Secret Alien City on Mars Google Earth Ancient Civilization Base Ball Field on Red Planet

Secret Alien City on Mars Google Earth Ancient Civilization Base Ball Field on Red Planet

hi guys okay i’m going to show you here we have found what looks like a city on Mars ok so you guys see this right here all these little I don’t know what you call they look like little structures okay you see this in here and i’m going to show you over here we’re on Google Earth we’re using Google Earth Mars version i’m going to slide this over here so you can see where approximately a hundred and fifty four feet you can see it right here in this lower corner a hundred and fifty four feet up so i’m not sure ok as if that’s for the earth or if Mars adjusts for how many feet that would be up but anyway that’s where we’re at right now that’s how close i zoomed in i’m going to show you the coordinates here not anyone else shows you coordinates this is where I am on Mars on the google Mars Earth latitude 24 degrees 38 160 north longitude 20 degrees fifty-five but I don’t know what that little hypen thing is 44 . sixty nine west and ok so what I want to do is I like to point out things from Earth that looks similar so i’m going to zoom out just a tad bit too about i’m at 270 feet here i want to point out some things before i go to Google Earth and actually show you an American city which is what we’re going to do next ok I’m going to shut this one off and so look at this which this could be roads possibly but look at how organized this is I mean this could be an ancient secret city on Mars that they’re hiding from us and they don’t want you to know about these secret cities look at this do you see this how organized this is it looks intelligently made yes look at this i’m going to zoom in where zooming into were right about oh no we didn’t want to do that ok now we need to back out yeah let’s see can we back out ok i had to pause it just for a minute just to fix things ok but now we’re going to go right on over we’re going to go over to Google Earth San Francisco okay look at this and I’m going to show you right here right here is 2,000 feet i’m going to show you let slide on over so you’ll see right down here in the lower right hand corner it says 2,000 feet now let’s let’s zoom in a little bit closer now we’re at a thousand feet now we’re at five hundred 200 feet are you guys see anything here are you seeing any similarities look at this so let’s go back to Google Mars and we’re 576 feet over here where a hundred feet so let’s zoom into a hundred feet on google Mars here let’s zoom in as far as we can okay we’re getting closer closer up see & see that’s what makes me think that it doesn’t quite line up so we might actually be a little bit closer on google Mars to the ground then we are on google earth ok so i’m going to zoom out just a tad bit here like that so we can see this now let’s go back over here to San Francisco do you see this okay i’m going to zoom out further though when i zoom out ok now let’s from this distance this this actually is a really good perspective right here because you can kind of see let’s compare now let’s compare notes okay I’m gonna go back let’s look here you see that I mean it’s almost like this on Mars could be San Francisco you see that we just have a different little coloration there but this look at how similar they are seagull little lines in here like that they could be rivers or they could be roads let’s go over here and the same here now I know that the map makers have drawn in the roads and stuff but if there is a way that we could shut those layers off you would still be able to see them so let’s go back over here you see that see we have no map makers to connect anything in here and so there’s even more down here do you see this there’s another big one down here or look at this and see ya as I told you guys this before the past that is we keep going i find more and more I’ve actually marked out eight different places on this particular map that I think look like cities even this does to look at this in here see how they’re all straight and organized I mean that looks intelligently made and then look at this big thing you know so it’s like oh oh and look at this okay we’ve that that’s like in the shape of a baseball diamond almost you know how like right there would be home plate and then it goes around you know maybe a Coliseum or something where people would gather you know it’s like a circle there there’s a straight line here and yeah but what i was looking at was this right here too there’s a square you know like a city block and even the the cities in the united states are not perfect as far as that goes but I mean this looks what I mean my goodness it looks intelligently made let’s let’s zoom out a little bit you get it on little bit of a different perspective even by zooming out but it really does look a lot like a city and then let’s go back to San Francisco and we can even zoom out let’s go to a different part of san francisco let’s go down to san jose now we’ve yeah we’ve got some roads there blah blah blah ok this is a good perspective because we’ve got right here some different sized buildings so right here is a large building here’s some smaller ones and look okay so there’s some smaller things here maybe that’s cars i don’t know is that cars trailers urban living right here and now I mean it looks kind of like a mishmash of Oh My now look at this ok let’s go back to Google Mars let’s zoom on in we could be in san jose now look at this look at this you guys see that intelligent life on Mars that’s like all is right with the world and look at how ok say we took away the roads and even the houses they look just a tad bit crooked you know when it comes to how they’re lined up you know so if you just don’t look at the streets and they could be a little bit hard to see to let’s go back over here the same thing we’ve got roads through here right through here and then like a main thoroughfare that would be through there this could be a main thoroughfare and oh my gosh look at that just right here you know I i keep looking and I keep looking for things and and then like right here is a big cross I mean is it possible that that’s an airport possibly I don’t you know if anything is possible let’s go back here to san jose and let’s zoom out a little bit let’s zoom out a little bit see if we can find some other similar features oh I see one right here i’m going to show you guys i’m going to show you guys okay do you see this this is like what i was talking about with the dick baseball diamond type thing now let’s go back over here over here here we go it’s it looks like it could be the same city even look at that do you i hope you guys can see that on my gosh it’s right here so and then let’s go back over here we’ve got the same features same identical features isn’t my gosh this is fascinating and what else can we find I bet there’s a ton more things that we can find like even here ok if we look let’s zoom out a little bit tiny bit so if we look at this this is like cut what kind of like a rectangle square you could say and that’s kind of what we’ve got going on right here a rectangle ish sort of square it’s not perfect they’re not perfectly shaped on earth however they look intelligently made we know on earth it’s intelligently made this is intelligently made and then let’s go back to this feature here intelligently made and it kind of looks like there’s another one it’s like a pie slice that that’s that’s what i would call it a pie slice you know the baseball diamond let’s go back to earth to google earth right here but it’s a pie slice like a quarter of a pie and then we see the same feature on Mars right here that’s just simply amazing just totally amazing there and i haven’t even gotten to the other ones yet we spent look at this I mean we can just totally get lost in this image looking at all of this let’s go over here there’s even more over here I haven’t even this one I haven’t even looked at yet so let’s just zoom in and see what we can find oh this one actually has different colors you can see the colors of probably the rooftops of these particular buildings or foundations you know I mean oh and look right here there’s something a structure a really really really tall structure right here wow we’re going to have to do more parts of this because this particular area where I’m at there’s a lot of things in here look at this like right along here there’s like a big long line through here this is so amazing so amazing okay I’m still in eight here eight and we’re still looking in this area and this this little thing here is interesting to it kind of reminds me of a I don’t you know the clover Leafs on interstates that’s just kind of what it reminds me of a little bit as a interstate cloverleaf you know but when we zoom out here you can see even more you know structures organization as far as that goes I’m still fascinated by the fact that there could be sports arenas on Mars this little thing right here that that’s just got me right here this a sports arena because it looks just identical to the one on earth the sports arena there you know have south san jose just simply amazing look at that and you can see there’s more like right here so is is is that maybe the little compounds were kids play i don’t know i don’t have any children so I know things have changed and my gosh ok let’s let’s the look let’s look somewhere else I had no I can get so excited over just the tiniest thing let’s zoom in here because I even see let’s zoom in right here and just look at something just completely off-the-wall you know that now this could be trees right in here you see that little buildings right in here it still looks organized all of this look’s organized do you see this right in here still more organization to me you know when i zoom through here look at that like it looks like a giant city you know like a giant city and then that’s the same thing when we go to San Francisco you know the only thing is like we have a perspective of what things look like because we have real images that we’re looking at here on google earth and you know and so here here would be a good example of some disorganisation so i’m not sure what is here in san jose if this is back waters or if this is just land that they just decided not to develop or what exactly it is it looks scraped is that airport maybe and and see even some of this like you can see some stuff like that on Mars from time to time let’s zoom out okay and so now you can see from far far away ok we are it says a mile a mile so and you know when you’re looking at the Mars images some of this does look familiar so we’re a mile away and we can still see the big big buildings do stand out really really well they they look sporadic ok let’s look at this so we can look at the big buildings right here right here is an international airport the San Jose International Airport on the google maps right here is Moffett federal airfield on the google maps and then here is Levi Stadium so let’s zoom in to Levi Stadium and take a look at the stadium oh you know it kinda looks like a crater look at that look at that isn’t that interesting it looks like a crater you know which of course it’s going to look like a crater because it’s seats all the people in there ok so let’s zoom on back out but because this perspective is a little bit better so we’re right here we’re two miles i want to zoom in back into yeah we’re at one mile now I I like this a little bit better because then we can compare this to Mars and so you can see some similarities here and so okay i’m going to zoom out we’re zooming out to 13 were close to 2,000 square feet that we’ve zoomed out here and so it may be a little bit more challenging to see things from this particular perspective at any point we can just zoom on into something and take a look let’s zoom in right here will fly on in on a second let’s get in here and see if we see anything now and see this actually could compare to let me show you go back over here to this could easily compare you know if you just depending on the size you know like even if you look right here this is broken up and when you zoom in some of those large city blocks of houses they kind of blend in together and so and even look right here you know so I mean I do any of us know what things look like on Mars or what they would have looked like other than the folks who run the telescopes and do the research on Mars I mean it very well looks like there’s life here that is existing you know side-by-side with the planet earth so maybe there’s there is some hidden secret cities on Mars that were not told about so yeah okay let’s go to my city seven let’s go over let’s zoom on into this one and this one is close see this is it it’s kind of similar to the other one in a lot of ways i’m going to zoom on in a little bit closer by zoom in too close i end up look it’s 333 synchronicity if i zoom in to close we end up going to the street view i’m going to show you the coordinates the properties here so you can see right here the latitude and longitude and take a look for yourself ok and so oh my goodness if okay look at this right in here but then right here see I’d love to take some of this into photoshop but do you see this right here this like a straight line right there and then it goes up and over round and on down and but this just looks all organized organized organized and intelligently made look at that and so yeah all of this is connected together on google Mars secret alien cities can you guys believe that whoever would have thought these ancient civilizations there very well could be life on Mars right now and we don’t even know it look at this ok right in here it in a way it kind of reminds me of of a 0 and alligator skin you know when you look at it but and and there’s kind of like to that there’s some rhyme and reason you know for the alligator but it’s like in a pattern and that’s what this looks like is a pattern you know a pattern you know of roads let’s go on down to somewhere else in California where is this this is santa cruz here’s Watsonville you know and yeah they have look at this one now we’re in Salinas Salinas i used to live in Salinas let’s let’s zoom on in the Salinas and see look yeah look at this here salinas all the houses are down here and we’ve got the farm fields and everything back out over here the Salinas Valley and what we want to look at these structures here’s the airport now this is important airport because now this one actually crosses over so it goes down this way and then there’s runways this way and then there’s a runway this way in this way so you know that’s one of the things that I keep in mind and look at on google Mars as things that that look really really big that like they could be a runway of some sort and I do see things from like that from time to time that look like runways and so yeah look at this right in here this is a looks like some sort of structure or building in there let’s zoom out a little bit tiny bit here and see what we got going on it’s just the color the difference in the color just really makes it pop out so that you know we can see in here and so yeah I would really like to think that there is life on Mars actually and that it’s been hidden from us i don’t know why they would hide it from us because i don’t think it’s something that we should be afraid of that all there’s no reason for us to be afraid because if it if you approach somebody with kindness they’re going to come back at you with kindness and so you know it seems like we’ve had some really paranoid leaders in the past and so if we take a different approach and be kind to other ppl on earth and outside of our universe then there’s nothing to be afraid of nothing to be afraid of but fear itself now look look right here okay do you see this long line right here I mean this could be city blocks right there and then there’s like a . . . three little dots right there and so I mean if this is current cities on Mars you know I mean they just may have a lot of different well just kind of like on earth we have a lot of different ways that we put our cities together but this looks like roads to me that down this direction back over and up city blocks is kind of what it looks like maybe it could be airport you just never know ancient civilizations wow this is so amazing amazing to look at and look right in here too so this looks like it could be more roads and each one of them has a structure or some something in it like a road straight through here straight through here if this had Maps I mean it would be interesting to map this out and you know if you had access to mapping software and just map the whole thing out because that this is really really interesting right here right in here maybe I should i think i’m going to mark this 7 let’s call it 7 city b 7b because i want to look more that one again because this has some different things in it than the other ones that I’ve even been looking at you know which is the big solid masses in the middle of the lines and so this right here looks like it would be larger structures and then when we look right here looks like a smaller structures so I’m going to pause for a moment I’m going to find a different city on the earth for us to look at ok i am at a different city completely different than what we’re used to looking at here in america i went to Pakistan and so what we’re looking at right here this looks like to be some flower fields i am a thousand feet up let’s look at google Mars yeah interesting interesting now we’re even looking closer here so let’s zoom in and this looks like fields here of some sort there’s like an occasional little tree but i’m thinking this must be some farming possibly of some sort i don’t know exactly what it is or it maybe it is some cities i I don’t know I’ve never really looked at that close at pakistan before this says and Adam Bell river so theres a river right here and right here that almost looks like some hieroglyphics in the sand but I yeah I’m thinking that this is probably a city of some kind in Pakistan which this is really interesting in and of itself looking at pakistan wow totally amazing and so and i’m thinking i don’t know if they have how their houses are in Pakistan if they would blend in maybe that’s what this is maybe I wouldn’t even know if the house was there that’s possible yeah there’s something you see this something right here it almost looks like it’s written in the sand oh sorry I got a little booger in my nose then there’s a little I don’t know what that is some quarters sort of Coliseum looking things so I’m you know this is really really interesting and then right here there’s roads out in the middle of the fields and there’s something right here there’s some little zigzaggy things right there I think that must be how they farm or something oh here’s a building here is a building right here you see that right there is a building in pakistan and so let’s go back over here do you see any similarities right there a building building building between the roads and if we zoom out you see that there’s a building right there and I think there’s a building right here as well Duke I to Hill pakistan i don’t think we can do mr. Pegman down here no we can’t no there’s no images so so yeah so we’re just going to have to okay here’s another building right there so we’re going to have too oh and this right here could be some small building so I you know every every country has their different laws and things regarding taking images over the country and I think that our country has to respect that the privacy and everything so I think that this probably is a city in pakistan and that this is probably city blocks we just don’t get a see it real clear we don’t get the clear imaging that we get here in the United States but yeah so this here does look like a tree right there and this looks like a tree so wow so I want to hear what your guys thoughts are you guys let me know so right here is google earth we’re looking at pakistan and then here is google Mars it’s google earth but all the same google Mars mars google Mars google earth so I want to thank you guys for watching please thumbs up this video share it with your friends subscribe leave comments suggestions ideas and i’ll see you soon

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  1. It is so frustrating that NASA treats us all like idiots. They must have clearer data, it would be stupid to not have equipment that gave hi-res images, and all the time they smudge, fudge and lie. History will discredit them as fools they are.

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