Should evolution have created this as the perfect human body? – BBC

Should evolution have created this as the perfect human body? – BBC

Welcome to the Science Museum Alice came into this gallery met me we were talking about something that she’s complained about endlessly in Articles and books and it sort of struck me Well, why doesn’t she’s come up with the perfect Alice? Now I can’t wait to see what is behind that curtain. It’s now time to introduce Alice Roberts See this has been an extraordinary project I’ve been terribly excited about this for a month But I’m also really nervous and I’m interested to see what you think as well Okay, right help me with this then five Four Three Two One Oh my goodness Oh no, I can’t look at that Oh, this is really strange She’s so different and Yet in some ways so realistic The thing I find weirdest is the face actually because it does look like my face, but those eyes have changed the geometry of it No, it’s not the weirdest thing Is it the baby’s the weirdest thing? That is the weirdest thing but it’s very very cute at the same time Alice 2.0 is amazing To counter to the faults of our flawed transition to standing upright She’s got a chimps sturdy lower back and the shock absorbing legs of an emu To improve blood circulation She’s got tiny pumps in her thighs Beneath her breast’less chest lies the reliable heart of a dog and the graceful lungs of a swan her neck houses a chick proof windpipe And to ensure a pain-free childbirth. She nurtures her baby in a marsupial Paige her senses have been transformed with large mobile ears and light-sensitive super-sized eyes This could be a human fit for the future

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  1. Maybe Alice the Anatomist should do an actual comparison between human anatomy and the overwhelming capabilities
    of human to ostrich legs. I guess if humans wanted to limit themselves to running fast , then the ostrich legs are the way
    to go , but if you enjoy the incredible balance of strength and dexterity that the design of the human body has which
    allows us to play almost all sports such as gymnastics , swimming , dancing , mountain climbing , climbing and
    descending a ladder and 100s of other abilities that would be unattainable with ostrich legs.

    This is the typical ploy by Darwinist to try and support their antiquated theory by these so called poor designs when they
    fail to meet all current science.

  2. Alice Roberts started perfect and ended up looking like a reject from Avatar. If this is an example of intelligent design then I am infinitely happier with evolution.

  3. 2:22 "light-sensitive super-sized eyes"
    A couple of years ago (or whenever it was), as a random musing, a small group of scientists had posited that humans could indeed develop such eyes in the centuries to come…
    It was for the specific case of "IF humans ended up being a space-faring species and IF they spent great amounts of time far away from stars". There is generally a vastly much lower light level in outer space and humans would benefit from greatly bigger eyes (even bigger than what Alice depicted here, as it were)…

  4. A human fit for the future theoretically wouldn't need any of these. We've become worse at survival as we don't need those skills or abilities anymore due to civilisations. What's the use of having the legs of an emu if we don't need to run anymore as we've found more efficient ways of transport and don't need to hunt or run away from things as our ancestors did? If anything, this body is one of a human fit for the past, back when we were nomads foraging, hunting and gathering for food

  5. Is it missing on the fact digitigrade legs provide less stability? It's also missing on the fact for brain development and intelligence, marsupial ways of childbirth isn't ideal in that scenario.

  6. Mediocre people against the creation of the Divine woman Ipocrita with their abysmal ideas and their petty chord of this disbelieving Alice from the parents of Lies

  7. Another excellent example of the very limited critical thinking that seems
    to be the driving force behind such a large part of evolutionery speculations.
    You could just about limit or eliminate every sport from hockey , surfing
    mountain climbing ,swimming and 100's of other capabilities such as climbing
    a ladder , crawling or even laying in a bed which would be lost due to about 90 %
    of the dexterity we now have that our ostrich legs lack.

    But say , we sure could take advantageous of the increased capabilities of
    our new found hearing and light sensitive vision while were squatted on
    our floor mat or nest while being kept awake by hearing every dog barking ,
    cat fighting , vehicles driving , etcetera, with in a 2 mile radius while
    wishing that we didn't have our new light sensitive visual capabilities
    that are adding to our endless insomnia

    I'm fairly certain that carrying a 9 lb infant to a 20 lb one year old
    would require a much larger pouch that would produce a more
    unflattering female shape to accommodate this new task.

    I'm sure with another couple of minutes of simple compilation , I could
    easily come up with dozens more , But this makes the point of how
    pitifully limited Evolutionary Ideology is that it boils down to an
    Ostrich runs fast , a kangaroo has a pouch and a "Cheetah is
    Fast Because" and a Tortoise is Slow Because".

  8. Not trying to sound one-sided.
    BUT NO ONE SHOULD BELIEVE IN THIS STUFF. THIS IS JUST ATHEIST-FINANCED PROPAGANDA spent by using taxpayer's money to Disparage The local Christians in Europe.
    That "Thing" is not a scientific discovery of any Sort, nor a "evolutionary theological Prediction, ITS A WORK OF HUMAN IMAGINATION &SHEER FANTASY. We as Sensible human brings should not be encouraging this Lord-of-the-rings- lookin' Atrocious Mismatch of obscenity.
    We should not be encouraging anyone who actually believes in this Ooga-booga bunk.

  9. So nobody is talking about how they came up with this conclusion. Tv could put a trash bag on the screen and tell you it’s a future human and nobody would question it cos your all morons . derrr derrrrr derr

  10. WHYYYY didn't they just make the pelvis wider?!?! for easier childbirth, no need to put in a pouch and go all kengaroo. the reason we are in so much pain giving birth, is because we rised on two legs too quick for our pelvis to follow, which means it is too small compared to what is was walking on four. and I think the reason for our pain in joints and skelleton is not the way our bodies are, but the way we live. we are still cavemen in our bodies, but walk around on concrete all day and doing static work. Didn’t say anything about that… -_-

  11. [ And We have already created man and know what his soul whispers to him, and We are closer to him than [his] jugular vein ]

    The Noble Koran 🌟

  12. If that's the future of the human race count me out!
    Yelling into my communicator
    "Scotty beam me up there's no intelligent life down here!"

  13. Stunning, human evolution , awesome creativity and hard-work in creating the model.
    Human evolution is inevitable

  14. "This could be a human fit for the future"
    WTF! Have you people gone mad? How can you change the creativity of Mother Nature? You can be a scientist that doesn't mean you are the supreme God.

  15. The future of humans is to evolve into a species that can adapt in many environments and regain all the lost critical thinking faculties.

  16. Now that I think about it, bigger eyes are not necessarily a good thing. How does she account for the myopia (nearsightedness) that comes with bigger eyes? Give that elf some glasses!

  17. Ok well this is the end, this is the rupture,
    That means there is no God except one God the creator the most powerful and the most knowledgeable.
    I dont believe in Atheism any more, these stupid so called Atheist scientist's hide things on us and fake truth for money.

  18. This artist conception is ridiculously depreciative and degrading of the human dignity… What else should we expect to come outrightly from the evolutionary chimerical criativity ?

  19. WTF. What's the point of this? I wish I had two stomaches, not a baby pouch and emu legs. But neither is going to happen, so what on God's sweet earth did you smoke BBC?

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