Rise of the Crab God – True Tales of Alternate History – Civilization VI (#2)

Rise of the Crab God – True Tales of Alternate History – Civilization VI (#2)

The Great Crabsades A True Tale of Alternate History, presented by Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. After founding the religion of the One True Crab God, America flourished, adding Las Vegas and Boston. But envious Spain, seeking to drive influence of its newly established religion against the Crab God, converted Boston for its own. America denounced the once friendly Spain, but an ally emerged in Tomyris of Scythia, a fellow follower of the Ten Crabmandments. Driven by Holy Liberation, America conquered the City of Seville, and conquered Cordoba with Scythia’s aid. Spain surrendered! The victory was short-lived, however, as Norway’s massive seafaring army appeared on the horizon! The only hope for victory rested in the secret island city of Miami and its two last Apostles, masters of Proselytization and Debate. The Vikings came ashore and pounded the lands of the once great Baltimore, pillaging everything. The American defenses held tenuously. It looked as though America was at risk of losing its capital! The iterant preachers of Miami made landfall on the Viking home continent, while missionaries from Egypt and Scythia converted England to the crabby fold. The last Theological debate occurred in the hills of Siberia where the servants of the Crab God proved triumphant! Belief in the Crab God was so great that the last two Viking cities converted at once! And with that, the Americans came to win a Religious Victory. And so concludes this True Tale of Alternate History. How will your story unfold?

100 thoughts on “Rise of the Crab God – True Tales of Alternate History – Civilization VI (#2)

  1. I would like to see this Crab Religion fair against the Boat Mormons. They banned crabs as part of their religion.

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  3. I'm confused, why you make Norway such a shitty Civ in civ6 if you want the Vikings to be a thing so much? You emphasized Vikings in both tales videos and also makes Viking invasion as the first dlc. Like, game designer clearly have some special love for the Scandinavians.

  4. These are funny videos and they make your channel live between two DLCs, now that the tutorial vids are over.
    However, I hope that you will extend a bit the thing, maybe three vids a story, with one in the middle of the week ? Two seems to be too little.

  5. I found this very amusing. I actually thought that you were going to lose a game in one of your tales videos, but Miami (should've been named Honolulu really) was a non-coastal island city that was a safe hold. Cool!

  6. Is anyone else suffering from this???

    Sid Meier's Civilization Notification flairs on phone ->
    Automatic press it ->
    Brain goes sidetrack and thinks it is a notification for a new: dlc, civ, wonder, etc ->
    Realize title have no recollection of: dlc, civ, wonder, etc ->
    Wonder if you press another game by mistake ->
    [My case when I see "god" I think I press Smite by mistake and say, "we are getting a crab god???" O.o????]
    Realize it is the continuation of a Civilization series ->
    Watch it anyway ->
    In the back of one's mind: wondering if their a secret within the video, then decide to wait awhile to see what civfanatic and civit have to say. ->
    Continue watching the video and enjoy it anyway! 🙂

  7. Things to fix:
    Seatiles being more useful (for colonising islands)
    being able to have more civs in each game

    And more small things but these are the two I care most about

  8. Hey guys, I hate advertising but Im doing it anyway, leave feedback please they're Civ 5 Timelapses im gay

  9. -Khmer Empire
    -South Africa with Nelson Mandela and Shaka zulu.. wich make actually no sense
    -Lalbela and Manilla as a city state

  10. Yes, because as we all know the AI is famous for its use of naval invasions. They definitely don't ignore the naval game entirely.

  11. Sounds less like Teddy to want to spread this religion. You'd think a religion based on giving crabs to everyone would be lead by Alexander the Great or probably Charlie Sheen.

  12. I would like a rock paper scissors style combat system with religion as I currently don't use that victory type due to the nature of combat. I prefer ranged units but in their absence would like more than two units to religious war with, or at least a system that makes more sense then build religion then spam

  13. Hey! What about making a series playing as the aztecs where they colonise the likes of Spain, France and England and try to spread Catholicism?

  14. But why Scythia and Eqypt help America to conbert Englad? What the got from it? If England had been still uncrabby, Vikings would have taken America and them have chance to win by taken America city. I just cant get a point.

  15. Civilization 6 , Are you guys high when you create this and if so what are you smoking? Want some it sounds good! But seriously good job!

  16. We are sorry to say that the "crabs" you are worshipping are banned. Please get rid of them or you shall be denounced. This was a message from the boat mormons.

  17. It is nice but considering you have to wait approx. 3min for each round when you get to round 500.

  18. It'd be nice if they added Albania, one of the strongest people in B.C. Alexander's The Great only battle lost was with Albania, probably Albania will be in the next game

  19. Boat Mormonism is better, they banned crabs for the religion, the Crab god would lose against the Boat Mormons

  20. Me and every other Greek and Macedonian Greek who honor themselves spit in the face of the Slave Meier and his latest Civ instalment. My wish is it burns along with him, permanently(its a crapy version anyway as most people who actually played it clearly say). Too bad I looked up to you once upon a time,betrayer of history, Pigvommit Meier.
    Vergina and Pella are a few minutes and a couple of hours of my house. Insult my people and I will insult you and yours.

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