Sgt. 1st Class Jared C. Monti

Sgt. 1st Class Jared C. Monti

I’ll be there in 10 minutes. I’m still on the move. He was a real soldier; he did what you’re supposed to do. A very large force of Taliban insurgents, estimated at somewhere over 60– there were 16 of them, so it was basically a 4 to 1 ratio– [gun firing] attacked from two different sides. Jared got everybody down in positions, but there was someone missing, and that was Brian Bradbury. Brian had been hit by an RPG, and Jared started out from behind his rock to get Brian. He got within a meter of him, and the fire was so heavy it drove him back behind a place of cover. [explosion] He tried a second time but only took a few steps, and again, they were zeroing in and the fire was so heavy he had to get behind a rock. He then decided to try a third time, so he got everybody to give him cover fire, and he took about two steps before he was hit with an RPG and killed. [♪solemn music playing♪] When he went down, they tell me that he did two things: He said the Our Father and made peace with his Lord, and then he said, “Tell my family I love them.” And he passed. He followed the Soldier’s Creed to the letter. Trying to save Bradbury was the right thing to do. Not letting Cunningham go save him was the right thing to do. That’s all there was; it was the right thing to do, and that’s the way Jared was. I haven’t seen you in a while. I knew Jared was a wonderful kid. I knew that he was humble, I knew that he liked to help people, but I never realized the magnitude of it, ever, until all these people called me or emailed me or talked to me on the phone or at his funeral. Then I began to realize what a giant this little guy was. The phone rang, and there was a woman on the phone, and she said, “Are you Paul Monti?” “Yes.” “Father of Jared Monti?” “Yes.” “Well, there’s someone here that would like to speak to you.” And she handed the phone to the president, and he said, “Hello, Mr. Monti.” “The nation is very proud of your son, and I’m very proud of your son,” “and I know that you’re very proud of your son.” And I said, “Yes, sir, I am.” And he said, “Well, I want to inform you that your son has been cleared by the Secretary of the Army” “and the Secretary of Defense to receive the Medal of Honor.” I have that tremendous feeling of pride, but I still can’t get over not having my son because I would give all of this up–all of it, everything–just to have him back, just to be able to hug him one more time. Uh-huh. [♪solemn music playing♪]

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. R.I.P. Sgt. 1st Class Monti, you will be remembered by my JROTC battalion. I'll make sure that my company has a moment of silence for this fallen hero next monday. God bless this soldier, let's hope that his sacrifice inspires all that know his story.

  2. getting a medal of honor for that? sure he was very brave but he never ssuceeded in helping his injured soldier.

    maybe a silver star or something would be more approperiate.

  3. doesnt matter man, he gave his life to help another soldier. That is the ultimate sacrifice. He completely desires it and you should post about subjects you dont know about. Go through and read about other people that received the medal of honor. Not everyone succeeded.

  4. He sacrificed himself to save someone else knowing the risk to his own life! That is the ultimate sacrifice and deserving of the Medal of Honor !!!

  5. you are pathetic. plain and simple. if you give your life attempting to save another you deserve the best

  6. Mr. Paul Monti, it's unfortunate you don't have your son anymore, but on the other hand its fortunate to know that there are people as brave as your son that are watching our backs overseas.

    Rest easy Sergeant.

  7. No greater love is for one to lay down his life for another.Blessed are the Peace makers.Thank you for your service one vet to another.

  8. i leave for the army on january and hope to become like Jared C. Monti one of these days. god bless him and his family

  9. the 10th mountain has had so many casualties in afghanistan its rediculous. RIP SFC Monti and all soldiers who have fallen in this conflict

  10. I served with and remember Monti very well. He was like a little brother to me when we were both at Fort Riley and we also ran into each other in Korea. The world is a much more sad place without him in it…. I just found out about him passing today and it's devastating. I'm proud of him, but know that the world hurts because he's gone.

  11. And to think Obama making such huge mistake in announcing the highly decorated Sgt Monti alive & not receiving the MOH posthumously.
    My God, more anguish & pain this hero's parents to go through.
    Misinformed? Sure, we'll grant him this since he's the prez; it's just that it makes the Commander-in-Chief look like an idiot.

  12. troy polamalu lead me to this video and i'm happy he did… what an amazing story. i wish everyone could aspire to have the kindness in their hearts as this soldier did. RIP Jared Monti

  13. No doubt that Jared is a true hero, and I served with many guys like him. Afganistan is not a fight for freedom it is a fight over the Poppy fields, so the real crimminals can make their fortunes. CIA is the biggest drug cartel there is, and the war on drugs is only there to oliminate the competition. Just enter CIA, Drug running on You Tube search. The truth is hard to face I know.

  14. I was in Kamdesh and Gowardesh as an engineer with his men… there wasn't a single guy I talked to that had something negative to say about the man. May he rest in peace. Sgt. Walton 961st ENG

  15. R.I.P. true hero right there you're in a better place now that's for sure you've served your time in hell

  16. To a comment below saying the army is the low of the low bitch who the fuck are you I'm a former soldier of the us army how dare you say that shit if we are the low of the low them how come we have the most Medal of Honors some of the most decorated units in the military is the because we are the low of the low? And if a gay person wants to put his life in the line and serve this country i would be proud to call him my battle buddy

  17. What a beautiful gift to Jared's family to later hear about all he did. To know they raised a son who became a hero and that his life truly meant something. Not just to them but to his fellow soldiers as well. And to our country. He made his life count. Doing the right thing is easy until you're faced with actually having to do it. Those who do the right thing even when it's hardest, even when they know it may be what prevents them from ever going home to their family, that's courage. He should be honored for the great American and soldier that he was and always will be. I'm glad he was recognized. He earned it.

  18. I served with Sgt.1st Class Monti in the 82nd Airborne ( 3/319 Field Artillery ) .. Though he was an easy going type of guy, he was the type of Sgt that know his stuff . I was in Bravo battery while Sgt Monti was in Charlie battery , but every once in a while we would cross path and be on security detail together.. Last I saw him was the day I signed off from the battalion when I ETS in Aug of 2002 .. Sgt Monti wished me good luck.. My prayers are with you and your family. I'm gonna miss you Chief.. Airborne All The Way !!

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