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  1. 1:28:28 about "the indianline" and preparing/excavating towns, buildings, and so on, – in the western territories, before people were moved in. Makes sense 😉 And one of you mentioned "Gangs Of New York", and that movie showed how
    the fire departments maintained their operations. It is super some of you investigators get together, like here 🙂 Great program. Thank you.

  2. hello there was a statue similar to statue liberty in the island of Rhodes Greece and disappeared know anything about. ,, disappeared. disappeared. ,,

  3. This is the biggest pile of shit! Totally pathetic to make up such crap! Especially that welsh twat Martin 🤪 Back in your box !

  4. iNCRedibLY aCCuRate evideNCe & MatChes aLL th' SPOoOKY taLes i heaRd fROM 8o&9o yR OLds wheN i waS LittL 1985-1989! MORe Mud thaN Life oN EaRth! NO SuNLiGht 4 NeaRLy uh deCade! MORe thaN 1/2 uh U.S.a. COLOSSaL EMPty CitieS! ChiLdReN deLiVeRd by th' 1OOos (fROM huh?) MuLtiPL 'iLLiteRate' GeNeRatiONs! 1Oos uh YRs deteRiORatiON iN aRChiteCtuRe! 7O% iLLiteRaCY SPuRs aiRPLaNe autOMObiLe eLeCtRiC iNVeNtiVe eRa??!

  5. This video is rubbish ! Only repeat stuff from other channels mostly from Martin the dwarf.
    Very poor no truth no evidence only lying the blue out of the sky !

  6. I know for a fact something massively major occurred in history that has been covered up approx 16th century and again 19th century that is related and something as big if not bigger than flat earth. What that something is I am not 100% certain but the "mud flood" studies do at the very least run into many of these oddities that again and again keep pointing to the same years over and over and over ….. flat earth also crosses over when researching ancient maps and realize many of the pre-1600 maps are same as modern maps including impossible details.

  7. Hi guys… I've been interested in this subject of buried lower floors for quite a few years but only recently did I come across this wondrous theory of the mud flood reset and I am still matching my own observations with the massive number of videos on the subject that I keep finding on youtube. I am stilk trying to catch up. Anyway: I am portuguese and I currently live in Glasgow, Scotland (Glasgow, btw, is literally covered in mudflooded buildings. I actually live in one of them). My interest in buried buildings comes from my observations of Portugal's cities and history, that I think could be of great interest to this discussion.
    What happens is we had the Lisbon earthquake and tsunami in 1755, which supposedly destroyed every building in a couple of hundred miles from the city center, (some star forts survived). Only, inconsistencies and stuff that doesn't make sense are by the bucket loads. I'd really love to talk to someone about them, but can't find anyone interested.
    Well… I have, however, reached a conclusion as for the how the mud covered everything, and it was in the very simplest of ways, without the need for any suspension of gravity or pole reversion , wthout earthquakes and without the need of soil liquididication. The way for mud to be all over and not damage any buildings was amazingly simple: it rained mud.
    Ever woke up to open the door and find out you were stuck in the snow? It's the silent killer, snow. A blizzard can silently bury your house overnight and you never hear it… What if it snowed mud? Worlwide, meters and meters of mud… Just find me a way to get all that pulverised soil in the air and I promise you that mud will be raining down.
    So… Stop complicating. It's easy to identify the having rained mud in some of the pictures going around. Just look for mud remains in high spots, away from the flor and you'll no longer feel the need to liquify the ground.
    Have you considered this?

  8. If we take God out of the equation, it could be that all explanations are wrong. What if God exists as reality? And since the Elite Powers are not worshiping the Biblical God, may be God pours out His Wrath on an unbelieving world complying with the Elites and the Giants. The Giants in that case are the Fallen Angels, which God releases out of the bottomless pit, Tartarus to be Judged. He lets them replicate their Empires from old, which they now have called Tartaria, just so their evil intentions can be Judged in full view. Humans are Judged together with them, and in a consecutive order. The old civilizations are thus resurrected as short versions of the original, ending with Judgment and then a reset, prepared for the next contingent to resurrect so they may repent of their former evil doings if possible.

    To me this fits with Revelations 20-22 of the Bible. History is wrong as presented to us, so it causes me to move the time of Jesus much further back into the past History of the Earth, when these old civilizations existed originally. Then we have got the Judgment Periods, when the Humans are Judged together with Giants, each ending with a Glacial Period, when the Sun is darkened. For the whole History of the Earth, their are quite a lot of civilizations to be Judged, and until now their have been almost 50 glacial- and inter-glacial periods constituting the Ice Age. So Jesus I think lived before the Ice Age began, or perhaps in the middle of it.
    There are Root Races and Sub-Root Races and New Sub-Root Races of Humans all to be Judged, together with their masters, the Fallen Angels.

  9. One of the most obvious proof of a mud flood is on Easter Island. Look at how some of these Moai are buried. They're slanted as if pushed by a flow. https://www.easterisland.travel/images/media/images/archaeology/rano-raraku-moai-statues-6.jpg

  10. @Stefano Panieri
    @ 6:00 he says he couldn't find pictures of the statue of liberty? 🤔
    Here ya go,
    The mud flood theories are all regurgitated bullshit and Tartar ain't far behind! 🤮
    Star Forts were used for defense. Look it up, it's retarded! 🤪

  11. People that have to flat out lie like Martin, UAP and ALL the GLOBEBUSTERS, should be dismissed on everything they say because…. THEY'RE LIARS! 👎

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