Rise of the Crab God – True Tales of Alternate History – Civilization VI (#1)

Rise of the Crab God – True Tales of Alternate History – Civilization VI (#1)

The Rise of the Crab God A True Tale of Alternate History presented by Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. Founded in 2800 BC on the continent of Zealandia, by emigrants from Washington D.C., Baltimore’s location was picked for its bountiful Crab Resources, which give extra gold when they are worked. Baltimore became a major source of Gold for the burgeoning American civilization. America was aided by the Kandy Men of the North, who provided faith for civs that have Envoys in their city. The Pantheon “God of the Sea” became worshipped by the Americans, which only increased their crabby productivity. In 2680 BC, America met their neighbor on the continent Spain, and the two civilizations became fast friends. In 2020 BC the citizens of Baltimore began construction of Stonehenge, but their production was weak. Using a trade route to Washington and a Builder to log forests around the city, Baltimore was able to complete the project in 1600 BC. It was a miracle! Building Stonehenge attracted the attention of the Great Prophet Laozi. He was so impressed by the ancient Baltimorean’s crab cakes that he founded the Church of the One True Crab God, intent on Feeding the World with the meat of the savior. He also decreed that as the Crab allowed for riches from the sea, so also would followers give back gold to Him as tithing. And so it came to be that the One True Crab God became the first religion in alternate history. Next time, we’ll reveal how America purged the heretical Spanish and met its seafaring neighbors to the East.

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  2. If only your marketing was as good as your Dev Team… Still waiting for some updated AI :(.

  3. This only cements my love for the civ franchise, they're embracing the stupid scenarios that come from their game

  4. I've only got one thing to say: "Welcoooome, to the craaaaaab shimmyyyy!" Credit to the Yogscast for inventing it.

  5. wow i am impressed i saw fans do this but to see the developers join in on the fun i can bet this is going to be fun

  6. There are more comments about the religions that were made by Door Monster, than actually comments about this video

  7. Why the hell would you want to work crab resources in this game when you can literally spam cities and units and still win?

  8. Has Door Monster seen this yet? It is definitely inspired by their videos ;). I think it is pretty awesome that Firaxis recognized them.

  9. if the many worlds interpretation is real, then in some distant universe, this is what they are learning about in school. This is the history of their civilization. Somewhere, there is a Baltimore that worships crabs… okay to be fair, that's here, too.

  10. So many speciests here, ugh. Look, don’t talk to me about banning crabs you crustaceaphobists!

    I’m kidding of course, ban all crabs for the glory of our righteous Boat Mormon faith!

  11. I like my "true story" best. Gandhi forced induism in the whole world using military force and nukes. A few fellas tried to fight his teatchings but in the end their nations were wiped out from earth.

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