Rotary in Lethbridge – Youth Programs

Rotary impacts young people by the youth
exchange programs predominately which it’s wonderful we have people from here
that Goa have another experience in a totally different culture different
language they learn a lot about the world and then in the same way we have
those young people that come and live with us and get a taste of what Canadian
experience is like rotary impacts young people in so many ways we have so many
programs that help them become leaders in the community to become charitable in
the community to see the world to get the chance to see things that they
probably wouldn’t be able to see from our short study exchange to our
long-term youth exchange programs from rila to ripen all of these things are
meant to help build these kids up into being really amazing citizens and
hopefully one day a Rotarian my son had the opportunity last year through one of
the local groups here in the city to be a part of the adventures in agriculture
and he went reluctantly because mom was pushing him along and he came back
really changed and it was really only five days but it was five powerful days
and it definitely shaped what he was going to do going forward it gave him a
little bit more sense of purpose and direction and it was being around a good
group of kids and a good influence and good mentors that were leading the group
teaching young people to volunteer in their community and give back is one of
the biggest benefits that they’re gonna learn today because when you look at our
economy you look at the competition for jobs and resources and the way things
are going volunteerism getting involved making networks meeting people this is
the foundation for youth to learn the Rotaract Club is actually the young
version of rotary and I have seen them serve at some of the functions that we
do I’ve seen them serve in the community young people learning how to serve their
community is an important thing for them to learn

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