Review of The Chief Secretary’s Welfare Fund

Review of The Chief Secretary’s Welfare Fund

hello everyone Chophika Sumi here
once again and last night I received a message on whatsapp the letter was from
the commissioners office and it has been sent to all the district
administration with regard to the deduction of one day wage from all the
government employees in Nagaland towards the chief Secretary’s Welfare Fund I was
dumbfounded when I saw this message and I even inquired about it from some of my
friends but none of them seemed to know about it and since morning I’ve been
frantically making phone calls to all the people that I know inquiring about
it this chief secretary welfare fund but surprisingly none of them seem to
know about it nor have they heard of it so the question that comes into play
here is what exactly is this chief Secretary’s Welfare Fund and how are
they going to utilize this the money that they deducted from the government
employees and is it the first time that they are deducting the wage from the
government employees this fund or have they done this in the past as well
and if so why are the government employees not aware about it we’ve been
complaining about the multiple taxations from the various naga political groups
and it is more frustrating when our government start to extort us through pen
let us do a simple mathematics here there are more than one lakh twenty
thirty thousand government employees but let’s just take it one lskh and let’s
assume the average one day wage of the government employees at five hundred
rupees so if you multiply one lskh by five hundred rupees it comes to five
crore rupees that is a very huge amount and the last letter the last paragraph
of the letter reiterates us it is further in front that this deduction is
voluntary and any employee not willing to contribute should inform accordingly
in writing in the absence of any written objection it is to be presumed that all
employees are willing to contribute somehow we have access to social medias
and we are aware of these kind of things but what about the people those who are
living far-flung areas and the people that are living the
interior parts of the state they don’t have access to social media so they have
definitely no knowledge about it and if they do not object to it in writing then
definitely the one day wage is going to be deducted without the knowledge if the
government gives genuine reason for the deduction then I’m sure the government
employees are more will be more than willing to pay but without giving any
specific reason how can we get our giving to this I’m going to object it
though I’m not a government employee I’m going to inform this to all the people
that I know who are government employees and I’m going to help them in
writing the letter to the district administration I have done my part
so what about you my dear fellow nagas thank you

15 thoughts on “Review of The Chief Secretary’s Welfare Fund

  1. Thanks buddy for this video. If deduction is to be made on voluntary basis, why would the administrators in the higher echelon want a letter of unwillingness from the employees. What is the rationale of this fund? There's no authentic explanation in the letter so I am appalled. Let's speculate thoroughly and bring to light the fact.

  2. A big salute for you….for having a courage in raising up ur voice…I totally agree with u and a big thumbs up…for waking up the government teachers to come forward and know the reality .👍👍

  3. Excellent job bro! You have brought an awareness to Naga people especially to the employees. I am wandering what's the Employee Union responses to the said proposal.

  4. Nice job 👍
    One clarification though..
    According to official circular, it reads "one day salary of all regular government employees will be deducted voluntarily"…
    Whereas According to the press ( release clarified through Home commissioner, "the Welfare Fund was set up through voluntary contributions by requesting all Gazetted Officers in the State Government to contribute one day’s salary every year starting from April 1, 2017.
    If you have any info please share. Thank you

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