Rise of Civilizations Richard и Minamoto топовая связка? (НЕТ) Бои против Ричарда.

Rise of Civilizations Richard и Minamoto топовая связка? (НЕТ) Бои против Ричарда.

Hello. With you PhillipJFry and this game Rise of Civilizations. In this video we will have 3 fights. Against a very strong Richard. With skills 5 2 3 4 52 level The alliance in which my opponent is located has weak military technology. Benefit from them will be 2-3 percent. Our first fight is against Boudica. Let’s see how strong she is. And this is our opponent’s talent tree. This is a combination of protection and infantry. 100 thousand soldiers.Boudica. battles against Richard have one feature. Which I will discuss later. The video shows that I have more damage from my hand. And my general has more bonuses. Because my general has an entire branch of infantry. And the opponent has only a small part. But the treatment is just awesome. I think it is illegal. I will never get used to it. At the moment, the battle is equal. But in the yellow sector of my general falls first. After that, our opponent also drops to yellow. But rises back because of the treatment. At the moment, it is clear that I am losing And go down to the red sector. And here becomes apparent the particularity of the battle against Richard. When we are in the red sector, we don’t damage Richard at all. Even now he has a treatment of 3 thousand. We can not do so much damage for a full attack and nuke. His healing is stronger than our damage. But this feature has disadvantages. You will understand why. Let’s see the report Our opponent has 40 thousand more. 120 thousand lightly wounded. Although we fought against 100 thousand soldiers. Entertaining math with Richard))) But the opponent has more than 2 thousand heavily injured soldiers. And these are our bonuses. We have about the same technology, but I have a full branch of the infantry. The second fight against Joan I would like to see what she can. Did she stay as helpful as she was before the correction? Previously, a pair of Jeanne and Richard was immortal. It was awesome. History repeats itself, I first fall into the yellow sector. Let’s see if the health bonus from Joan will be strong. Will the result be better. Everything is clear, I lose again) Approximately to the middle we lose the same amount of army. But when I have a little army, I can not cause him great damage. His army begins to increase)) The treatment is very strong nuke. What is not cool. We again lose as I expected. In this battle, the opponent already has 23,000 seriously wounded soldiers. Joan looks worse than Boudica I think the reason is that he spent more time killing us. And for this fight, we did more damage for this reason. Well, the third battle is just for the experiment. Second Minamoto commander with full skills. We check whether it makes sense to pair with Richard strongly a nuker but without treatment and bonuses. Healing from Richard and great damage from the nuke of the second general. Is there any reason. In this battle, no one has any advantages yet. But for the first time in 3 fights, Richard falls into the yellow sector first. I had hope) He has long been in the yellow sector and I just got there. Can I really destroy him! Our opponent is close to the red sector. Minamoto does not heal troops, does not give bonuses. Does not reduce defense or attack. Only passive Warlord skill. Richard for the first time in the red sector. And even Richard’s treatment does not save the situation. He loses more than heals. Now we both have just 2 thin red stripes. In this state, we fought for more than 2 minutes. Maybe 3. And for the first time we won! Let’s see the report. I have only 1 thousand soldiers left. The opponent has 23 thousand seriously wounded soldiers. This is a failure. I think we found the worst second general for Richard) Now you do not need to try these generals together) Joan is certainly better than Minamoto. But the best result at Boudica. Because the fight with Boudica was the fastest. Thank you all for watching) Good luck, everyone, bye!

9 thoughts on “Rise of Civilizations Richard и Minamoto топовая связка? (НЕТ) Бои против Ричарда.

  1. Привет, а как на щет мундока + Османа 1) может даже лучше чем боудику) как думаешь?

  2. Скажи пожалуйста, а если к Ричарду вторым поставить Мундока или наоборот, как такая связка будет работать?

  3. Ты просто херово подестил и показывал ету связку, нужен минамото первым и вкачен в навык кавалерию и ричард вторым ,ну и соответсвено фулл кавалерия и тогда он не победим

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