Shereen El Feki: Pop culture in the Arab world

Shereen El Feki: Pop culture in the Arab world

Hello, everyone. Because this is my first time at TED, I’ve decided to bring along an old friend to help break the ice a bit. Yes. That’s right. This is Barbie. She’s 50 years old. And she’s looking as young as ever. (Laughter) But I’d also like to introduce you to what may be an unfamiliar face. This is Fulla. Fulla is the Arab world’s answer to Barbie. Now, according to proponents of the clash of civilizations, Barbie and Fulla occupy these completely separate spheres. They have different interests. They have divergent values. And should they ever come in contact … well, I’ve got to tell you, it’s just not going to be pretty. My experience, however, in the Islamic world is very different. Where I work, in the Arab region, people are busy taking up Western innovations and changing them into things which are neither conventionally Western, nor are they traditionally Islamic. I want to show you two examples. The first is 4Shbab. It means “for youth” and it’s a new Arab TV channel. (Video): Video clips from across the globe. The USA. ♫ I am not afraid to stand alone ♫ ♫ I am not afraid to stand alone, if Allah is by my side ♫ ♫ I am not afraid to stand alone ♫ ♫ Everything will be all right ♫ ♫ I am not afraid to stand alone ♫ The Arab world. (Music) ♫ She was preserved by modesty of the religion ♫ ♫ She was adorned by the light of the Quran ♫ Shereen El Feki: 4Shbab has been dubbed Islamic MTV. Its creator, who is an Egyptian TV producer called Ahmed Abu Haïba, wants young people to be inspired by Islam to lead better lives. He reckons the best way to get that message across is to use the enormously popular medium of music videos. 4Shbab was set up as an alternative to existing Arab music channels. And they look something like this. (Music) That, by the way is Haifa Wehbe. She’s a Lebanese pop star and pan-Arab pin-up girl. In the world of 4Shbab, it’s not about bump and grind. But it’s not about fire and brimstone either. Its videos are intended to show a kinder, gentler face of Islam, for young people to deal with life’s challenges. Now, my second example is for a slightly younger crowd. And it’s called “The 99.” Now, these are the world’s first Islamic superheroes. They were created by a Kuwaiti psychologist called Naif Al Mutawa. And his desire is to rescue Islam from images of intolerance, all in a child-friendly format. “The 99.” The characters are meant to embody the 99 attributes of Allah: justice, wisdom, mercy, among others. So, for example, there is the character of Noora. She is meant to have the power to look inside people and see the good and bad in everyone. Another character called Jami has the ability to create fantastic inventions. Now, “The 99” is not just a comic book. It’s now a theme park. There is an animated series in the works. And by this time next year, the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman will have joined forces with “The 99” to beat injustice wherever they find it. “The 99” and 4Shbab are just two of many examples of this sort of Islamic cross-cultural hybridization. We’re not talking here about a clash of civilizations. Nor is it some sort of indistinguishable mash. I like to think of it as a mesh of civilizations, in which the strands of different cultures are intertwined. Now, while 4Shbab and “The 99” may look new and shiny, there is actually a very long tradition of this. Throughout its history, Islam has borrowed and adapted from other civilizations both ancient and modern. After all, it’s the Quran which encourages us to do this: “We made you into nations and tribes so that you could learn from one another.” And to my mind, those are pretty wise words, no matter what your creed. Thank you. (Applause)

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  1. Yes but designs are something man imposes on something it sees. Just because something is complex and orderly doesn't mean it's a design. Yes, everything that exists must have a beginning, but that doesn't mean it must have been created by something intelligent. If you're going to use logic to confirm your beliefs, you shouldn't discard the rule of falsifiability.

  2. Lol. I put myself in quite a fix, but here`s my argument
    ANCIENT EGYPT – scholars were mostly priests that laid the foundations of Egyptian science
    BABYLON – priests combined math with religion to develop astrology and later astronomy, using math to chart the stars and planets each of which stood for a god
    Greeks – Created a view of the world in which math and religion were completely linked

  3. ANCIENT ARAB WORLD Work in the mathematical and scientific fields began as an interest of priests. Inspired by the prophet Muhammad, Arabs conquered other locations in an attempt to spread their religion.
    Eventually their empire bordered Christendom.which led to cross-cultural connections and sharing of mathematical
    ideas (rather than battles)

    Hell, how do you think all the shit previous cultures learned made it through the dark ages?
    Is this enough to cover my claims?

  4. If you commented on that coz i mixed up astrology with astronomy, than yeah, i deserve to uninstall my browser.
    if its coz YOU mixed up astrology with astronomy, and still felt my statement was a sack of balls, get your program uninstaller out.

  5. Actually, it can. Diamonds for example are crystalline with very exact molecular structures and those were created by nature, not "God". Something is determined to be a "design" only if it's perceived by something intelligent. It's our way of making sense of the world and doesn't actually mean there is something intrinsic about the natural order of things that would suggest an intelligent creator.

  6. i know this and i don´t have to google.

    It means "peace".

    Two four to say concerning that.

    1. Maybe it was meanend once, that way. 2.There have been also crimes in the name of buddhism.
    3.Names are names… i can name anything the way i want, it doesn´t change by that.
    4.Ever heart of Orwells "Newspeak".

    And stop all this: "i know what islam mean, and if you don´t you are stupid" wäwwäääwää welcome to kindergarten.

  7. Well, I've been living in the Gulf for almost 5 years now…and I'll admit it's often been frustrating. For many reasons. Particularly because there is very little contact between expats and locals. I don't get to discuss or debate my questions & frustrations. So, I'm grateful for any cultural expressions, presentations, or discussions that can provide me with some insight and understanding—that help me create meaning where I often find none.

  8. Actually that is not true. Even things as unintelligent by comparison to us such as bees can create extremely complex hives, or termites creating mounds.

    Intelligence can create complexity, but that doesn't mean all complexity comes from intelligence. Just because we cannot understand something today, doesn't mean we never will or that we should submit our intellect to something we can't falsify.

  9. an exaggerated point shorted to the most colorful word choice due to the 500 character limi.t self preservation has not become lost there's still irrational fear all around us religion will become completely outdated in due time but there will still be those who hold on to it. the ancient Greeks needed many human gods to protect them though monotheism became more prominent as knowledge expanded(it just doesn't seem right for humans to be able to outwit a god in any field) soon atheism will rule

  10. wud I? Are you missing my point? There is a huge difference between reveling in violence. anger versus naked people. Also, pornstars do not represent the entirety of the idea of porn. Most of whats wrong with porn is that it is so violent so often.

    I simply said "whats wrong with porn?" not "there is nothing wrong with porn?"

  11. I'm sorry, but this came off like some chick trying to push a religion through propaganda. And I'd say the same for every other religion that tries to doll up their views by soaking it in 'pop culture'. If you want Islam to be respected by more ppl, just have it flow w/ every day life. IMO, the more discreet a religion is, the greater chance of it being viewed positively by the masses. That's one of the problems w/ Islam, ppl try too hard when promoting it…

  12. The hijab/tudung is simply replacement of mammal fur/hair/aura with synthetic cover, usually today it is fine woven nylon fabric from petroleum. Arabs et al wear 'oil' on their head to reduce water loss (sweat), if you live in hot dry desert, you adapt or perish.

  13. tolerance for religion should only have as much place as tolerance for racism. Religion is not a race its a believe system we should not tolerate stupid believe systems if we do we harm society by allowing it to spread those stupid believe systems to kids. We are intolerant of racism because it is harmful and we should be intolerant of religion because it is also harmful. Just because you learn from other nations how to build bombs doesnt mean you wont use them on those nations.

  14. Wouldnt it be something if every arab that came to the us to preach tolerance for islam also had to go to an arabic country to preach tolerance for judaism?

  15. This was only SLIGHTLY insulting to my intelligence until she claimed that "we made you into nations and tribes so you could learn from one another" were "wise words". Seriously? If you think those are wise words, you'll LOVE the average after school special.

    If you take the shiny, glossy finish from a modern day society and apply it to a society which is still culturally in the Bronze Age, this will NOT help us become best buddies. It's like an alcaholic putting his beer in a coke can.

  16. Crass video. Ted videos are not what they were – recommend anyone wishing quality subjects and debates watch the earliest videos. For some reason I keep myself subscribed in the hope things improve but the ration of bad to good content is doing a major hockey stick effect to coin a modern buzz word.

  17. Being intolerant of religion is just as bad as two religions being intolerant of each other. In other words, being an asshole transcends Christianity or Islam.

  18. I fail to see how being a Christian or Jew or Hindu or whatever suddenly causes you to start hating other people for having a difference in their respective choice of deity. If you want to view the world as divided among religious lines and ignore the intrinsically human emotions of greed, jealousy, and lust for power, then that's your problem.

    Science without religion is lame, and religion without science is blind. Too bad you can't see past your own prejudice against religion.

  19. The sad flipside of positive cultural exchange and adaptation is negative cultural exchange. For every positive image (superheroes) there is a negative one (warmongers).

    The question is, is humanity strong enough to grow past the negativity?

    I sincerely hope so.


  20. I'm sorry but Islam is not the source of the problem nor is it right to blame any religion to be the cause because we simply treat with each others as human beings

  21. we have Muslims living next to Jews and Christians in a peaceful atmosphere without "strapping a bomb to their chest and blowing them selves up" as you say please keep the religions out of the subject as human beings are not totally controlled by their religions so please don't be one of those that simply absorb what's coming from biased media

  22. and as to the presentation done about Arabs taking brands it's simply nonsense it's actually the west trying to diversify their product in a way that -they think- would make them appealing to the Arab world

  23. So we will see some islamic wolverine or something soon ? lol Lets hope this guy aind declare jihad on us 😀

  24. Cherry picking the qu'ran and ignoring the history of conquest and destruction of local culture while only paying attention to syncretism and integration.

    She is too stupid. She sounds like a high school student, and makes similar points.


  26. @princeofexcess Your comparison of religion, as a belief system related to the after-life and which supports justice & protection of other human beings, to racism, as the practice of discrimination & hatred against other human beings, is as idiotic, brainless, and moronic as…well, as you, because I've never read in my life a comment this disgusting & idiotic, not even from atheists! You, moron, are the epitome of a willing cretin!

  27. @yourenviousenemy <— Hey bozo…if you think that any half-intelligent person actually believes that you're Muslim or in any way related to Islam, then think again. You're a clown, nothing more, and no intelligent person even considers for a second that you're Muslim. So you might as well save yourself the effort & time of scamming people just to make Muslims look close-minded. Lying moron indeed.

  28. @gorocca the Prophet SAWS said "Whoever says to his brother: 'O disbeliever,' it becomes true of one of the two." It is narrated in al-Bukhari and Muslim.

    IE: whoever calls their muslim brother a kafir and they are wrong then that person is the true kafir. I dunno what u personally believe but I know that if u think it is pernissable to draw Allahs attributes as human superheros then u have disbelieved in Islam and that is ur right to do so.

  29. @gorocca PS: I am proud that u hate me and don't consider me Muslim cuz if I was liked by someone like u it means I must be a real sleazeball. In fact if I woke up one morning and looked in the mirror and found out I was u that day I would probably be so ashamed that I wud just take a rope and hang myself

  30. @yourenviousenemy You are [not] my brother, bozo. As I said, you are not even Muslim, you're just pretending to be on public websites, then saying trash, to make people think that this is how Muslims are. You copy & paste hadith to make yourself look genuine, but it's not fooling me, nor would it fool any other educated person. What attributes of God are you even talking about you ignoramus? Just STFU and stop talking trash that nobody even understands because it is trash!

  31. @yourenviousenemy Yes, if you'd like to hang yourself, please be my guest. I don't think I'll stop someone like you. The world needs peacemaking, educated, and honest individuals, not lying, ignorant cretins like you just spreading hatred and ignorance and misconceptions about religions.

  32. @gorocca Because you couldnt formulate a coherent response to the hadith that I posted you weaseled your way out of having to respond by saying i "cut and paste hadiths". Thats called a "Red herring" and it shows that you have no ingenuity or foundation for your method of debate.

  33. @yourenviousenemy Oh, you asked your Philosophy-major neighbor to "formulate" that comment of yours? Well guess what, moron, your hadith had absolutely nothing to do with our situation. You're talking about a situation of two Muslims, one of them calls the other a "disbeliever", and as clear as the sun, nobody here called anyone else a disbeliever. I dare you to find me or anyone here (other than YOU) using the word "disbeliever". Please, stop embarrassing yourself, STFU, and stop pretending.

  34. @yourenviousenemy The most amazing thing is, a moron with a name like "your envious enemy", pretends to be Muslim AND quotes copied & pasted hadith! If anyone's reading this, please don't ever think this bozo, yourenviousenemy, is a Muslim. Some people get online, pretend to be Muslim, then talk trash, threaten others, call others disbelievers & infidels, and say this & that are haram (forbidden), just to stain the image of Islam & make its followers look aggressive & backward, and they're liars

  35. @gorocca Just so you know, a non-Muslim is a disbeliever in Islaam. I.e. he doesn't believe in Al Islaam. So if someone accused a Muslim of not being so, then yes he indeed has called that person a disbeliever. There is the party of Allaah ta3aala and the party of ash shaytaan, no halfway mark on yaumul Qiyaamah. Needless to say, accusing a Muslim of not being one is horrifically dangerous, especially when the accusation is based on grounds as flimsy as yours appears to be based on.

  36. @mindakhilikaraki I do not believe my grounds are flimsy. This anonymous person is posting on a public forum, visible to countless people across the world, writing in ALL CAPS, claiming music is "haram", which it isn't because there's difference of opinion on it among scholars & this cannot occur on "haram" things—maybe "makrooh" instead but not haram, also writing in all caps "images are haram", which has absolutely NO existence in THIS wording in Islam, so he is lying about Islam, 'nuf said.

  37. @gorocca It's not sufficient for you to say 'music is not haram' in light of the consensus of the salaf (the early generations of Muslims) regarding the prohibition of musical instruments. Perhaps the brother meant drawing or constructing images of living creatures which is clearly prohibited. Regardless of whether you wish to accept these facts or not, repeatedly declaring the disbelief of the person who said those comments has no basis. Takfeer (excommunication) is very serious business.

  38. @gorocca It seems you think those that follow the prohibitions on music, singing, and constructing images of living creatures as understood by the salaf to be extreme, and want to let the world know that this is not what Islam says. I'm not here to force you to believe anything, but I hope you realize that by declaing that Muslims to be disbelievers, you have fallen into one of the severest forms of extremism reminiscent of the Khawaarij at the time of Ali ibn Abi Talib رضي الله عنه

  39. @mindakhilikaraki Listen, bro, nobody did any takfeer here; a person, a total stranger, a random joe on a public Internet page, made some extreme, inaccurate and misleading comments about Islam, and I alerted other less-informed people, especially non-Muslims, to not believe that that person is in any way, shape, or form representative of Islam. That's [all] there is to it! Really. I don't care what he "perhaps" meant. There's no such thing as "images are haram" or "music is haram" in Islam.

  40. @mindakhilikaraki If you [really] are a Muslim who cares about his faith, and you are half-educated, then the way to say it is, "Drawing living beings is forbidden in Islam, except for cartoons" which is the accurate verdict; saying that drawing living beings in cartoons or caricature is haram is pure ignorance. You'd also say that "most scholars of Islam forbid music", rather than "Music IS haram". All due respect to Salaf, respectable prominent historical & contemporary scholars permit music.

  41. @mindakhilikaraki Oh, and if you're SO concerned about takfeer, my reasonable bro, then read that random joe's words again. Let me quote him if you missed his ALL-CAPS pearls of moderate wisdom: "POLYTHEISM – SHIRK – WHICH TAKES YOU OUT OF THE FOLD OF ISLAM AND INTO A PAGAN!!!" So I ask you, WHO exactly is doing takfeer or condemnation here, me…or him? Me when telling him that he hasn't fooled anyone, or him when saying: if you represent God's mercy by a cartoon character then you're a pagan?

  42. @gorocca You seem to have missed my point, declaring Muslim individuals to be kaafirs based upon an inkling you have is reckless takfeer, worse than the khawaarij. And like I said I'm not here to try to force you to believe anything. What Allaah سبحانه و تعالى, the Messenger of Allaah صلى الله عليه و سلم and the Salaf said regarding these prohibitions is sufficient for me and you have the right to accept or reject that.

  43. @mindakhilikaraki You seem to have missed everything, on the other hand, and have no idea what the heck you're talking about. I did not declare anyone as "kaafir". Try to quote me calling anyone "kaafir" or disbeliever, I dare you. And if you're gonna have to INTERPRET to prove your point, then please do me, this board, and the world a favor, and shove it. And God does not say anything about music in the Quran; I dare you to prove that. Or…you proved your ignorance, so actually better: STFU.

  44. @gorocca Allaah's specfic names are attributes of Allaah سبحانه و تعالى So if you draw pictures of them then it's forging a graven image. Allaah being Ar-Rahmaan is superlative and there's nothing like Allaah. "Are meant to embody the attributes of Allaah" is one of the most blatant examples of comparing Allah to his creation that I've ever heard. Allaah says in the Qur'an ليس كمثله شيء و هو السميع البصير There is nothing like unto Him, and He is the Hearing, the Seeing.

  45. @gorocca you said:

    "As I said, you are not even Muslim"

    then you said:

    "Hey bozo…if you think that any half-intelligent person actually believes that you're Muslim or in any way related to Islam, then think again."

    no interpretation needed.

  46. @gorocca
    I could bring you verses all day but you won't accept it so me not waste either one of our time.

    "shove it"


    no interpretation needed for those either, nice manners! I guess when discussing rationally fails then cursing people out is fun. Don't worry, indulge 🙂

  47. @mindakhilikaraki All what you're talking about, regarding likening anything whatsoever to God, has little to do with the 99 names of God referred to in Islam. There are MANY of those 99 names that are perfectly suitable to us for describing individuals. Examples? Wise حكيم, one of the 99 names, perfectly acceptable to say a man is wise رجل حكيم. More? ودود شهيد قوي حميد تواب نافع ضار بديع, and so on. Things can be dangerous if they cover محيي literally, but they can always go for healer instead

  48. @mindakhilikaraki The quotes you used only prove that I believe him to be an impostor, a liar; they have absolutely nothing to do with calling an actual monotheist submitter a disbeliever. So yes, either be truly rational, or do shove it. =) As for STFU and shove it, PLEASE do. This board can do without you two. As for verses, I didn't ask you to bring verses all day long, smartie pants. Just ONE verse from the Quran against music? For posterity? At least to prove you're not an ignoramus? =)

  49. @gorocca Allaah's attributes are in the superlative form always and people can strive to be حميد حكيم if they want to Al7amdulilaah. But to say that this cartoon character is a representation of Allaah's specific attributes is off the wall.

  50. @gorocca So a man claims to be Muslim (a monotheist submitter) and you say, not he's not. If you're going to declare takfeer of somebody, then be about it! Don't just try to snake away from it. If you feel bad that you made takfeer, then seek repentance. الله تبارك و تعالى هو التواب الرحيم ..

  51. @mindakhilikaraki I agree that the 99 thing is a bit dodgy, dangerous territory, شبهة. However, Shereen isn't a scholar, so it was a slip of tongue of her to say "attributes" instead of names. The characters are actually representing the 99 names of God, not God's "attributes". And so long as the designers or writers do not idolize, deify, or turn a name like reviver or محيي into the literal action of bringing someone from death to life (like Prophet Jesus's miracles), then it's not a disaster.

  52. @mindakhilikaraki Dude, you really need to work on your attitude, coz it sucks almost as much as your arguments and lies. No, I don't feel I made takfeer nor do I need to repent. You said "a man claims to be Muslim", and I dare you to prove this; quote that man directly claiming to be Muslim, in unequivocal terms. You'll fail miserably, and realize you have no idea what you're talking about, and I HOPE…by then, you either STFU, or work on your attitude & double check your references.

  53. @gorocca و في النسبة الى الاغاني يقول ربنا عز و جل في سورة لقمان اية 6 ((وَمِنَ النَّاسِ مَن يَشْتَرِي لَهْوَ الْحَدِيثِ لِيُضِلَّ عَن سَبِيلِ اللَّهِ بِغَيْرِ عِلْمٍ وَيَتَّخِذَهَا هُزُوًا ۚ أُولَٰئِكَ لَهُمْ عَذَابٌ مُّهِينٌ)) و يقول عالم الامة عبد الله ابن عباس رضي الله عنهما في هذه الاية 'هو الغناء' و اوصيك يا فلان بتقوى الله قبل ان تستهزء باقوال الصحابه كما اتوقع منك… و نسأل الله العافية و السلامة

  54. @mindakhilikaraki لا يستهزئ بكلام صحابي إلا جاهل أو كافر، وابن عباس رضي الله عنه لم يقل هذا فقط، بل أقسم عليه، ولكن كلّ يؤخذ منه ويرد إلا المعصوم عليه الصلاة والسلام. هذا أولاً. ثانياً، أنا طلبت منك دليل من القرآن على تحريم الموسيقى، ولم أطلب منك دليل على تحريم الغناء. ثالثاً، المضحك في الأمر هو أن أكثر الأئمة تشدداً لا يحرم الغناء من الأصل! =) بدليل طلع البدر علينا بالدفّ، وبدليل الغناء بالدف للعرس، وبدليل مئات الأغاني الإسلامية التي تعتمد على الدف فقط. فلا يمكن أن يكون الغناء حرام.

  55. @gorocca و قبل ان تردد قولك القبيح STFU بهذا التكبر اعلم يا فلان انك تخاطب عبدا من عباد الله المسلمين و ان الرسول صلى الله عليه و سلم قد نهى عن كثرة اللعن حيث قال ""ليس المؤمن بالطعّان ولا الاعّان ولا الفاحش ولا البذيء"" وصدق رسول الله صلى الله عليه و سلم

  56. @mindakhilikaraki إذن فإنه لا يوجد دليل من القرآن على تحريم الموسيقى، ويوجد فقط آية تشير إلى "لهو الحديث" فسرها صحابي على أنها تعني الغناء، وكل الأمة تعرف أن الغناء حلال. جميل. وبعض العلماء أيضاً اختلفوا في معنى "المعازف" من الحديث، هل هي الآلات نفسها أم جلسات الأنس والرقص والموسيقى التي يصاحبها منكر واتباع شهوات؟ وبما أن الحلال بيّن، والحرام بيّن، إذن فأي شيء حكمه بالتحديد "حرام" كتصنيف فقهي يجب أن يكون هذا الحكم فيه شديد الوضوح، ولا لهو الحديث = غناء ولا معنى المعازف شديد الوضوح، فلا حرام هنا

  57. @mindakhilikaraki وهناك دليل آخر على أن الموسيقى لا يمكن أن تكون حرام، وإن كانت مكروهة أو في بند المشتبهات. وهو أن الله ذكر منافع للخمر والميسر في القرآن، ولا يختلف عاقلان أن الموسيقى، في صورتها التي تخلو من الفحش والمنكر المبين، فقط بعزف آلة موسيقية مثلاً في فيلم وثائقي أو إسلامي إعلامي، لها فوائد أكثر بكثير من فوائد الخمر أو الميسر. فإن كانت الموسيقى حرام، لكان الأولى أن يذكرها الله في القرآن فيقول فيها ما قاله في الخمر والميسر: لها فوائد، ولكن ضررها أكبر من نفعها، فلنجتنبها، وهو ما لم يحدث

  58. @gorocca وإن ظننتني أنا متكبراً، فإن لأظنك متنطعاً، وقد قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: هلك المتنطعون، قالها ثلاثاً

  59. @gorocca here does this help? IM A MUSLIM. man this bro mindakhlilkarak really embarassed u mashaAllah nuff said.

  60. @gorocca عبد الله ابن عبّاس ليس الوحيد الذي يقول ان الاية نزلت في الاغاني بل وافقه و اقسم عليه عالم من علماء الصحابه عبد الله ابن مسعود رضي الله عنه و يوافقه ايضا الحسن البصري و اكثر المفسرين المعتبرين فمن نحن لنهجر اقوال السلف -بلا دليل- و نتبع اهوائنا.. و الاناشيد تختلف عن الاغاني

  61. @gorocca هذا قياس باطل لان هناك دليل على تحريم الاغاني في القران ..و توجد هذه الادلة في اكثر من اية و هناك دليل على تحريم المعازف في الحديث الذي يرويه البخاري عن رسول الله صلى الله عليه و سلم ""ليكونن من أمتي أقوام يستحلون الحر والحرير والخمر والمعازف"" قال ابن القيم رحمه الله "قرن المعازف مع المقطوع حرمته وهو الزنا والخمر ، ولو لم تكن محرمة لما قرنها معها" و قد وصف علماء معتبرون ما معنى كلمة معازف

  62. @gorocca و هي كما قال شيخ الاسلام "آلات اللهو عند أهل اللغة ، وهذا اسم يتناول هذه الآلات كلها" ويستثنى من هذا الدف في بعض المواقع (النكاح و الاعياد للنساء)لا نحتاج الى الجدال كما قال العلماء: العبرة بما قام عليه الدليل لا بما خالفه

  63. @gorocca قلت انك قلت كلمة بتكبر..لانك شتمتني عدة مرات بلا سبب..و لكن لو اردت ان تعرض علي حسناتك ساقبل منك و نسال الله العافية و السلامة

  64. @yourenviousenemy If you [are] a Muslim, then do not lie about Islam out of ignorance, and do not force your ultra-conservative opinion as "THE" truth, because this is not a behavior of a good student or academic, let alone Muslim. And never ever spit around the word "haram" when you have not studied Arab and Islamic Studies for many years, especially when those who have, disagree with that opinion. Drop the CAPS. And realize that non-Muslims read what you write. Don't be literalistic.

  65. @mindakhilikaraki أنا لم أقل كلمة بتكبر، بل قلت أن تقول أنت كلاماً يُعقل وبدليل ومرجع، خاصة عندما تتهم مسلماً بالتكفير، أو لتصمت بحق الحجيم أو تضع كلامك في أقرب ثقب أسود. وإن قلت أنت أن هذا تكبر، لقلت أنا أن كلامك كان متنطعاٌ متفلسفاً ومتنقياً ما يساعدك على أن تبدو عادلاً فين أنك واضح أن لك أجندة محددة من البداية. فلا، لن تعرض عليك حسناتي، بل أنت واهم وتدعي معرفة الغيب…أنا أرحب باليوم الذي قد يقتص أحدنا من الآخر حقيقة

  66. @mindakhilikaraki وبخصوص الموسيقى، اتبع أنت التفسير القائل بأن لهو الحديث هو الغناء، واقنع نفسك بعد ذلك بأن "الأناشيد" شيء مختلف عن الغناء!! أنا عن نفسي لا أردد هذا التحوير والتدوير في الألفاظ على أي أحد في العصر الحالي، لأنه كلام مضحك ولا يُعقل. أولاً: أنتم تسمحم لأنفسكم أن تقولون: لهو الحديث = الغناء، ولكن الغناء /= الأناشيد!! ولا تسمحوا لنا أن نفسر المعازف بجلسات الأنس التي يشوبها منكر بيّن؟! سبحان الله، هدى الله جهل هذه الأمة. لا ينكر المختلف فيه ولكن ينكر المجمع عليه، وكفى

  67. @gorocca انت الذي ذكرت العلماء فلا تعيب علي.. و للذي يريد ان يعرف الفرق بين الاغاني و الاناشيد فليبحث في القامس..و على كل حال لك الحق ان تختلف معي ما في هدف للمناقسة على الفاضي..اخر الكلام نحن مسلمين و لا اريد ان نكون عدوين فاعذرني لو قلت كلمة بلا ادب في لحظة الغضب

  68. @mindakhilikaraki واعذرني أنت لو رددت عليك بشدة، فإني ممن يميل إلى طريقة عمر بن الخطاب مثلاً عن طريقة عثمان بن عفان، ولا أقارن نفسي بهم أبداً، بل أتحدث عن ما أميل إليه بالفطرة. أما عن الغناء، فهاهي بعض الحقائق اللغوية عن الكلمة: في حديث عائشة: وعندي جارِيتان تُغَنِّيانِ بغِناءِ بُعاثَ أَي تُنْشِدانِ الأشعارَ التي قيلَتْ يومَ بُعاث، وهو حربٌ كانت بين الأنصار، ولم تُرِدِ الغِناء المعروفَ بين أَهلِ اللَّهْوِ واللَّعِبِ، وقد رَخَّصَ عمر، رضي الله عنه، في غناءِ الأعرابِ وهو صوتٌ كالحُداءِ.

  69. @mindakhilikaraki تكملة الكلام عن الغناء: كلُّ مَنْ رَفَع صوتَه ووَالاهُ فصَوْتُه عند العرب غِناءٌ. وبالتالي، فإن كلمة الغناء نفسها تحتمل التأويل، بل وتستدعي وتجبر المفسر أو المعلم أو الطالب أن يشرح المقصود بالضبط من الكلمة. وطالما تحتمل التأويل وتستدعي التفصيل، فهي لازم ولابد أن تحتمل الاختلاف. وفي كل الأحوال، فهي لم تغطي العزف على آلة موسيقية لإنتاج موسيقى تصويرية لفيلم وثائقي إسلامي مثلاً. وبالتالي، لا ينكر المختلف فيه وإنما ينكر المجمع عليه؛ والأهم: الحلال بيّن، والحرام بيّن، تحريمه واضح

  70. Im Arab and never heard of your TV channel nor have I seen it anywhere…stfu…these guys are just trying to make money from anything.

  71. i do not see y ppl are mad about this. i mean here we see a women trying to complete a task u of the western secular world wanted, a chance for Islam to be a representation of tolerance like it use to be instead of what it is now to a majority of this world, intolerant and violent. if this was a video that directed atheism and non religious views, no one would be mad. why hate on this because of religion. be tolerant of change.

  72. Interesting perspective of incorporating Popular Western Culture to entice and proselytize the younger generations. This is done in certain Churches too, adopting once labeled as Devil music, into their own tools. Stuff like Rap, Rock, and even Metal. Perhaps TED should shed light on the religion's stance on freedom of religion, and how it sees the infidels, the non-muslim, the kafirs. Laws governing conversion out of Islam, apostasy, murtad. Here, you will see truly how tolerant it is. One of exclusion, not of inclusion.

  73. الغبية إذا سمعة عن الحرية تعرت لماذا تتدخلون في حضارات حضارات ثقافة الاخريين على اساس دولتكم افضل ترتيبكم 3 من ناحية الانتحار 6 من ناحية الاغتصاب وعنصرية و العصابات متفشية عندكم

  74. what about the nato criminals in Islamic country isn't a terror and radical? ? USA killed a lot of economic people you should trying to learn how to live in peace with other cultures OK ?

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