100 thoughts on “Sid Meier’s Civilization® V: The Mobile Game – Trailer

  1. @000pppati000 They're working on some much bigger games like March of Heroes and Modern Combat 3. It's no surprise that they can't do too much else.

  2. Seriously, bring it out for ipad2! I mean, this looks quiet crappy, but im sure gameloft can do a lot better on iOS! Please i looked so damn forward civ V for ipad, please make an ipad2/iPhone5 edition with awesome graphics! You know that A5 can handle it!

  3. Does anyone else think its funny how gamelofts YouTube trailers actually look better than the actual games they're promoting?

  4. @ThePadma1234

    You do know we were making games way before iOS, Android or Symbian appeared, right?

    Back in the day all the trendy phones had Java apps? Since the company was foundedn in 1999?

  5. @ThePadma1234 Wait you mean before this they're a non-profit organisation? Ahahaha…Of course it's their objective to earn money. Jeez how stupid can you get?

  6. @gameloft .. i love your games. especially the way u customize even the seemingly ordinary games with something special. like how ur shooter games have the headshot thing. neway… wat i really wanna ask is, for symbian 60 platform, if there are games like toonwars by polarbit that have an FPS camera view, then y dont u make ur games in FPS? i wud have luved to play modern combat in FPS. unfortunately, i dont hav an android phone. even still the game was awesm. just wondering. thanks

  7. @ThePadma1234 so according to your minimal logic, any company who releases multi platform games are greedy and are sellouts?

  8. When does it come to iPhone, because I'm pretty sure there are many people with iPhones who want this, including me

  9. @ThePadma1234 Dude? The iOS is the Operating System for iPhones and iTouchs. It was released in 07, not in 1999. They HAVE been making games for phones since 1999 when they were part of Ubisoft, but they were java applications.

  10. You do know that the majority of people who would be playing games as complex as Civ probably own either an iPhone or Android phone, right? Why cut yourselves off from that market? It's worth developing for… even if you just do iPhones. Otherwise you are just pissing away an opportunity to make money!

  11. No Android or iOS? Haha how cute. Why not develop for Symbian S60 1st Ed since you're at it? I'm sure there's an old woman in Bumfuck that would love to play this on her Siemens S60.

  12. I will pay you large sums of money if you port this to Android. It's the last mobile major platform without an official Civilization game. Pretty please? :3

  13. It's not a great game, there are about 1/4 units and buildings compared to the PC game, no faith, culture is very basic and a lot of other downsides.

  14. Of course its going to be stripped down! But thats a given! Its a mobile game! Most people want simplicity from their mobile games. But I am also sure the price will match it as well. I don't care what anyone says, I am excited about this. I am a fan of the series from the begining.

  15. Typical Ubi/Gameloft "care" about gamers… You cant and you most likely will NOT never run civ5 on Android. And no, Gameloft wont port it for Andro since theyre (I guess) busy with making another Modern Combat (made only for cash…)

  16. It is such a cruel thing for us Civ fans that this little gem isn't somehow ported to current android devices. An update would be sooo much welcome! .

  17. Seriously Gameloft make a Civ V app for Android, charge $7 for the full game, no bs in app purchases and you have a winner


  19. Why is this game in such shit phones available and not in Android ??? or iOS?? Please make a version for mobiles that are known

  20. I always thought I was the only Civilization fan growing up. Playing it on my PC. Makes me happy seeing all these other fans who want it on their phone as much as I do.

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