Rush Limbaugh: Breast Pumps & Birth Control are Welfare, Not Healthcare!

Rush Limbaugh: Breast Pumps & Birth Control are Welfare, Not Healthcare!

wife’s are once again we are the talking points
so all through the week the problem with health insurance and of
course a.m. there with the Affordable Care Act there
are a lot of problems with it I certainly have talked about the number
one of them is not the fact that we require in our health insurance now to cover
some things that women are going to need and some things that
manner gonna need here is one guy complaining about what
women II gonna need in their health insurance
but he and Mary I’m complaining about things like viagara or colon Oscar P e’s or prostate exams or things like oxy cotton we don’t all need oxy cotton but this
guy as a problem with our women’s health care I think air as usual box Obama has things
exactly backwards insurance is being stretched to cover
things it shouldn’t never have to cover and it didn’t have
to cover until Obamacare came along and mandated
these days get covered in all it does is drive up prices like breast pumps and
birth control pills and well those plans mean all that stuff I was touchy you
know who it doesn’t drive up prices for where men back to it doesn’t drive up
prices for continue and stop all this touchy-feely
you liberal do good stuff that ought never be part of a choice by your own
birth control pill by your own breast pump why that’s not a
health issue used to be our choice to go out and buy
a birth control pill or not used to be your choice to my breast pump
wanna do you want to do that pay for yourself but no these things are
now part iv: insurance it’s not shortened welfare there you have it folks welfare
for women that’s what the health insurance is now what about
welfare for those guys who can’t get it up let’s
say they’re gone to the Dominican they’re going to the Dominican Republic
they can’t get it up what about the welfare we give them when
they go and get the medication what about that welfare are that’s
involved with some maybe their health plan covers a I rehabilitation promotes a I don’t know
oxy cotton abuse no years the rush just finding one more way to be
misogynist but trying to mainstream home

19 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh: Breast Pumps & Birth Control are Welfare, Not Healthcare!

  1. Here's a question for Rush:

    Hey Rush? Why hasn't one of your dipshit dittohead followers shot you dead and made a coat out of your generous folds of skin yet? You've got the market cornered on Fucking Crazy, and a suit made out of the skin of your idol is what those people do, isn't it?

  2. If any women here support Limpcock, speak up now, so I can laugh at you and mock you for being suckers for fucking punishment.

  3. There are no laws forcing insurance companies to fund for Viagra and what not, that is the problem, that law forces insurance companies to cover those things.  And Sam, I believe Peter Schiff outlined how this will raise the cost of birth control and for women.

  4. Sam Seder, still the biggest liar on You tube. Breast pumps are a convenience item, NOT a health issue. Birth control is a pregnancy preventative. Also NOT a health issue.

    I don't suppose either of those facts ever occurred to your non-thinking supporters though. You don't do much to encourage thought.

  5. I can't even….

    Ok lets squash one thing right away. Lets say just for the argument it is Welfare. Wouldn't Birth control and breast pumps be a cheaper option? You buy one breast pump, that makes up for thousands of Enfamil. Buy some Birth control or plan B, that less babies being taken care of through tax payer dollars. So even if these were Welfare items, they are much better spent items than wasteful spending going towards Baby Industry, and in general less people to worry about.

  6. Birth control insurance is rich prople subsidizing poorer people not to have as many children. Be consistent Rush. There's gonna be less drug addicyed welfare receiving freeloaders in 20 years. Arent u happy? Oh wait…

  7. Went to amazon and found out that breast pumps range from 240 to 24 dollars, and I sure doubt that'll break the ACA bank.. As a  former breast-feeding Mom, I'm pretty sure that Rush has no idea. Maybe he thinks we women get our jollies, pumping our breasts for hours, eh? You know, the way this ignoramus thinks women are popping birth control pills like PEZ candies, having sex around the clock. Gawd I hate what this man is doing to his listeners. 'Misinforming' doesn't even begin to describe it.

  8. I'm sorry but I'm think Rush is right on this one. He's a dick, but he's right. It is the government mandates that caused health insurance to cease being insurance and drive up costs of insurance in the first place. Health insurance is not like "insurance" anymore and it is that HUGE middle man – insurance companies/agents – that drive up the cost of healthcare. Take them out, cut the costs.


  10. fat slaimbaugh has such sewer breath I had to put gas mask while I am watching video, this sucker will have his tongue cut off one day by someone.

  11. Rush is a hypocritical blow-hard.  He has been for years and years.  The fact that people love him so much… quite frankly, scares the hell out of me

  12. Rush is right about the birth control… why should the American tax payer have to pay for someone else's recreational sex life???

  13. Tell this to the million of women who use breast pumps. Rush is the same person that stated there are no deaths from second hand smoke. WRONG. I lost my mother to this vice. Rush should stick to conservative thought and stay away from health care. He does not know what he is saying in this area.

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