Sewage Treatment Steps – Microbes in Human Welfare – Biology Class 12

Sewage Treatment Steps – Microbes in Human Welfare – Biology Class 12

Do Subscribe To Ekeeda Channel and press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering HSC and IIT-JEE Mains and advanced videos. Hello students today will be studying chapter microbes in human Welfare in that we are doing topic Sewage Treatment Steps in this part of the chapter will be studying how muncipality cleans the wastewater that comes out of your house using various steps and microorganisms as well. Sewage Treatment Steps they Sewage that comes out from your house is not directly treated there are various steps or parameters which goes in Sewage treatment or wastewater treatment the first process is primary treatment now during primary treatment all the solid waste is removed when I say solid waste it means paper plastics pebbles or construction waste once physical removal of waste has done the next process is filtration and sedimentation now during filtration what is done is all the solid particle like soil the food products plant waste is removed using filtration filtration is nothing but a sieve clip is present and through this YouTube based aspire now once filtration is done the waste is subjected to sedimentation sedimentation is nothing but under the influence of gravity some base particles like cement or dead decaying organic matter settles down once physical room or or primary treatment is done the next process is secondary treatment from the primary trying the waste is transferred into secondary times inside secondary time the waste will have lot of food matter and now to reduce this food matter or to decompose this four matter what has done is oxygen is added inside those time and the tank is shaped vigorously when you have oxygen inside the tank and you shake the tank vigorously microbes will grow obviously and this microorganisms are nothing but aerobic microorganisms this Arabic microorganisms consumes the organic matter when I say consume the organic matter it means these microorganisms will feel on the food particles consume the food particles and release energy and in this process our food particle or organic waste is reduced completely so during the primary treatment all this solid waste just remove and during the secondary treatment all the food waste is removed after the secondary treatment the wastewater will only have chemicals and certain compounds which is subjected to partial treatment or the chemical treatment the final treatment which will also include Bude biological oxygen demand so let us see the steps in Ch treatment the first step in CIA’s treatment is primary treatment during primary treatment physical removal of solid particles are done from the waste this solid particle could be Stubbins pebbles plastic etc primary treatment is subjected into two parts the first one is filtration and the second one is sedimentation filtration is done using large biological filters and sedimentation is done using gravity under the influence of gravity waste materials are subjected secondary treatment of sewage treatment wastewater from primary tank is passed into secondary time basically the effluent is passed into secondary time n is pumped into wastewater aerobic organisms grow on waste and heat for particle status organic waste into the secondary tank air is passed and pin air is present and what food is present obviously organisms will grow and the organisms which use oxygen to grow and nothing but aerobic microorganisms as viola this aerobic microorganisms decreases the load of organic waste or the food waste and once food waste is completely reduced and during primary treatment the solid waste is reduced then the waste water or this matter is subjected to the final step and the final step is tertiary treatment which cleans the chemicals present inside water so students in this part of the chapter we have studied the various step of serious treatment I hope you all are clear about the steps of sea waste treatment thank you

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