Romney’s Welfare Attack On Obama

Romney’s Welfare Attack On Obama

now let me show you the adam mit romney
is running and this is one of the two ads where he’s attacking president mum
on this welfare issue as we’ve explained to you uh… several different as mit
romney of course uh… was in fear of the same exact
proposal nonetheless he’s lying about it in this ad is there a racial angle first let’s
watch that in nineteen ninety-six president clinton
on a bipartisan congress milton berle fair as we know what by requiring work for welfare but on
july twelfth president obama quietly announced a plan to cut welfare reform
by dropping requirements under obama’s plan he wouldn’t have to work and
wouldn’t have to train for jobs they just sent you your welfare check and
welfare to work was back to being plano welfare mit romney will restore the work
requirement because it works admit ronnie and i approve this message and that randy you know the laa because as we feel uh… he is signatures on the latter
it’s on the letter in two thousand five asking for this exact waiver at present
our bombers and now he greeted cell why they do it apparently it’s a conservative talking
point there are at bally’s affords that you know welfare you know who that
goes through rego says welfare queens as ronald reagan used to talk about obviously in reference the black people
in five years is a you know the kinda drive around and
cattle acts now the real welfare queens of course
are the corporations the bank six seven point seven trillion
dollars of pre money from the fact and of course it does he get free money
like that you charge people interest on it you’re gonna make billions of dollars
for a free support exactly what the banks it but they don’t call that
welfare queens if that was all clear enough to you
though rush limbaugh is gonna make it very very clear listened to he connects
the welfare food stamps on employment she who’s he talking about let’s find
out the objective is unemployment the
objective is more food stamp benefits the objective is more unemployment
benefits the objective is expanding welfare state it to be objective is to
take the nation’s wealth and return it to the nations quote rightful orders think reparations think forced reparations here if you
want to understand what actually is going on period in case it wasn’t clear enough rush
limbaugh saying all this unemployment food stamp welfare
you know its firm black people who want reparation they want to take the hard earned money
you go to white folks burn made this a lot for free based on something that happened
hundreds of years ago position of was they don’t want a lark as an online for
free ink ink is it wasn’t cleared up and they were talking about why didn’t we
just flat-out center reparations and i loved his as always is projection the rightful owners of the country that’s what white people used to say okay but now you’ve got a lot of people
said that what i’ve ever say that okay so rush limbaugh’s not alone they were bought was a man in this
throughout the entire primary susie remember newt gingrich was watch obama is the best food stamp president
in american history more people are interested today because
of obama’s policies than average unprepared if the n_ double a_c_p_ invites me i’ll go to the convention and talk about why the african-american
community should demand paychecks and not be satisfied with food stamps now who gets more food stamps the
country where people are like that why people do overwhelming does newt gingrich might not know what
do you guys up was as though i looked out of the n_ double a_c_p_ tell black
folks are taking your money something to be able to go to work alone rick sent or i don’t want did to make the white people’s lives
better by giving them somebody else’s money i want to get the opportunity
rocker and the money and provide for themselves and their
families is a clear enough yet so now mitt romney in this story
republican tradition of racism runs an ad saying aha bomb under just
wants to give your money away doesn’t want you know work for it it’s an
absolute lie in terms the actual specific proposal but it doesn’t really matter it doesn’t
matter with the proposal was it doesn’t matter mit romney agreed to it you see that black guy he just wants to take your money and
give to other black people just don’t want to work are you paying enough headache at the
black tie salil vote for me instead this is the republican strategy they used to call the southern strategy david mid-eighties it even the apologize
for ten melvin came out when he was an r_n_c_ is that
all you are bad sort of running that southern strategy for forty years and strategy of trying to get races
white voters that’s how they won the south in the first place using their apologetic you know bindle and soon test that there are reports of party who thinks probably on with those guys you see those causal
sent orem and doing great should rush limbaugh and and the abit mit
romney just ran things yes out one of those guys are well if
you are you’re an asshole

100 thoughts on “Romney’s Welfare Attack On Obama

  1. What is Cenk talking about? More percentage of African Americans are on welfare than Caucasians as an ethnicity, which is the only fair way of comparing the issue. Nice try to sugar coat the truth though. Nevertheless, food stamps & welfare? How about get a job, get a part time job, do something. I never even heard of food stamps until last year & welfare is for lazy people taking advantage of our money.

  2. I've seen more white people on welfare and food stamps more than I've seen black. It's not about color. It's about LAZINESS. People these days.

  3. Republicans are racist bigoted scum, we all knew that, and its clear as night and day. Any black person voting for republican party suffers from coconut complex, black on the outside, white on the inside.

  4. If it's reparations, then why are whites collecting it? The majority of people on welfare are white.

    You guys have the staff to do this…you should check if there's an uptick in racial crimes, shootings etc during the election. It was right around the time Santorum was dogwhistling that Trayvon was shot. And it was in the midst of Romney's political dogwhistling that the Sikh temple was attacked. …Think those things are connected?

  5. …and yes, they are reprehensible people. They put a heavy yoke on the shoulders of people of colour. When they say those things, which are factually incorrect, they place all people of colour in danger. If there's a neo-nazi out there itching to attack someone, he feels encouraged by Santorum, Gingrich and Romney's words.

  6. I love how some ppl say get a job, wow do you ever wonder why unemployment is higher in African Americans. We all have bills, house note and food we need to buy.
    You want us to have a job please step down from yours. I gurantee there are plenty ppl of colour with degrees who could use that!

  7. The welfare system in the UK allows both Andy Capp and Abdullah and his four wives to remain on their fat arses and on the dole for a lifetime. This is NOT the model for America. But Cenki-cenim along with Tariq Ramadan and their shock troops at CAIR are determined to destroy America with this "bleed the beast" strategy.

  8. Actually, he could have also been talking about Native Americans, seeing as they're the rightful owners of this land…

  9. It's true. Native Americans are the rightful owners of this land. This entire country is stolen land. Columbus was looking for India not here. That's why it's a free land. It doesn't belong to anybody, well technically it does but as of recently it doesn't belong to anybody.

  10. Everyone should be given free food and water and the proportionate expense of everyone. The things you need to survive should not be a privilege, and only someone who is themselves immensely privileged would think they should be.

  11. Obama administration announced it would grant waivers authorizing states to evade Section 407’s “definitions of work activities and engagement, specified limitations, verification procedures, and the calculation of participation rates"

    aka: any bureaucrat can now redefine work. not once did they address this simple fact in the video.

    feel free to hide from the facts and make sure every welfare queen gets her vote bought for obama and remain at home without a job or pay for her children.

  12. Romney is for racist and rich hypocrites. Obama helps more on the poor why do rich need help? They complain on how poor people are lazy. So don't complain about something being hard on the rich because your supposivly successful you need things to be easier.

  13. Please don't correct my grammar when you cant even spell tragic and btw you did your whole sentence in caps to show strong emotion? I believe that an ! would fit better. You think it is ok for people who don't work to eat and pay their bills? People who should get welfare is the people who work hard and bring in a low income not the people sitting at home all day recieving a check in the mail paid for by working americans.

  14. Oh my goodness, sarcasm has never gone over a head quite as far as it's gone over yours. That shit is in ORBIT. But that's okay, you're a cutie. Working your ass off in a system that hates you isn't actually admirable, you do it because you have to, it's pathetic to brag about it, it sucks and we all go through it. Also, the idea that everyone on welfare could easily be working and just diabolically leeches your income is incredibly narrow. The idea that people aren't entitled to food? Precious.

  15. ITS A NAZI PROPAGANDA TACTIC. Do we really want Romney, who lies about Obama, and manipulates people with the politics of resentment, while demonizing other people….to be president??

  16. You're an idiot if your are trying sarcasm on the internet. You are saying that if people don't work and don't try to get a job should be aloud to get a check and eat at other peoples cost. We could be using our money for better things. If you truly believe that then you're a dumbass.

  17. You must be new. Also, keeping people from starving to death is a pretty good use of money, it's not my fault you have an underdeveloped sense of empathy to go with your similar language skills.

  18. You really think Obama is for the poor. Solyndra gave the Obama campaign 200 million dollars knowing it was about to go bankrupt. In return Obama gave them 500 million in stimulus. Over half of Obama's campaign came from Wall Street and the Banking Industry. Who did he bail out? Those about to lose their homes or those holding the notes? He may speak out against the rich but it is only to get there vote. It's the rich who put him into office and the rich he gave stimulus money to.

  19. Romney puts out that more people have gone on welfare during Obama's 3 yrs than at anytime since the creation of the program. Obama made the statement he was being racist. Where did that come from. It came from Romney's report being correct. Politifacts looked into it. By both numbers receiving welfare & percentages per capita. More people are on welfare assistance. Romney wasn't talking black or white he was talking numbers. Team Obama made it racial.

  20. Christians: Everyone has a right to life… unless you don't work.

    Welfare is about hospitality, and hospitality doesn't ask, 'What's in it for me?'. Hospitality asks, 'Why is it just?'. In a just society, no one goes hungry if there is enough food.

    Now, I can get into the many other motivations to work besides hunger, like dreams, a sense of accomplishment, or a desire for luxury, but that isn't even relevant here. What's relevant is that scaling back welfare is asking lazy people to die

  21. i have nothing wrong with helping people out, but when money is being pulled from my pay check to "support" someone who dosnt make an effort to support them selfs. FUCK that.
    WORK for welfare.

  22. Other countries have done the same thing — the "welfare to work" requirement. It's called slavery and we've fought wars against regimes that have done it. If there's a job out there, it should be offered to someone at market value; not forced upon someone at an extremely low wage who can't get a job because the jobs have been moved from the private sector to the welfare system.

  23. I admit both are bad but Romney is worse. He's changing Welfare so we have to work for it. How are the poor going to work for it if there is no jobs? Basically those in need of help will need MORE help since the poor are mostly unemployed. Romney is also making the rich pay less on taxes when the middle class pay more.

  24. For those of you who either don't understand or don't know… Obama's connection to getting in the white house is the same as Bush's connection… It is called the bilderberg group. They are the real reason our economy hasn't gotten any better… I may have posted this before I found out. Look up the Bilderberg Soup and you will find the the makeup is bankers & politicians. Obama got his first job from Henry Kissinger. And elitist & member of the Bilderberg group.

  25. what wrong with you JewelEGirl . i had my kids before i ever needed food stamps i hope you never get ran over by a car like i did .i went from making 50,000 down to 8,000 .i hate being on food stamp but my kids have to eat.i have worked hard all my life.and have not been able to get my self back to the point i was before i got hurt

  26. I work in a large inner city as a police officer. There are decent black Americans who need help. However, there are far more that want the handout, that are lazy and don't want to work. I see it every day. They intentionally have several children to get more welfare money. They all claim some type of disability for more money. Churches here actually have classes on how to apply for welfare, section 8 housing, and disability. They teach and preach entitlement. Care to try again?

  27. I remember back in the 90's these black high schools we would play football against. The females who attended the high school would have 3 or 4 babies. some more. The cheerleaders would be pregnant. I wish it was not so. but this giving people money because they have kids they can't afford is just nonsense.

  28. Only reason why white people are talking like this these days is because they feel threatened. That's what they do best. They slowly come out of the racist closet and start throwing jabs at others.

  29. You can make a living from working at Mcdonalds minimum wage, you just cant have things like smartphones ( i see people on unemployment with them that is BS i work my ass off and go to college and don't have one) or new nike kicks. There are no "crappy jobs" in america since we have a thing called minimum wage, there are just crappy people expecting their work to be easy and their wages be higher.

  30. How hard is it to not get pregnant? I mean really come on….even one child? hmm okay whatever you can learn, but if its two or more than yeah we should stop giving mass benefits to people who cant afford their second or more child in my opinion.

  31. There are also 6.1 white people for every black person. If it was even there would be more black people on welfare. Take a stats class and look at some reports and think about things for a minute.

  32. When they say work they dont mean like an actual private sector job. They mean like answering phones and a care center or something, there is an infinite amount of work they are talking about, this eliminates people who do not want to work or are just looking for free money.

  33. Or the men can wear condoms and the women can take birth control and its not like they NEED to have sex so its still not that hard they dont need a vesectomy don't be dumb…

  34. Im young? You're naive. With no education or a talent you should not start a family that should be common sense. America has jobs that will be able to get a family by with educaiton and a skill, and that is bull I know a family who the Mom and Dad work with two kids one is at arbys one a cashier at Safeway and they make it work they are just full time and don't have things like smart phones or brand name clothing. You're ignorant.

  35. You are just taking there quotes out of context. Santorum was probably asked about black people. He probably didnt come out and say that at random.

  36. Fantasyland? That is the real world. Everyone wants wages waay to high for what they do and thats why they ship them overseas thanks for making my point. We can live on lower salaries not thrive and live fantasy lives. Think about all the people over seas they do it on a LOT less. Stop being an iggnorant POS and think for once.

  37. I am so glad I am white and not tanned skin like my Nan or my friends as they go through racist hell. Have you noticed how most people on TV are white and not tanned skin. Controlling white men are the worst men in the world! They don't care about our little girls or anyone. Money is the most important thing. Obama gave women hope with equal pay. That is something to be proud of if anyone honours their mother! And wants our little girls to have a better life than ours!

  38. This is a shame people are using the color of people skin to determine who they are. Romney has to be really desperate for votes. I love my skin color its a pretty brown I don't have to go to the tanning salons God has given me a beautiful color. And my lips are full not thin I don't have to go to the doctor and get full lips and I thank God for my hips and butt I was born with nice size not flat as a pancake.and most of all when we bleed we all have red blood! Not black or white but red

  39. The Young Turds are a fucking joke. This fool has turned all of these things into a race matter. This guy is a complete idiot!

  40. cuz at the democrat convention they noted that one of obamas greatest accomplishment was saving companies through stimulus packages that saved many jobs at the expence of costing tax payers billions of dollars ( not that it was mention so ill just try to sound politically correct) and welfare has increased drastically under obama who relies on poor and dependent people on gov't handouts in an effort to vote him in. and now as usual they pull the race card on obamas adversaires. typical

  41. bush didn't cause the mess. You seem to easily forget that the housing market crashed on a policy put in place in the 90's to "help' people afford houses via an artificially supported plan.

  42. Yup 5.5 million homes given away by the government to "unfornate Americans" who couldn't pay back their loans in 1994 caused the housing crisis then the great recession. Dont let liberals re-write history by saying it was the "bush tax vuts" or anything like that.

  43. I'm an Obama supporter and even I have trouble with a lot of what this idiot is saying in this video. The whole show is a joke though. They do absolutely ZERO actual interviews and stuff. They just pick a topic, select a side, then skim the internet for anything that will support their viewpoint. If they can't find something then they just take things out of context. It is like anti journalism… lol. I strive to stay away from their shows.

  44. I can't believe the obama admin is still blaming bush.Get a new line,they've had the house and senate when he first came in and did nothing but billions in dollars and stimulus that was an abmissable failure.When romney said the 47% thing he was right.He was talking about that obama supporter who said she voted for obama cause he gonna pay my mortgage.And yout telling me these people are'nt takers ??

    Hope n change has been officially bounced..Now his campaigns fear,smear and propaganda.

  45. I know it was the frank dodd amendment which told banks to look over people who lied about income and just gave these people a home they could'nt afford.And the class act they are when they where kicked out they trashed the house..People just want obama to pay there mortgage,pay there welfare.

    If your trying to achieve the american dream in this country it's an uphill battle.Cause you try and invest in america though stocks,he taxes them and tough.These people are investing in america btw.

  46. you should read "The Constitution of Liberty" by F. Hayek if you want to have some perspective and know more about welfare and it's consequences. It is not a racial matter my friend. Sure, they were unwise to say that as an example. Lets stick to the welfare issue.

  47. In general i really dont know why people say that only hispanics are on welfare! I seen many different types of people having food stamps, WIC, ect… Some people may have to be on it simply because their jobs don't pay enough! So people need to stop talking so much shit without know the straight facts..

  48. The straight facts are there are millions of more people on food stamps and welfare than there were when president Obama took office. Does that mean millions of more people have more under paying jobs than when president Obama took office? If the unemployment is staying the same, then that means the percentage rate of underemployment is rising. That's hurting the country almost as bad. Are those facts straight?

  49. I'm a Brit, and I've had to go on our version of welfare: which is designed to assist people who are out of work, make ends meet while they search for a new job.I have been fortunate enough to land some good opportunities since then, but I had to do government training courses and the like in order to show my determination. While enlisted on these courses, I met an awful lot of other people in the same situation as myself… The main difference being, 75% of them didn't want to work, legally.

  50. I love how Romney conveniently forgets that Veteran Assistance is welfare yet he claims to love and support our military. Dumbass.

  51. INSANE FARE: Poor Whites living in dilapidated Out Houses. Living on Welfare & Food Stamps. But are Extreme Right Wingers. As shown on HBO Bill Maher: INSANE FARE. Proliferating Communities with, HAND GUNS, ASSAULT WEAPONS, MACHINE GUNS & ROCKET LAUNCHERS. Then using Tax Payers money on GUN BUY BACK PROGRAMS. Los Angelos: Our Money is being burned to correct unbelievable incredible Insanity. The Inmates are running the Asylums!

  52. The Young Turk (who is lying about his age hehehe) should stop using the word racist. You see racist is a word used for emotional manipulation, not based of fact, logic or reason, but on pure emotion and only only only only only on white people that disagree with the left.
    Look at the Young Turk–he grew old talking about Rush Limbaugh.

  53. what if the knock brothers created their own counter part by putting forth a man who they new would never win.the ,ultimate villain creates his own hero .

  54. As much as I don't like Romney, Cenk's analysis of welfare and jumping to welfare queens is quite a jump. Just because it's Rush's interpretation doesn't mean that it's Romney's.

  55. This guy is a dumbass the only reason why there is more white people on welfare is because there’s more white people in general so by default white people are the most in every category not just this one it’s simple math

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