’m tuning the grenade trajectory. Which is very fun. What’s the best advice you were ever given? Philosophical? Yeah kind of. If you wake up and you do not feel that you have any energy and interest
to go to work, just quit. So one day you will not appear in this office? Can be. What really annoys you about
Redhill culture or team? Why? Burgers on Friday. Oh so that’s a part of the culture. Yeah, you force me to eat these
burgers each Friday but they’re not healthy. Of course, that’s why we eat
them only on Fridays. That’s why Friday I eat alone
and sit alone almost crying. Because I’m alone eating on Friday. No, you’re crying because you’re
eating some healthy boring food. Describe someone you really like at Redhill without naming them or explaining their profession. So… how can you describe me without naming me? It’s not you.
– What?! Okay. He’s a very nice guy. a little bit weird but in a funny way. And at winter time…
– It’s Borek! He doesn’t wear any coat.
– It’s Borek! Borek! What animal comes to mind if you think of me? Koala? What?! But they’re kind of lazy and stupid, yeah? They’re not stupid. Yeah and i’m not lazy. What are you most excited about…. I’m disappointed. What are you most excited about? Excited. I cannot be excited anymore. Answer the question!
– No. You’re stuck on a desert island
and you can only bring five things. Water pipes that are connected to the continent to the water plants. So I can drink water. Electricity? Yes of course I would bring electricity. No you cannot. What do you mean I cannot?
Of course I can. Okay, okay. Electricity. Electricity. Maybe a cosmodrome. I need some entertainment, so maybe… Netflix? Netflix?! Yes, the whole company. Yeah. Nice. And a bed.
I need a place to sleep. What is the biggest challenge
in your work right now? Right now I’m making battle HUD interfaces. And this is the most complicated
part because you’re making it in Photoshop and it’s a static picture.
And it’s it’s really not kind of a valid environment because in a battle
you’re running with this background. It’s not static it’s moving
all the time. You have different pictures. The player when he’s playing is just
looking at some points of interest. And it’s really hard to know how to
drive his attention where I want it. for example I put some
indication in the left corner. And I have to attract
his attention here. Sometimes it’s kind of impossible.
It’s really hard… Have you noticed how you suddenly changed when you start talking about your job. You just changed suddenly, like,
your whole personality changed. Yeah? Maybe there’s two personalities inside me? You’re really obsessed with
your work in a good way. It’s cool. Okay so it’s a good compliment. Yes it’s a compliment, really. Is it?!
– Yeah. Is it? Yes! We finished!
– Let’s go to work.

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  1. Псс,ну эт,пока ваш директор не видит,ну дайте доступ к альфе.
    Ну плз.

  2. Hello grenade trajectory tuning guy, mind if you made grenades more like in rainbow six and less like in CSGO? They're really hard to handle there

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