Savannah Johnson honored as All-Star Athlete

this week’s by star all star athlete so you’re taking those and still getting good grades in them and doing this other stuff that we’re talking about playing volleyball flag football soccer volleyball is really it sounds like your passion is actually why do you like that sport I think just the way it’s quick case and everyone has to work together like most sports you can kind of outshine each other a little bit volleyball is really a team sport yeah how long you been playing bowling since I was in seventh grade alright so seventh grade so middle school yes you’ve been playing since then and I read something in your bio about doing an elite volleyball team what is this about yes a travel team it’s a regional team so we travel around Florida our tournaments are in like Orlando Savannah Daytona that’s like that just called 904 elite it’s off of one park it’s from Orange Park yes so you’re going from Baldwin Orange Park so you’re traveling just to be part of the travel team yes okay so that says you really love volleyball right tell me a little bit about the volunteer services you’re doing I know we were counting about 70 hours so far but what are the kinds of things you’re doing to volunteering a lot of them are for like keeping score for like the middle school games the high school basketball games our JV teams and the other ones are volunteering for five K’s you did the dreams for kids first six when you say five K’s you mean race us yes sir we were handing out waters and making like the food plates for after they were done and everything Savannah Johnson it is our pleasure it’s our honor to name you the vice our credit union all-star athlete of the week congratulations thank you

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