Secret Sound Technology Found in India? Proof of Advanced Ancient Civilization?

Secret Sound Technology Found in India? Proof of Advanced Ancient Civilization?

Hey guys, today we are going to find something
truly spectacular. We are going to find the musical instrument
used by Lord Shiva. And this is supposed to be 10,000 years old. And this is going to be one of a kind. And you can see we are in the middle of nowhere
but we are going to find this instrument today. This place is called Kanchanagiri in south
India and this is the place where Lord Shiva has his musical instrument. It is somewhere over here and it is my job
to find it. So this is the musical instrument of Shiva
and it is 10,000 years old. And you may say, well we did not have metals
10,000 years ago. I mean human beings did not use metals 10,000
years ago. Well, they did not use metals to create this
instrument. We don’t know how this was created or if it
is a natural formation. You don’t need a metal to strike this. I can simply use another stone…. see the reverberation. And for example, if you don’t touch this
can still hear it .. like a tuning fork. let me try this.. you see there is no sound
coming from this..right? there is no sound… But if I put this on top of can
see how it is basically taking the musical property of this on to this. This is a very strange phenomenon. So I got the hammer when I heard about this
Shiva’s musical instrument… I got a few drumsticks you know.. to play
it as a drum. Ok you may wonder why I am really standing
in this awkward position..out of breath. Because it is just impossible to access it. You cannot take your vehicle whether it is
a car or motorcycle. You cannot even walk, you basically have to
do rock climbing… to get up and see.. this Shiva’s instrument…and of course it is totally
worth it if you get up here.. but it is not for the physically weak. And locals say something very important. On top of this rock, you cannot see a plant..
you cannot see an ant crawling.. you cannot see insects.. at night times, no animal will
walk on this.. because this rock supposedly emits a strange energy. And we are going to find out if there is a
strange energy coming out of this rock. We have something called a ghost meter. We will use that gadget to see if this emits
some kind of energy. And there is something else that is really
strange about this.. they say that if you keep tapping this rock for a certain amount
of time, with the exact number of people, the rest of the rocks around this rock, will
become soft as clay. And this is the procedure that ancient builders
used..they basically used the sound of these rocks to create very soft material from rock
and this is why these amazing megalithic structures were built. And once we stop tapping on this rock, now
whatever was as soft as clay, will slowly harden and become a regular rock. Is it possible that such a technology exists? I mean look at our civilization, we have these
amazing buildings.. you know these enormous structures. Why did we get this advanced? Because we are capable of using electrical
energy. At some point in time, we started to harness
electric energy. But how did these amazing megalithic structures
get built in ancient times? Did ancient people harness sound energy? The name of this rock as you can see here..
there is this..faint blue paint over there. It says ‘Mani Paarai’ in Tamil which basically
means a Bell Rock or a Rock Bell – that’s what it means. Of course it is obvious why this is the bell
rock because it basically creates a ringing sound that’s audible to a very long distance,
at least a kilometer I would say. is this the only rock in the world which rings
like a bell? That’s not true. There are several ringing rocks around the
world – there is one in Pennsylvania I have visited.. and it has a lot of rocks. And all of them are ringing rocks. These are technically called sonorous rocks
in geology. A king who lived nearby wanted this rock in
his palace. So he basically ordered his people to bring
the rock over there.. which they did. So this rock was transported to his palace. And to his surprise, when they struck this
rock in his palace it did not give a ringing tone. And of course, the king was really confused
that it did not make that ringing noise in his palace. But when they really transported this rock
back and put it here, it started to ring again, like a bell. Now, this is why people think this is a very
mysterious rock. . you know because it was given to us by the
Gods. Of course, it sounds like a superstitious
fairy tale, but in Pennsylvania, in the Ringing Rock Park, you know people try to pocket these
small rocks which are ringing, go to their house and they try to use it and try to reproduce
the ringing sound. It does not work! There is something very weird about these
specific rocks, you know? It appears as though the rocks need to be
in their own place to make this ringing sound. So, the question is .. why did the king ask
his people to bring this gigantic rock to his palace? Just so he could hear the ringing sound? No! Ancient Indians used these sonorous rocks
for a specific reason. They would basically lie down on it, and somebody
would tap on the edges.. and this procedure would continue for hours. They believed that this would heal their body
and their consciousness. Now, today.. in modern technology.. we also
have something called sound therapy which is exactly the same. Now, Is it possible that ancient people were
technologically much more advanced – they were creating a healing bed to help people
who are sick? Now, of course the most important question
is that .. is this a natural formation? Or was it created by artificial means? If it is a natural formation, you would expect
that all these rocks would make a similar .. or at least a feeble ringing sound. but that doesn’t happen. This is the only rock which has this ringing
tone. And the rest of the rocks don’t. And there is also some other difference. Now, if you look at this rock face, you can
see a lot of differences here. You know, it is not flat… but if you look
at this plane, it looks as though somebody has worked on this rock.. you know making
it flat. We don’t know if some kind of a process that
went into this.. to make this into a ringing rock. And this why people call it Shiva’s musical
instrument. Now, what do locals think about this? Do they believe that this is a natural formation
or they think it was made by artificial means? Locals believe that this is a result of a
volcanic eruption. And there is a temple nearby which has a lot
of lingams which are supposedly made out of volcanic lava. And they believe that this was made .. this
was cast using that volcanic lava .. which is essentially molten form of rock. Now, this might be a twisted version of saying
.. we are basically melting this rock and adding certain elements and making this into
a ringing rock. Now, today is it possible to make something
like this? Yes, today we have furnaces and .. we have
equipment that can really melt rock … and I can basically pour molten iron or copper
and then mix it up to make it into a ringing rock. We don’t know if that was the case here. In 1965, in Pennsylvania, a group of scientists
went into this Ringing Rock State Park and they tried to find out why these rocks are
capable of making this sound. now, of course, they crushed the rocks, they
sliced them, they tried to understand the chemical properties of them, but they could
not just find out why some rocks are capable of giving out this ringing tone. Of course, we definitely have to talk about
extraterrestrials. Did extraterrestrials play a part in creating
these type of rocks? Do these rocks emit some kind of strange energy
and this is exactly what we are going to find. We have something called a ghost meter and
is capable of detecting this type of energy. So we are going to test it here. So this is the EMF meter, mostly called the
ghost meter, because it is capable of detecting even very small milligauss. The scale is essentially from 0 to 5 milligauss. So it can even detect very small amount of
EMF and we wanna find out if this rock is emitting some kind of EMF. Let’s see. I don’t see anything .. to be honest with
you.. I don’t see any changes at all. There doesn’t seem to be any kind of EMF that
is coming out of this rock. Let me try again.. No.. No.. And I do firmly believe that even though there
is no EMF on this equipment I see, there would be some other kind of energy that I am not
able to detect with this gadget. Ok guys, I have come down and you have seen
the musical instrument of Lord Shiva but I am going to show you something completely
different in the next video. Stay tuned and I will talk to you soon.. Bye!

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  4. DIY peoples: Time to furnace melt some lava rocks, maybe mix in some brass or copper like a singing bowl (IF it will mix like an alloy) and try to cast/mold a Stone singing bowl. It would be very easy to maybe apply an electromagnetic oscillator and control it with an PWM or Arduino and see if you can get any cool stuff to happen within the range of frequencies.

  5. My friend. Like microwaves hit water molecules perfectly to heat it, this sound resonates perfect to heat rocks. Waves carry energy (transversial and longitudinel) and with the right material to absorb it, it can heat without limits. Contact me if you want more answeres to your unsolved questions.

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  14. This rock is the place for shiva Parvati nritya.where their foot taps construct laya for their disciples.

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  20. I believe you…
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  24. Ce n'était pas des Dieux ou autres… Les anciennes civilisations ont simplement maîtrisé et utilisé la physique quantique. Tout est possible avec la physique quantique. C'est pourquoi ils n'ont jamais pollué la planète auparavant. Nous connaissons la physique quantique depuis longtemps mais des gens avides de pouvoir et d'argent ont préféré utiliser l'électricité, le pétrole tout ce qui pollue pour devenir riche alors que l'énergie avec la physique quantique est présente en abondance. Si nous le voudrions nous pourrions en un rien de temps remettre en place tout l'équilibre de la planète et supprimer toute cette pollution…

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  27. Om Namah Shivaya. Really incredible India. There are strange things in our nation. Really caption by Indian Tourism Department is correct "INCREDIBLE INDIA". Really the technology is marvellous and outstanding. I am being proud to be a HINDU. As SWAMI VIVEKANANDA said be like a Hindu. Praveen one request to you " please mention the state you travelled". Thanks for your videos. JaiHind.

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  30. You could be dead if you found out. Not killed by a bad people but a people trying to protect sacred knowledge which might fall in the wrong hands.

  31. Medieval architect "Perumthachan" from kerala made "saptha swara mandapam" from similr rock. He made pillers from these kind of rock which sounds different tones.
    Saptha swara mandapam is at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, South India

  32. Very interesting video! At 5:10 it looks like something black appears for 1 frame in front of the smaller round rock which you used for hitting the large rock. Maybe it's just the shadow of a bird flying by but I find it weird that it only seems to appear on the small rock and not somewhere else. Does anyone else have any thought on this?

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  34. Try tapping rock with bottom of a ringing tuning fork. Some people think Egyptian staffs are tuning forks. I think sound rocks are an amplifier for ancient "rock bands" when activated by proper tuning instrument. They may be capped on top other sites you visited but no one has noticed or tuned on the amplifiers..yet!

  35. I am pretty sure the 912 dislikes are from people who are directly or indirectly products of invaders from mediaeval times who invaded India and destroyed our cultural heritage. Although I must mention they didn't spare Britain either 🙃

  36. @PraveenMohan you need a tuningfork, try different times. Everything else they did was very precise. If you use the correct tone you get a WAY different and more impressive result. Banging with random objects and stones won't produce the correct results.
    What happens if you get it right both in tone and frequency you have created a "standing wave" of sorts, it changes the properties of other items,
    I know ty his because long long time ago there used to be a similar stone, I had the benefit of going with my dad and granddad to a meeting by the native of the Nordic and north Russian folks. There was a lot of shamans there (last great meeting), we got to meet them cause my dad & granddad had done them a great favor. So as a child I ran around, curiously asking questions and an interpreter translated and the ringing rock was explained to me. They said it healed people by using the subtle energy of Aether, I asked what that was cause I never heard of it and was told it was the energy that is in all things living, air, water, people, plsnts, animals and even in rocks. I asked how it worked they explained it's important with thought, intention, correct tone (object to create tone with) and frequency, I asked what frequency was and they kindly explained. I translated the conversation to the most suitable word/expression in English.
    That's why you have to try again with different tuningforks, get a few others along and you will see it's more than you have discovered. And very impressive

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