100 thoughts on “School choice advocates derail Warren rally in Atlanta

  1. The fact that this Uncle Ruckus believes that black moms have to be paid by someone for them to demand school choices says a lot about him. These moms don't want to be on the plantation with you anymore, Uncle Ruckus.

  2. Why did she send her kids to private school?
    Oh I’m sorry should her kids suffer too just because someone else does? Cause if that’s the goal we all need to be homeless

  3. I don't understand why school choice is a thing them animals distroy their schools then they want to send the same kids that distroyed the schools in the neighborhood they live in to a good school that are not filled with animals. You distroyed your neighborhood so you should be stuck with that school.

  4. Terrel is proof that the public school system is a failure. This guy is dumb as a rock and indoctrinated not to think but just repeat the plantation lines.

  5. Black women in these schools are still ghetto children to be nice about it YouTube won’t let me call them what they really are.. but we all know what they are…

  6. I didn't like the way that Laura was talking over her guest and finishing his sentences for him. I don't think I've seen her do that before, but it makes me much less sympathetic to her perspective when I see that.

  7. Gee ,the color folks ain’t staying on that liberal farm no more! They are being replaced by the illegal invaders. DEMS ARE THE ENEMY OF ALL AMERICANS REGARDLESS OF RACE!!!

  8. Trump has a problem with minorities????come again fool? Hahahah his approval ratings among black Americans keeps going up! Two different polls in two different areas of our country found 34% black support for trump and the 2nd poll was 34 1/2%. If he has such a problem with minorities then why do hundreds of black men and women keep showing up to the black leadership summits or the black voices for trump rallies? Aw Leo is panicked that Americans of all colors are thinking for themselves more and more
    And you sound like a complete moron when you say things like “Biden is trumps worse nightmare” hahahahah

  9. My kids are stuck going to the public school in the district we live in. Unless we have the money to pay for private school or to move to a more expensive suburb. What do you mean pick a top school like everyone else?

  10. School of choice ROBS the kids in the districts they want to flood!!!…and they do it without paying TAXES to the choice school!! They want to go there…then they need to CONTRIBUTE $$$$$$$!!!!!!

  11. It's always hilarious watching a notorious race baiter complaining when someone else mentions race. They should have asked Mr. Anti School Choice where his kids go to school.

  12. All you need to do is get rid of all of the bad schools by creating a competitive market. The use of vouchers would make bad schools go bankrupt. They would then be replaced by good schools.

  13. The democrats are circling the drain. They are no longer a voice of or for the legal American people! Warren and the rest of the ignorant candidates are a sleep, and out of touch! 2020 is in the books. Trump for another 4, and Eric next!!

  14. Hmmm. That black civil attorney has an attitude of self importance! What a joke, attorney or not! Okay, big man! Speak, we believe without hesitation because you are so credible, tough guy!! Lol!

  15. Charlie Kirk is a fake conservative but he sure showed that lawyer a thing or two. Our public schools are a total joke.

  16. Only a complete idiot like Joe Biden would ever tell anyone to vote for his opponent,who btw,spins circles around him already.l hope this Biden is the candidate,but it won't matter who Trump runs against anymore,will it? 4 more for 45 and then a Republican house and senate,
    And we never want to see Nancy's face again ever.That is the way its going to be.

  17. It blows my mind how anyone could be against something so uncontroversial as school choice.
    Is there even a rational argument against it? I seriously can think of one single reason.

  18. Where's his proof they were paid protesters? these rats just say things and we are supposed to believe it just because they said it. The Old man, god bless his soul, taught me to believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.

  19. This is my land and my families land and country I am not African so therefore I am not African American… And this black guys is a sell out and bought and paid for.

  20. That black guy could not make any point that was fact based. Typical liberal. Raise your voice and don’t say anything lol.

  21. It seems to be the norm, that when a lefty speaks, the right wing contributors listen quietly. But when the right wing speaker talks, the left wing contributor always interrupts and heckles. And no one seems to point this out or stop it.

  22. Every one wants there kids in top choice schools but do there kids deserve it or do they kids want it do they wish to achieve it and im white and my kids did not earn the right nor deserve to go to the Top Choice School does let's just put it this way there Hands-On Learners not book learners

  23. But what makes the schools failures and terrible schools are the kids that go there. Kids that refuse to learn, refuse to listen, use drugs, constantly disrupt classes, shoot each other etc etc. And why do they do this? One word answer…parents. Their parents suck. They raise garbage kids. 70% of which don't have a dad in their life partly because the father won't take responsibility and partly because the mother is too mother effin brain dead and absolutely knuckle dragging abominably stupid to know how to pick a man that isn't so obviously a failure and will want to have a family. So don't blame schools or the government, blame the parents. They suck

  24. I thinks its obvious that a majority of PUBLIC schools, in low income zip codes, have evolved into below average daycare institutions. Therefore, the families bound to these areas, who CARE ABOUT THE QUALITY OF THEIR CHILD'S EDUCATION should have the RIGHT to select which school best suits their child.

    Money is NOT the MAIN solution for failing schools. It's the EFFORT, SUPPORT and VALUE of the COMMUNITY towards education in their OWN school districts.

  25. That lady in red is one crazy, angry black female. Hope she ain't no single black baby momma raising kids outta wedlock mmmmmm-kay I heard that.

  26. Democrats never have any self control. Why is that? Funny so see a black person supporting slavery. People have forgotten about the Dixiecrats who supported slavery and still do.

  27. "Joe Biden is Trumps worst nightmare" I haven't laughed this hard all week. This guy missed his calling as a stand up comedian.

  28. A minority that conflicts with the DNC platform = A paid protester He has no evidence that they are paid protesters. This is a rebuttal of no substance in the absence of a valid criticism.

  29. People have got to see through this Elizabeth Warren chose to take a black politician to Atlanta to her rally it's like a guy taking a beautiful woman to dinner is arm candy Elizabeth Warren plays the game and so many suckers fall for it Elizabeth Warren could care less all she wants is the seat

  30. He makes a definitive fact claim then says I challenge anyone to prove otherwise. That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works

  31. All the white people are sitting well behaved. All the black and Mexicans are up shouting and screaming, scaring the white people and making them feel uncomfortable.

  32. Public school is a complete joke…. you won’t learn a single skill that will prepare you for the working world or let alone life in general… gimme a break dude. I went through the public education (indoctrination) as well and thank God I woke up.

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