100 thoughts on “Sen. Booker: There Are Now More Billionaires Than Black People In 2020 Race | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. The Decline of The American Empire is accelerating at a rate none of us would ever have believed possible. Within a few years the world will be totally transformed and America's apparent pre-eminence will become just a quickly fading memory. Only the Soviet Empire collapsed more quickly than this. In both cases the rot was visible for years before the fall.

  2. Lets be real. There is only one candidate who is 100% for the people. And he would totally crush Trump.
    BERNIE 2020.

  3. Yep …that includes Obama that spent all his life as a public servant, earning public servant salary, but somehow has a 35 million fortune… just bought a 3 million mansion in DC, renovates it and build a 10 foot wall around it.
    He is of course against building a wall on our borders but not around his mansion to keep the poor black people out… DC is 90 % black and dirt poor…not him…


  4. I don't really get what Booker is stretching for here……Kamala started strong but floundered & you Cory? Another corporatist.

  5. Booker is a front runner he is in the top 3 on every debate so for he a strong candidate.. thats what America need for President C.Booker

  6. Cory Booker is always playing the BLACK card. voters hear him.. and you can see how he's been destroying any possible chance to serve everyone justly even his own self …

  7. So the office of the presidency should be decided on skin pigment? Don't go whining about millionaires being in the race when your political system is dependent upon which candidates have raised the most MONEY.

  8. Honor? Dignity? You better cope with the fact, that this is NOT happen. Honor and dignity is gone in an entire party and it is gone in 35%-40% of the population. For good.

  9. To Bad Corey and Kamala come off as a bunch of psychos . Laughing and getting mad at the most inappropriate times. They both are nuts.

  10. I am a democrat… and if Biden is picked for our primary, I will never vote again !! I absolutely will never believe in the USA 🇺🇸 democracy again !!!

  11. We must impeach Trump and send him and his family to prison. Then we must start arresting the uneducated deplorable people in the rural areas and confiscate their property.

  12. Joe asks what Sen. Booker needs to do to gain votes. He needs, like many in the current field, to gain far more and broader knowledge and experience. He also needs to know that Corporate Dems are out of favor-for all good reason. Also like many in the current field, he needs to earn the trust of the People.

  13. Kamala did not have the trust of the People, due to her own words and deeds. C'mon Cory, this is not about skin color! Kamala kept people in prison past their release dates to provide cheap labor. She laughed at people who were jailed due to their children having too many absences from school. Lastly, people think very little of her having an affair with a higher up at work. If it is wrong for men, it is no less wrong for women. Kamala needs to stay in the Senate, gain far more and broader knowledge and experience and prove she has changed, as she now claims. PS Joe, Cory is a black man, however, he cannot speak for all black people. Many black folks point out she is not Afro-American, either.

  14. There was literally a massive public outcry for Oprah Winfrey, a black woman, to run – she didn't want to. So you can just zip it up right there – the only reason there aren't black candidates running is because they, personally, have decided not to. Need I also remind everyone that Barack Obama was President for 2 terms? I get that Trump-time feels like all we've ever known, but let's not start buying into this politically correct nonsense and undermine all the democrats that are running – even if Bloomberg won, Bloomberg is still better than Trump.

  15. @3:30 of course the world looks at us as how much we can be trusted. The Dems have down NOTHING but try to rip this country in 1/2 All they have done in 3 years is have have hearings crying and lying . Russian collusion, open borders, health care, justice appointments, impeachment hearings year after year spending 10's of 10's of millions. Name me one positive thing the Dems have pushed for the better of this country ONE, since the fall of 2016?

  16. 12:40 . right unification. blah-ha-ha. The Dems have cornered the market on dividing this country. Most of them you can catch hearings, and news interviews,and speeches on issues agreeing with Trumps agenda 5-10 years ago, but now saying the total opposite .. what a [email protected]<ing joke to say you are for unification..

  17. It’s not about race it’s about ideas.

    Booker and Kamala are corporate hacks that’s why they went no where. The elite have already picked their candidates Biden and Pete.

    All that matters to them is stopping the progressive movement.

  18. I get that these guys have to sell themselves but i do tire of all politicians self endorsement… at least, i tire of these guys, i loathe to the point where i would rather read Trump's words than hear a syllable out of his fat mouth.

  19. Ummmm or how about WOMEN? Come on 🙄 We’ve had a black president, it’s time for a woman. Obviously the right woman not just any…..and no I didn’t particularly like Hillary and I’m definitely NOT on the right or anywhere near.
    But it’s cool how they race bait by using that as a headline when….never mind, no point even commenting.

  20. Morning Joe Shuts out Bernie Sanders and He is the Strongest Candidate the Democrats Have. It is a Corporate Media Blackout. Corporate Media as Corporate America Fear him the Most because he is a True Agent of Change. I notice how Cory held off from saying the Words "Publicly Funded Elections." because he is in the Pocket of "Big Pharma." He is a tool and not doing well because Folks KNow he is Not Authentic as Bernie Sanders is.

  21. We are SICK of identity politics with neo-liberal politics! Who cares if all of the top candidates are white? what maters is their policies!! These elitist liberals just don't get it! It's 2016 all over gain!

  22. Don’t remember msm complaining about the rules when they were gating Tulsi from the debates.

    Now that Top Tier Kamala and Big Pharma Booker are going down in flames it’s an issue.

  23. Let me make this perfectly clear we can stick our heads in the sand all we want when it comes to Revelations one of the books in the Bible. We are heading for Armageddon there is just no doubt about that we are in the end times in the scripture is verify this by the planet itself Earth. Prophecy says that the planet Earth will be the determining factor of or Jesus's return we all know that the Antichrist is not going to rule in a democracy. The Antichrist is henchmen before King spoken of in the Bible Vladimir Putin and Gigi ping I working for the Antichrist and Donald Trump is that tool. They are working to demolish democracy so the Antichrist can come to power. And this is a word of warning to my so-called brothers and sisters in the faith this is not a judgment but a warning. If you put your faith in the man that is Donald Trump you will be judged by the Lord. This is a man who claims that he does not have to ask for forgiveness and if you are a true person of Faith you know that there is no way of that happening. Unless a man be born again he cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. And if you hold Hate in Your Heart towards anyone you will not enter his kingdom. The scriptures are my truth and truth backed up by facts and not Plies stands firm.

  24. After the US election campaigns started, a Canadian election was called. Six weeks later it was done.
    Why does the US have the campaigns go on for 15 months with campaigners saying the same things for over a year?
    There should be a cap on spending and a shorter campaign. The way it is an 'ordinary' citizen can't run for office.

  25. Don't put stock in polls, just put all the black candidates on the stage… SMH. I voted for Obama because he was the best candidate, not because he was black.

  26. We have a seven year old bully running our country . As usual when they get bullied back they run home to mama and cry. GOP, put your lady pants on and get this bully out of office. Fight back the bully.

  27. Is it only Americans that think America can be trusted? I'm 63 years old I've known since age 13, that America is corrupt and not to be trusted

  28. PresPAB has made America a laughingstock, and after having that shoved in his face in sucha way he cldnt ignore it, or spin it, he did what all bullies do when confronted, tucked his tail betw his legs, and went crying home, like a little b****.
    Democrats don't want another rich man in the WH, the polls may be showing that Yang, Steyer and Bloomberg have bought enuff support to register, but like Sen Booker said, the polls aren't reliable, according to the polls we shld have Pres Hillary Clinton rn. The billionaires are only running to stave off either Eliz Warren or Bernie Sanders becoming president and raising their taxes, it's pretty disgusting. They may say they wanna tax the wealthy more, but that's what Spanky said too, that's what a lot of candidates say when their running. The diff betw them and Warren & Sanders is that they've spent their ENTIRE political careers trying to make our tax code fair. What did Bloomberg do abt taxing the wealthy when he was Mayor of NYC – his ONE credential? uhhh, nothing.

    Vote Warren 2020, make billionaires cry! or vote Booker 2020, make racists cry! – either way, it's a win win.

  29. Booker is a liar. Check his vote on prescription drugs. Pure scum. Taking money from big pharma, vote against measures to help the middle class. Liar!

  30. Melania raising her son around an absentee father that is discusting is her idea of being a protective parent….give me a break.

  31. I understand Cory Booker's stance and was for Obama all 8 years, but being black is not a qualification. Kamala Harris was a bad candidate and her history of locking of black men for minor offenses, while backing and refusing to prosecute the police who locked up those men, and killed and brutalized so many more shows that.

  32. There have always been more half-assed "moderates" than true Progressives in the race. There is only one Bernie Sanders.

  33. If you stare at Cory Booker long enough, you will see a spud with cheese, sour cream, bacon bits, and chives or just Mr. Potato head.

  34. When we talk about the 'influence of money in politics,' what we are really talking about it the gullibility of too many voters who don't have enough factual information upstairs to resist a slick, deceitful ad campaign. That's really the problem: it's the tyranny of money over the misinformed and downright stupid.

    Therefore, we need to move to an educated electorate as the founding fathers envisioned in a more crude fashion. With the aid of today's computers, we could easily assign, factual objective questions of voters (as on a citizenship test) like, "What are the three primary branches of government?" before an individual's vote.

    The published outcome could then be separated between the ignorant voter and the better-educated one. For example, "Forty-two percent of those who voted 'yes' on Amendment Twelve could not answer correctly the test question that preceded their vote." No one would be denied the right to vote, nonetheless we could all see directly how much dangerous influence the misinformed and stupid have on our country's government.

    From this point we could proceed to a better solution to the problem.

  35. I will never vote for a billionaire who is so eager to be a candidate to save all the other ones their dear green gods. Vote blue and down to earth candidates.

  36. Maybe if the two black candidates didn't have similar politics to Claire mccaskill, AKA the person who just lost, maybe ww would have a better chance at reasonable representation

  37. The DNC should allow Booker, Castro and Klobachar to be in the Dec. 12th debate, we need the diversity and the grassroots voices to be heard.

  38. Gosh finally put a finger on it… booker’s voice… it’s identical to the standard voice used when hiding someone’s identity

  39. corey stop bringing up obama the people chose him not just b/c he was black but b/c he had an awesome message people are not going to chose you b/c you are black you are expecting black folks to chose a black person they are not stupid they are going to chose the person who has a message stop trying to make black folks vote for a black candidate b/c they are black it does not work that way and no matter what color you are no one will compare to obama.

  40. Booker, it's not America doing it, it's your own Democrat voters doing it. LMFAO the Democrat voter, the so called people who claim to dislike money and people who have money. LMFAO. But lets not forget that the majority of Democrats in the rats nest of Democrats called government. Are rich people, the same kind of so called people they claim to hate. LMFAO. Oh and lets forget scumacrat so called people who finance the Democrat party. All millionaires, so called people the political class tells their lowlife voters they hate. LMFAO

  41. Booker is a textbook racist. "Vote for me because of my race". What's he even going to do for black people? The whole election depends on black people? I don't buy that. Most of the swing states are mostly white. If you're serious, come out with some policies and plans that help everyone.

  42. The "Booker Surprised Face" is costing him credibility, not everything requires a full blown eye popping look of surprise.

  43. We're not coming out for her …or you either. If it's not Bernie, then I'd rather have Tchump in office than a 2 faced, bourgeoisie liberal, status quo sellout like you.

  44. Just a bunch of bulshit excuses that are used by certain races of people when they were unable to get the job done..
    Cory Spartacus Booker needs to be a man and it just admit he is just not what the people want..

    Spartacus could have 200 million in his campaign and he still wouldn't get elected

  45. Kamala Harris dropped out of the race because she didn't have the funding to continue, that has NOTHING to do with race. And BTW if you want the races to be seen as equal STOP DIVIDING THEM!!! And let's not forget that there are more races than Blacks and Whites, where are their representation? I am Native American and I have NEVER seen us duly represented in the politics that govern the land which was actually ROBBED from my people!!! WTF????? Stop crying, you insolent children!!!

  46. So, Booker and Castro are slandering democrat voters as racist in order to guilt trip them into not supporting white candidates? And they have the nerve to lecture OTHERS on racial bias? Hypocrisy comes natural to these slithering snakes.

  47. C'mon, Mr. Booker, Hillary was a worse candidate than Trump. If the Dems had had a fair nominating process based on grass roots support, we would be talking about President Bernie Sanders today, but President Hillary Clinton? At least Trump is entertaining. Corrupt, thin-skinned and arrogant, but entertaining. And Trump works hard, doesn't take the Presidency for granted. Trump is deeply flawed, but Hillary was non-serviceable. Trump is silencing critics one by one, Hillary promulgated a ban on criticism. Look forward to vote for Bernie. Warren, maybe. Yang, definitively. But-edge-edge, possibly. Cory Booker, no. Needs improvement.

  48. If Corey Booker dosen't win the Democrat nomination, it's because of racism by Democrats. No other reason.

  49. The AA don't like Harris, neither do the Indians–people know about her prosecutor days. I like Booker and Harris as Senators. The presidency is NOT about COLOR but the most qualify–BO, nice guy, smart, ethical, honest, trustworthy but did not have the independent force to be an free thinking president–all he did was go along to get along–Bush2 was also not qualify to be president–NONE of them had a free thinking mind.

  50. Booker like Harris had NO plans, no policies just talk–talk along is not enough to qualify. We had one big mouth with a sad past as the 45th, we need no more loud mouths.

  51. Complains about billionaires , but his secret lover is Alex Soros, son of Billionaire and Nazi Collaborator, George Soros.

  52. Taking advice from Clare she lost her Senate sit in Missouri. Clare voted over 45 % with trump bill. Clare is a Republican hiding behind as a Democrat

  53. I didn't know that there was a racial quota for candidates. Where does it say that there has to be a several black candidates to choose from? This is supposed to be about the most qualified person with the best ideas, not about color.

  54. Does Trump understand what "two-faced" means? It means sharing different opinions on the same thing at different times. Sort of like if you called someone "two-faced" one moment, then called that same person "a nice guy" in the next moment. You know, like Trump did, in case that didn't land.

  55. People did not, would not vote for Hillary as nobody liked her and no body liked the lack of vision of kamala. No Manitoba of Bernie again… push Cory ( who has no hope) push every candidate the DNC allow you too but Bernie is the answer to Trympism and if you ignore him you make yourself irrelevant.

  56. #🌏💡🇬🇧👑🇺🇸👀👶✊️💕👍: RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGS! “Sen.Brooks:There Are Now More Billionaires Than Black People In Projectile s2020Race?| What On Earth 🌏 Is ReallyHappeningAndWhy?|MorningJoe!|MSNBC!👍|HolyGrail!|AmazingGrace!|BiblicalAllBornEqualEspousedBy#POTUS44!|#DEMSInSearingActionsForReveredRegionalNationalGlobalSweepingSensationalSouls!|RealDemocraticExemplaryFriendsOfTheEarth💕👶🙅‍♂️❄️👀💝💎💃🎁❤️✊️🎉👏✌️🙏!|Actions!|Hope!|HolyGrail!| MerryXmasTidings!|HappyBluesNewYear!{. RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGS!].

  57. Sweet….Cory Booker just inferred that the whole democratic party is racist….

    Castro not pulling in all the hispanic constituents? Racist!
    AOC endorsing "old whitey" Sanders? Racist!
    All black women supporting Biden instead of Kamala? Racist!

    Everybody into the pool !!! The pool of "Racism"…lol.

  58. It shouldn't be a black or white issue. It's about who is most qualified to run the country. We can't base it on race!! We can't just elect a black or Hispanic president to be politically correct.

  59. Trump consistently talks of others in te exact same way as he behaves himself. " He's two faced > He's a nice guy". How more 'two faced ' can you get Donny? A complete contradiction in terms in full view of the rest of the world. WHAT A WALLY!

  60. Look man, don't blemish any candidates honorable loss by trying to spin to us that it's anyone's fault but theirs. She ran for president, she didn't get support for her platform, that's it. Stop polluting and inflaming this dull reality with more useless identity politic BS. It's annoying and dishonorable to Kamala's efforts.

  61. As an independent I think that there should be no advertising period during you parties stage of selection. We as the people should see the debates but overall advertising should be limited to the actual Race after the candidates have been chosen. And there should also be a time constraint on entering the arena. Seeing Billionaires dominating the political scene or entering when they feel like it is wrong period. This all reminds me of the Roman empire, the corruption the slow erosion between being a republic for the people to one of Authoritarianism and the eventual self-destruction of that empire.

  62. Party-line gerrymandering put the popular-vote loser into office. Now this panel suggests manipulating voter choice by race, financial fitness and vague PC criteria.
    Divide the country into districts based on proximity to the nearest city within its respective state. Do it once and never again. Reapportion representatives only at the time of the census.
    The minority is not completely disenfranchised so long as there is compromise and so long as the resulting laws are written narrowly and revisited to assure that they remain relevant.

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