7 thoughts on “Saugus High School Shooter Dead; Motive Still Unknown For Honor Student, Track Athlete

  1. I think it had to do with friends and girls maybe an insecure issue that's why it's very hard to find motive but it's just a thought

  2. So Much Death what can men do with so much Reckless hate

    Whoever's in charge of the investigation there has to be something people just don't wake up and say I'm going to shoot someone and shoot myself bullying had to be involved some people are not talking

  3. All mass shootings are psyop's. They fake his death that way there's no trial though they have been known to fake a court proceeding – it all depends on the psyop. I don't respond to ad hominem attacks. And I don't respond to govt trolls who post comments while they pretend to be a civilian.

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