Republican Welfare Queens – MSNBC Cenk Attack

Republican Welfare Queens – MSNBC Cenk Attack

today i want to talk everybody about the new
welfare queens and these folks there are a lot more money than the old welfare queens soulless well as some names transfers for
example i became more so for missouri represented michelle bachman coach is a big
one for minnesota represented electricity note
from south dakota represent rolex steven fincher from tennessee why are they going to work within two hours uh… look at their subsidies they’ve gotten
over the last seven years their observa leichhardt slurs family got seven hundred and seventy
thousand dollars over the last fifteen years family yesterday families this event and their families
it all have different situations i’ll tell you about all of this error unalterably
it’s it’s all good it’s all good so uh… bachmann uh… she got actually one of one nasa says fifteen if if
if if he doesn’t sexy two hundred fifty thousand dollars our family
farm in the ironically named independence wisconsin uh… represented elect christine om in south
dakota got three million dollars over fifteen years and for example bill and there she divested
before the election and said well it’s not my farm anymore and she didn’t give the three
million back shockingly enough and then finally representa steven fincher in tennessee he got three point
two million dollars over ten years knows there’s a big numbers below seven overall
numbers how much i do people get in farm subsidies whether that from ninety five to two thousand
i two hundred and forty-five too in the end operas in farm subsidies about
that a welfare i don’t know what ends and it turns out that of course goes to the very
rich the top ten percent of forms or cooperatives gets seventy four percent of the subsidies for just five different crops that’s it allow these farmers are actually
in new york city quickly ed edgar borge brockman senior or or junior wish for went up to the
administrative is the guy who is of course a billionaire and he lives in new york city but he got forms
of students curriculums uh… well you know we still couldn’t do it
because eventually you actually if you got a farmer its senior by the way aka but it’s not just forms of the reasons handouts
of all different uh… where persuasions right so presented of the wreckage family children
could spare form this group called taxpayers against earmarks these than that and he says
okay why don’t like earmarks i don’t like these this pork-barrel money going out i think he’s very animated about a let’s watch
a click here i think it’s a car for our elected officials tomorrow money today to spend that money today and goes through the name of allah how into the future of on people who are not
even born yet ethicists crime advise coldplay liberal taxpayers against earmarks
adult form files that you don’t get these subsidies etcetera of course this is a good point yeah i like
that for an independent ab wanting to know what was going on that all week long everybody
right his son john ricketts owns a cubs is asking good people in chicago for three hundred million dollars to renew wrigley field okay so what happened i i i thought you were against
handouts it turns out as your friend emily handouts but the guys at the taxpayers against
your marks they’ve got an explanation here is the quote this for the president uh… brian breaker baker he says that spares against their marks is concerned the issue of waste fraud and
abuse barrel spending decisions questions about state or local level spending
decisions but that’s what the state and local officials
and the bombers in other words if we don’t want arrived at
the federal level but it is a state level cup by that have all been fred and i not a lot of these guys are either working
out we see in these non-profits taxpayers against earmarks or their politicians i want to and on this note about of a regular
guy former ok one of those farmers that we were talking about his name is exceedingly other monies from
missouri and he was so mad he put up this sign honest
really are your producer or parasite ok need to tell accusing democratic party avin parasites
well i think at this point in time to be surprised to find out the younger men dot out one of million holler federal style
farm subsidy from five nineteen ninety five on and he just says well that’s my money come back to me i’m not
a parasite and that’s the whole point may fade what doesn’t happen to me you might get the millions okay and they’re the new welfare queens british rank has decided to extend for thursday today

100 thoughts on “Republican Welfare Queens – MSNBC Cenk Attack

  1. it seems now a days Cenk is on MSNBC more than TYT slowly this show is dying I c it in the future. I either c Ana taking over the show, it dying, or it being an MSNBC hope that it still lives

  2. @DanimalCollective So you're going to let the Cubs rob the state of $300 million when the state can't afford to shop at a dollar store? The Cubs are a joke anyway.

  3. @DanimalCollective yes i understand how people are devoted to their teams old son(life long ARSENAL football club fan)(yes i know right now we are shite but i live in hope…)
    but why SHOULD you pay for the new stadium?
    back in the UK ARSENAL paid for their OWN new stadium..they did not go begging for a handout from the Goverment!

  4. @Mattm1986 But this (TYT) is Cenk's YouTube channel, not Dylan's. Seeing as this video was only recently uploaded, the only way he could have gotten to it is through the TYT channel, which, I repeat, is Cenk's. So if the guy is annoyed by Cenk, I don't understand what the hell he's doing watching his videos in the first place. I mean, not that I give a fuck, but you understand, people need to stop bitching so much about stuff that's entirely their fault, man.

  5. This confirms my theory that Right wingers are liberal when it comes to themselves and their families! The average welfare recipient receives 8,000-10,000 a YEAR to feed families of 3 or more. These people combined received 465,666 a year. Total douchebags! This country is filled to the brim with bullshit and its flowing right out of the mouths of conservatives. Oh and thanks America for letting fat disability collectors vote you right out the unemployment line into your new life of crime!

  6. @PatriotTexas maybe i do have a bias against the republicans,but i DO have some insight into how the republicans,wiggs,tories(all the same beast just diffrent names) act! having suffered under the tory scum in the uk(the Maggie thatcher/john Major years) i saw my country sold off to all their rotton friends for a pittance!they where so incompertant,they ran the firms they "bought" into the ground!the T.S.B(royal bank of scotland)went broke to the tune of over 2.7 billion pounds!

  7. @PatriotTexas what makes it really bad was the small fact that the TSB was making a lot of money when the goverment WAS running it!same with rolls royce,british telecom,british gas,the water companies ect ect.
    just last year in the UK the sods in power fiddled millions of the UK taxpayers money to line their own pockets!(not just the tories,"new" labour and the liberal democrats also where on the fiddle!)as far as i am concerend their all scumbags out for themselfs but some are nicer about it!

  8. @rvisaac small question for you old son and i ask this out of ignorance on my part.
    does the Us congress have a small thing that we have in the UK called a "members intrest list"? this is a from that all MP's and goverment ministers HAVE to fill out when they take office listing ALL there intrests and it's freely avaible to the general public?

  9. @PatriotTexas Dude, I KNOW you don't have job! Explain the lies. Tell us why you hate this country, or why you hate your fellow Americans more than you love truth, liberty or FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY! Liberals make your dumb ass world go round! Go live with the Amish…I'm sure they live a lifestyle that suites your needs. But I bet you like to drink beer and shoot guns right? You kind of remind of a Nazi. I bet you would love to ROAST people for real. Or maybe gas some libs?

  10. Crop subsidies? You mean those legal govt run programs to throw at farmers for sometimes growing certain crops and other times to not grow certain crops? I guess the fact these these are legal and run by the govt escapes your pea brain Cenk. Why don't you attact the program rather than the people? I would agree with you if you did that. But no, even though it was mostly dems who come up with these programs, you have nothing to say about that. Just a few republicans who received benefits. Fraud!

  11. @rvisaac sadly free enterprise does not seem to work all that well when the goverment stays out of it..just ask the US/uk banks that got deregulated and then went SKINT in a big way! now here in Canada the banks tried to get deregulated but the goverment said NO FUCKING WAY..result? the banks here in Canada did not go bust!

  12. @Metalmeltdown1000 so true old son,these sods dont want to spend money on poor people but when it comes to themselfs….. bring it on by the truck load!
    there is a good reason why we here in Canada dont want US farm goods… there too damn expensive and the quailty is not that good… remember the US has more "mad cows" then Canada does!

  13. @rvisaac please provide details of the "press" detailing how these sods got there money in the first place! also please provide details of all there assets! you do need a Members intrest register like we have in both Canada and the UK

  14. The reason why liberals lose power is because, unlike the great many Republicans who have figured out that there is False Political Party leadership in both parties and real Republicans have moved to take back their party from the globalist; the liberals are simply suckers who still fall for the fake Left/Right fight. And because of that, they'll never get anywhere.

  15. No farms should get any subsidies. Non-profits should try to set up farmer's markets everywhere to help local farmers as much as possible, those that need it, but no one should get any govt handouts to keep their failed enterprise going. Sink or swim. The only thing the govt should do is force all US food products to have a big USA sticker so shoppers cantell what's homegrown from clear across the supermarket.

    I believe this stupididea became widespread when farmers usedto vote Democrat

  16. @americanson099 If I wasn't seeing it with my own eyes, I'd find it hard to believe that you've included the phrase "let the adults talk" in the midst of all these childish statements.

  17. @AlvinHDavernport

    I know what you meant. I was just pointing that out. And also, I don't think Cenk ever uses this youtube account, that would most likely be Jayar or Jesus.

  18. @Mattm1986 No, I know that. But if you're on the TYT channel, you're not here to watch Jesus or Jayar, you're here to watch Cenk and Anna. Hence "Cenk's channel" (it's the same as saying "John Boehner's channel" when it's obviously maintained by an aide). And hence my original complaint. I know this is Dylan's show, but Dylan has nothing to do with this YouTube channel, except perhaps that thanks to him we get to see Cenk on a classier suit in a more modern studio 🙂

  19. @frosty1too

    He has covered Charlie Rangle and he criticized him thoroughly. I believe ha said he need to resign, which he should have. If you can sit there and say that Cenk doesn't criticize democrats, then you don't watch the show. And both parties are not the same. The republicans are assholes, and the democrats, the democrats are pussies. And if we don't get an assertive dick to fuck these assholes, we're going to get our dicks, and our pussies, all covered in shit.

  20. Wow and Americans dare to take the piss out of the British welfare system. last time I checked we weren't paying people millions for no apparent reason.

  21. @HulkSmashPunyHumans MORON, I said if YOUR brother would wipe HIS ass! Your even more stupid than you let on! Your the reason Obama Bin Laden is in office. I used to beat the shit out of little pukes like you when I was in the military. I wish I could shown you personally. Stay in your league, your out matched here.

  22. @hanksnow82
    What is is NOT is free market and it is a form of socialistic support.

    What the reasons for them are is kinda irrelevant. Guess what. There are reasons for welfare as well…. You can argue all you want that its not the same as welfare, but that dosent change the fact it comes from the same pile of money and its still support from the government/state.

  23. @VictoryCough
    Hes pointing out the hypocrisy. Hes not saying hes against it…
    If you are supposed to be a farmer against socialized support on principle, like a welfare system. Calling them parasites etc. Its hypocrisy to accept governmental money as farm support. Thats what hes is pointing out and thats why there are no Democrats on the list. They are not against socialized support on principle…

  24. @mikepike25

    Its an disgusting statistic that most American's fail to realize is true. You couldn't have put it any better.

  25. @hanksnow82
    Your question of asking what my view is on farm subsidies are irrelevant because the point was these Republicans hypocrisy. Instead of asking me what I think on farm subsidies and trying to drag other Democrats into it at the same time you should ask GOP why they think this level of hypocrisy is okay.
    Because thats the real issue here…

    But I can tell from your other replays that you are just a useful idiot for the GOP…

  26. This isn't appropriate. "Welfare Queen" is a term used to describe individuals who live in the ghetto collecting government assistance. It has a derogatory connotation and is more often applied to black females who have a lot babies, nice cars and plasma tv's, but who get food stamps, section 8, etc.

  27. @oreocookieboy81 lol you are amusingly stupid like most religious and conservative people. Socialism is the greatest threat? also Chritian freedoms say no to socialism and welfare? share, help the needy, feed the poor, help our compatriots, all that small amount of non venomous shit in the bible which you guys feel righteous is directly related to Socialism.Wait Hitler was a Marxist worshiper??? tx for the laugh.I wont educate you but you need a hard lesson on facts and history. Peace

  28. “All the believers were together and had everything in common. Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need” (Acts 2:44-45).
    Christ also told the rich man who visited him to give "…all that he had to the poor." This is redistribution of wealth and socialism and it is in the bible. Read it.

  29. @TwoGunGunnar Unicorns are not. Leprechaun's? It's funny you mentioned that. They just might be. Do a youtube search on "Leprechaun in Mobile". The video speaks for itself.

  30. @mikepike25 LOL so you are saying Clinton Didn't leave a Recession. I wonder which president suspended the Gold Standard LOL it was President Franklin Roosevelt a democrat. Who created the Federal Reserve which Spends Trillions of Dollars w/o the concent of Congress President Thomas Woodrow Wilson a Democrat. To say That republicans are the sole cause of the recession is a Very UNEDUCATED statement. Democrats Turned The Dollar into Toilet paper

  31. @vigorosoPIMPJr and to continue The Fed we know today was created by the Democrats… the problem is the Government in General and ONLY few politicians Care….RON PAUL 2012!!!!!

  32. @TwoGunGunnar that is a disgusting justification for why the rich should deserve their wealth. You would say their wealth is justified even after they have annihilated the middle class. You make me sick, the rich have been setting a poor example for decades now.

  33. Good one Cenk. But this points to big government vs competition and choice. These protectionisms of rich countries against the poor keep them down and out of competing with the rich countries. Keep them from fully joining the trade in ao agriculture which they could excel in!

    Free trade is what creates wealth and culture throughout history. And the rulers (politicians) are parasites. Middle Ages farmers got to keep more of their production values than normal wage-earners today!

  34. @JimyRoss farms will exist w/o subsidies. so long as we need to eat, there will be farms. farm subsidies should be near the first thing on the chopping block if people are serious about reducing spending.

  35. @zknix20 physical violence? you and your attitude are the sickness that is invading our country — I profoundly disagree with points of political discussions — but I don't Hate so much that I wish violence

  36. Umm last time i checked democrats support welfare since that makes more people dependent on the government who are on it and if u go back to world war II FDR pretty much invented welfare and if ur still really fucking stupid to he was a democrat and btw im independent so dont look at me as some republican bashing redneck b.c i cant stand either party with there stupidity and constant bs

  37. I gotta say, I think this logic here is a little flawed.

    Like let's say somebody decided they were gonna forcefully take everyone in your houses money and buy some candy with it right.

    You might say "I don't want you to do that" You might want to choose how you use your own money, and not like that deal.

    But they do it anyway, despite what you said. Are you now gonna not take your share of the candy just on principle? No, you'd still take it.

  38. They scream about welfare for the poor, but they are ok with it, if it's for corporations

  39. We have way too much food as it is. We produce so much corn thanks to these insane subsidies that corn ethanol has become a viable fuel despite this being one of the least efficient ways of producing ethanol! We put corn syrup in practically everything because it costs nothing. I agree with helping out the family farmer. But subsidizing industrial farming companies who already earn massive profits when we already have insane food surpluses is the definition of a waste of tax dollars.

  40. if the money was being wasted then the food would be wasted too but its all used so obviously producing food is not a waste to anyone in any sense.

  41. The food is wasted didn't you catch that part of my comment. Using corn to produce ethanol is one of the most inefficient forms of energy production imaginable! Yeah every bit gets used, that doesn't mean this inefficiency isn't a massive waste of recources! Not to mention the fact that we produce WAY more food in the U.S. than we consume. Meaning much of this food just gets exported to countries who now get artificially cheap food because of our tax dollars!

  42. funny though that these democratic states are net givers of federal tax revenue and red states are net takers! Yes Democrats are champions of assistance programs. But we can afford them! For example my state, California only gets back 78% of its federal taxes collected in federal spending. Mississippi gets back over 200%! You can call blue states socialist if you want, but you can never say that they are less fiscally responsible then the red states in our redneck riviera that we subsidize!

  43. show me proof of too much food going to waste. using corn for ethanol is not an example of something produced for food that then goes to waste. if you think corn ethanol is being wasted then thats a different conversation. trying to say we have so much food that the extra corn is used for ethanol is a lie. its being used because you dumb libtards dont like drilling for petroleum.

  44. I think you are confused about the word waste. Wasted doesn't just mean that something doesn't get used. It can also mean that something is used in an unecessary and inefficient manner "wasting" recources that could be spent much more wisely in other ways. You need to lay off the glenn beck little boy. Obama has handed out more oil contracts than Bush dipshit! And Bush handed out just as many corn subsidies to produce ethanol! We use corn for ethanol because IT IS ARTIFICIALLY CHEAP end of story

  45. cheap and because people dont want to drill not because we have so much food that we are forced to waste it like you are trying to say.

  46. Drilling here has absolutely nothing to do with the global price of oil. The readily available resources are a tiny fraction of world production and demand from emerging markets is rising much faster than we could ever possibly keep up with. And no, corn, AGAIN, is cheap because we pay massive industrial farming companies billions to grow corn. If we paid ford $20,000 for every mustang they sold, mustangs would be much cheaper too!

  47. no, corn is cheap because it is so easy to grow large quantities. if mustangs grew like grass, then they would be much cheaper.

  48. So then why the hell do you think we subsidize corn growing?! By the way corn production is the most labor intensive grain on the planet! Each stock has to be individually planted in rows as opposed to wheat which is planted with seeder machines. But if subsidies don't make corn cheaper then what is the point?!Anyways, I haven't heard a single argument from you as to why insanely profitable industrial corn producing companies need subsidies…how about just one reason why we need them?

  49. and corn isnt the only food subsidized. you might think its a waste, maybe it is maybe it isnt but that sounds more like your opinion instead of fact.

  50. Yeah but it is the only one we give 10-30 BILLION dollars to every year. I am not only talking about corn; that is just the perfect example. Why should we be subsidising a product (that we have a surplus of) for the purpose of encouraging its use as a fuel source when it barely creates more energy than it takes to produce. Don't think this is meaningless, there are plenty of broken school districts in this country that could use 10-30 billion/year just from corn!

  51. lol why is this so complicated little boy. We have A SURPLUS OF CORN IN THIS COUNTRY! The government has incentivised growing corn and its uses so much that we have more corn than we could possibly consume. That is why high fructose corn syrup is in EVERY AMERICAN FOOD PRODUCT! There is no good argument here for you bucko.

  52. OK dumb ass just look at our exports of dirt cheap corn…It would be one thing to subsidize growing food that is in short supply. But subsidizing corn so that citizens of other countries can get food that has been made artificially cheap by OUR tax dollars is absolutely moronic. We might as well just burn the 30 billion dollars a year to create energy! It is probably more effeicient than

  53. exports ≠ a surplus. its all being used. its cheap because its easily grown we have talked about this already.
    are you going to argue anything factual or are you just going to keep misrepresenting your views and opinions?

  54. google "10 year commodity price chart for Maize." the only evidence found shows the price of corn has been rising, so you're obviously talking out of your ass.

  55. If we only subsidize corn for food then why does 40% of our corn crop get used for ethanol if we have such a shortage of food that the federal government needs to spend billions incentivizing ag companies to grow more?! So AGAIN, why the hell should we give10-30 billion dollars to an industry that is not struggling; to encourage the production of a grain we already have so much of that we have started using it as a fuel despite generating only slightly more energy than it takes to produce!

  56. Alright I'm done with you kid. Your moronic one line answers show you really don't give a shit about the facts. You are the reason the rest of the world thinks all americans are idiots! Check out the cornell study that found that it takes 29% MORE ENERGY FROM FOSSIL FUELS TO PRODUCE CORN ETHANOL THAN THE ENERGY WE RECIEVE FROM THAT CORN ETHANOL!

  57. lol you fail 3rd grade reading comprehension :). How do you think corn ethanol is made? Here's a clue. It takes fossil fuels to convert corn to ethanol. It takes fossil fuels to fertilize the crops to grow the corn. It takes fossil fuels to run the machinery that harvests/plants the corn. And it takes fossil fuels to transport this corn to refineries where it can be refined into ethanol! It takes more fossil fuel energy to create a gallon of corn ethanol than that gallon of ethanol can produce!

  58. Is "nuh uhh" the only response you know little boy? Cornell Ag. School study found: "Adding up the energy costs of corn production and its conversion to ethanol, 131,000 Btu are needed to make 1 gallon of ethanol. One gallon of ethanol has an energy value of only 77,000 Btu. "Put another way," Pimentel said, "about 70 percent more energy is required to produce ethanol than the energy that actually is in ethanol. Every time you make 1 gallon of ethanol, there is a net energy loss of 54,000 Btu."

  59. im not even here to argue if ethanol is useful or not. LOL you're retarded. and its actually 27.3% of corn that is used for ethanol, so you can have it since your miniscule argument is still meaningless. you're here trying to argue whether farms should be subsidized and your only point is that 27% of corn isnt being used efficiently? thats absolutely pathetic and no youve been owned. cya

  60. and anyways the farmers get the subsidies not the people who turn the corn into ethanol so your point is completely invalid.

  61. Nope we did subsidize corn ethanol heavily as well, to the tune of 6 billion dollars anually in tax credits, until just last year. Later 🙂

  62. right as i said the farmers get the subsidies not the people producing ethanol. your argument is still invalid.
    you lose

  63. I see you are grasping at straws now :). Forget your retarded youtube videos little boy. Go check out the study conducted by the university of california Berkeley and Cornell University that found net energy losses in the production of ethanol from corn. Anyways, why does this make any difference? We are still paying corn grower to flood the market with so much corn that only 20% is used as food for humans! This makes it cheap (supply and demand) and makes corn viable for the ethanol industry.

  64. ehm no your ethanol subsidy strawman has nothing to do with my first comment that you responded to about farm subsidies. you took 3 days to go off topic, this is why you fail. i feel bad for you, you should be ashamed.

  65. yeah I'm off topic? Says the moron who hasn't once explained why corn subsidies are necessary despite claiming for days that this is the case. Just answer the question little boy. Let's pretend you are right, subsidies have no effect on supply or price. So then why the hell do we need them? Why the fuck are we spending 10-30 billion a year subsidizing corn if this spending has absolutely no effect on the market?!

  66. We need change. This country needs to be regimented. We need reform into civil service job placements for everyone, abolish welfare.

    Welfare: // wh. gov/ l4HR6
    Civil Service: // wh. gov/ l4HCv
    Law-Enforcement: // wh. gov/ l4HgL
    Nepotism: // wh. gov/ l4Hbf
    Education: // wh. gov/l4Hjd
    Illegal Immigration: // wh. gov/ l4HBF
    FML: // wh. gov/ l4HKd
    Welfare: // wh. gov/ l4HR6

  67. You think you're doing something clever, but you're actually just telling Libertarians that the GOP and Democrats are basically two puppets controlled by the same master.  BOTH parties are the problem.

  68. Since Canker Uygur seems to think this post has value. How about a comment on ratio of Republican to Democrat requested subsidies. TYT is so bias it has no value. If your gonna suck up to your party preference, don't make it so obvious that your witch hunting!

  69. What I don't get is why do people think it is hypocritical to take tax money and think it is dishonest. I mean if person x is not being greedy person y will just be more greedy. The government is mostly dedicated to legal wealth distribution AKA majority stealing from the minority. Rich people stealing from poor people or visa versa it's just greedy people wanting what they don't have. You can argue that the poor need it or the rich are better for the collective because they're smarter at growing it and th economy but it all comes down to people wanting what others have.

  70. it's the democrats and the democrat republicans.. 2 groups of democrats..  that's what we have here.. we have NO REPUBLICANS. the dialog is.. Republicans are bad!!. but there are no republicans here… it doesn't matter. they lying slander is KING. Satan wins again thank you everyone.. thank you thank you. Everyone is one of them, their fruit is the ability to do what you want with these slimy people.

  71. the democrats are straight up evill. . and republican democrats are round about evil.. nohting hard to understand..  the democrat constituients.. straight up evil.. more or less. there's a round about way.. their evil pans out to SEEM GOOD to people who don't really care to BE GOOD. SEEM GOOD IS WHAT EVERY EVIL PERSON DOES. they seem good but they are bad. 

  72. Cenk you give Fox News a lot of shit, but your bias is just as if not more corrupting. To compare farm subsidies to welfare is just ridiculous, and it doesnt at all matter who gets the subsidy as long as they meet the requirement of the subsidy. The subsidy is meant to encourage a behavior not be a handout. It is arguable if this subsidy is worth while, but it does make food cheaper for everyone in the US so I would think you would like it. 

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