Sheher Dil Se EP-03 | Akbar Tomb | The Story of Great Mughal Emperor

Sheher Dil Se EP-03 | Akbar Tomb | The Story of Great Mughal Emperor

Hello Friends, welcome back to your travelling show “sheher dil se” where we talk about your city by heart Friends, I’m your travelling host Rahul and I’m standing in front of the Great Mughal Emperor Akbar’s tomb And today i”m going to show you all the Tomb of the Great Mughal emperor Akbar This Red stone building belongs to the great mughal emperor Akbar which was built in 1603, But Unfortunately, he was died in 1605, and then his son Jahangir burried him here. And, In 1611 this building was got completed. If we go to the main building then on the right hand side there”s a building named “KAANCH MAHAL” So, Friends i’m standing in front of the “Kaanch Mahal (Glass Castle)”. But, there’s no glass in this castle. The best part about this castle is, whenever there is an increase in the light of sun and moon this castle shines like a glass. It is said that, Jahangir (son of Akbar) used to come on every friday night to pray for his father. And used to rest a bit over here. So, it was like a guest house. or we can say a place to rest. Friends, right now i’m standing in front of the “Salami Gate” Friends, as you all can see that the height of this gate is short. The reason behind this is, Emperor Akbar wanted that “whoever enters in this Tomb always bow down first when entering” That’s why Akbar was called as”The Great” In 1580, Emperor Akbar created a religion named “Din-E-Ilahi” The purpose of this religion was, that everyone is equal to rule over the country That means Hindu, Muslim & Christian religion all have the equal right to be respected. And this can observe in the main door of this castle through the colorful stones near by it. where you can see the Art of Engraving of the religions Hindu,Christian,Islam and Jain, This Garden in this castle and around the Tomb known as “Wahista Bagh” where you can get the scenery of various flowers,fruits,birds and deers. you can the idea about the beauty this garden As you yourself get the view of Peacock,Deer, parrot and various birds. As you can see a peacock behind me This whole Tomb is spread in around 150 Acres And it has four gates “North,East,West,South” Friends, The one I’m standing in front of is “south” And rest three are as it is. It is said that, this was purposely done to spoof/fool the enemies This Tomb was build in between the castle which is spread in around 25 acres. It is believe that, Akbar had three wives who all belong to different religion i.e. Hindu,Muslim and christian. So, if you look at the main door you will automatically believe in this story. As the Umbrella on the top depicts the Rajasthani Art/design And the cross design in the mid depicts the christian culture And the minarets of the door reflects the muslim religion Friends, right now i’m standing in the “Sunehra Mahal” These walls was engraved with the gold. You will definitely going to think that i might be easy for an emperor to do so. but there’s a technical reason behind it As there used to be no electricity in the old time So, this lamp used to lit up and it’s light used to spread over these walls and this is how this cell used to got brighten up. So, this is “sunehra mahal” which was once used to be very beautiful And engraved with the gold. But man anmd his greedy mind had destroyed this beautiful castle In 1905, lord Curzon had re-constructed it when he visited. so that everyone should get the idea about this castle as how it used look before it was destroyed Right now i’m standing in front the basement And the route of this basement takes you straight to the Tomb of The great Mughal emperor Akbar As cameras are not allowed inside. So, we’re trying to give you the view from outside To get inside you need to walk on this slope This slope was made on a purpose As to get inside you need to bent forward to control your speed or maintain the balance As you must bow down to show some respect to the late Emperor Akbar It is said that, “when the king of Bardhaman, Bijay Chand Mahatab came here in 1923.. He brought a golden brocade sheet with him to offer on Akbar’s tomb ” which is still kept in a trunk inside The graves which you are seeing behind me belongs to Akbar’s daughters Sakrunisha and Aram Banu It is said that, “they did not get married because at that period of time.. it was a tradition in Mughals that their girls can only marry among their relations. and if they won’t be able to find a compatible partner for themselves, then they stay single forever” this tomb has space for 44 graves but only 4 graves are present Akbar wanted that he and his family should be buried over here only So, in advance he made an arrangement for it This red stone which you are seeing right now is hollow from inside because this was done for a grave Friends if I would say, that telephone used to be there too back then then you won’t believe me, but yes it is true and that was specially for spying Friends this corner is not just a corner but it is more than that you can see four other corners as symmetrical as this one all four of these corners are inter-connected that means they all are diagonally inter-connected so if anyone speaks something from this corner, than the person standing over the next corner.. will be able to hear it Friends, you might think I am lying but you all will be surprised to see this once you visit here Hence it is proved, that the technology which was used 400 years ago was far more advanced than the present technology So, that’s all for today folks Guys do not forget to Like and Subscribe our channel and please give us your feedback Friends, we will see you then in the next episode of “Sheher Dil Se”

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  1. Bhai ye wala ab tak ka sabse best video tha… Pta hi nhi pda kab khatm ho gya… (y)
    Kanch mehel & Salami Gate ka bhi batay acha lga, But isi campus mein Lodhi Tom b hai, bahar wo bhi cover kr skte the..
    Ek question puchna tha, jaisa video me batay ki Akbar Tomb mein 4 logo aaye (4 ki kabar hain), but jikr 3 ka hi kiya (Akbar aur uski 2 betiyaan) to 4th kabar kiski hai ye to bata do… 🙁 🙂

  2. favourite mughal is shahenshah jalauddin akbar…i need to know about jodhabhai can u tell me about her…???

  3. kuch aise kindoom bhi h jinke bare m abhi tak koi nhi janta jaise ke 1200 m delhi and rajasthan kilee
    plzzz upload more kindoom video
    gujrat rajasthan mp.

  4. The Moguls brought beauty to Indian architecture, made more human, more connected to soul of worshippers in temples, I to the eyes in royal palaces and to the heart in defence forts…

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