Rich People & Corporations Get Welfare, No Drug Tests

Rich People & Corporations Get Welfare, No Drug Tests

we’ve been talking a lot lately and we
will talk later today with conservative activist phyllis schlafly about welfare benefits for or
lower-middle-class and and lower-income individuals there’s a
really really good article on Huffington Post
by Bill Quigley who is a law professor at Loyola University in New Orleans and also CCR associate legal director and he outlines very succinctly and very
specifically sum up the welfare benefits that rich
people and corporations are entitled to in this country and he talks about state and local
subsidies to corporations we’ve heard about these extensively countless big corporations
that paid no effective tax at all we’ve talked about direct federal
subsidies to corporations the cato institute estimates that federal
subsidies cock cost taxpayers around a hundred
billion dollars every year federal tax breaks for
corporations federal tax breaks listen to this for
wealthy hedge fund managers which allow them to pay only a 15 percent rate while the people
they earned the money for usually pay something like 35 percent on their earnings %ah subsidies for the fast food industry
mortgage deduction which is ok or something that cost
taxpayers seventy billion dollars and is skewed significantly towards wealthier individuals who own
property billions that be are are involved in the
bailout of Wall Street major pieces of legislation containing
new welfare for example the emergency tax legislation passed by
Congress in early 2013 huge corporations that are basically
allowed to do things that are legal but there is a
blind I turn to them as we see very few people ever prosecuted for for Wall Street type high-level ride
corruption crime and then all these tiny little tax
breaks and extra things that are available subsidies for corporate jets talk about something that
really is just for the wealthy and the funny thing lewis’s are we drug
testing as a matter of policy big corporations and rich people before giving them these welfare
benefits no we’re not are we saying that these welfare
benefits are hurting the economy because their point was spending no are we saying the recipients are lazy
and saying why do they deserve a tax break on the corporate jet we’re
not saying that and the bottom line also when we think
about the economic effect is is a tax break on a private jet s stimulative as putting that same
amount of money into food stamps obviously not what what should we be
calling this Louis maybe welfare that’s a pretty good one yeah I just like corporate welfare to
you that’s got a nice ring to it I I can’t even fathom the amount of
money that that we would I don’t know how s
save I guess if it these corporations in these wealthy
people were taxed I in a way that makes sense I think our
financial woes would be pretty minimal and there’s no reason to
drug test any of them because of course really rich people with access to
whatever they want they never used drugs Louis do that I
think it’d be a pretty shocking amount to have but cocaine abuse that you discover it you
were if you were to start saddam drug testing all those banksters

25 thoughts on “Rich People & Corporations Get Welfare, No Drug Tests

  1. They should drug tests lobbyists.  They should have a cop with a cup to piss in outside every congressman's/senator's office.

    Whoever sends them should be required to piss in the cup too.  Mark Zuckerfuck, Jeff Bezos and Jeff Immelt should also all have to piss in cups to keep getting their legalized tax evasion loopholes.

  2. Keep hammering at it guys.  At some point the average Republican, or Conservative, will have to get that they have been bamboozled.  That they get nothing from supporting these corporate criminals, and that any notion of "work hard and get ahead", well, that music stopped already and if you didn't get a chair, you're SOL.  No amount of hard work can compete with vast wealth which can easily absorb the ebbs and flows, of business.  Not that that argument ever had much meat to it, otherwise there would be hundreds of millionaire coal miners.  They sure as shit worked harder than these suit jockeys ever do in their whole life.  Money represents a new slave.  The more you have working for you, the better able to compete and win out over any competitor large or small.  The game is rigged and Love You for pointing it out.  

  3. And the Republicans have said close the loopholes and deductions and lower the tax rate across the board, that's how these corporations and the "rich" get what you call welfare, close the dam loopholes they exploit, hell Romney ran on that as his tax plan in 2012 and was laughed at by the left

  4. All these loopholes and deductions… and they won't extend the emergency unemployment benefits..   How do these people sleep at night?  

    @DavidPakmanShowStaff   Are you planning to cover Unemployment benefits?

  5. Good health is just a luxury and a privilege…private jets on the other hand are obviously a necessity. I mean what don't you people get here?

  6. Yet people with 5 figure salaries still defend these people and companies and vote Republican. It makes no sense to me.

  7. Private profits, socialize loses. 
    80% of walmart employees are on food stamps because they won't pay a living wage.
    And that is won't, walmart posted a 15 BILLION dollar profit last year.
    It is long since time to union up.  Unions are not over paid, its the rest of us that get paid peanuts

  8. Saw a science piece that showed that taking cocaine drives down empathy – so people like banksters who alraedy have a deficit in this area are made worse by their recreational activities. This explains SO much about these people…

  9. All politicians should be drug tested. Remember it's the politicians that hand out all these inequalities. Their decisions have a direct affect on the public welfare and safety. Their decisions can and have directly caused deaths and sickness on the public. A drunk truck driver may kill several people but an intoxicated house can cut the fuel and food and medical care of the poor. How about addressing that on the show?

  10. only way drug testing would be legal is if- it was blanket testing anyone who gets a federal subsidy- meaning anyone who uses even the federal highway system

    anyways drug addicts are required by law to pay taxes so they have every legal right to entitlements

    it will go to the supreme court- 

    the whole christofascist denying groups of people entitlements over moral laws is not constitutional

  11. No good complaining about if you're not going to do anything about it. The people are more powerful than they think, if they'd just stand together.

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