7 thoughts on “Sid Meier’s Civilization V – EnableGameCoreThreading Tutorial

  1. Thanks so much. I found this on a steam forum post and it seems to have fixed my problem. This should make it much less frustrating for my friends as well as myself.

  2. Just wanted to make a comment here.  This video was accidentally monetized, because I am working on expanding my youtube content, including potential monetization of future videos.  This video, and the other 2012 Civilization V tutorial videos, were not meant to be part of this, however.  Nor are in-stream ads or limited viewing options due to monetization being considered.  Sorry about any inconvenience.

  3. np here. watched vid made change=happy camper me. I have just started to play. This is my first Civ. I noticed my config had the same value(the one that needed to be changed(1)). So i changed it with only having experienced one symptom so far, and a minor one at that(delay clks). Thanks very much for taking time. Not just with this but for all the video helps you have taken time to make, and yes I agree you should be paid something for you time. Where can I donate!! email me =)

  4. cntr+f, EnableGameCoreThreading, is your friend. Scrolling is for people who, well haven't had to dig through large text files on a regular basis i guess. 

  5. For those who, like me, hate having to watch a whole video for a quick fix, the TL;DR version is:
    Navigate to My DocumentsMy Games<civ game name> and open config.ini.
    Change "EnableGameCoreThreading = 1" to be 0 instead of 1. Save and restart the game.
    Also seems to apply to Civ: Beyond Earth.

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