Sid Meier’s Civilization VI – Episode 1: Starting a Game

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI – Episode 1: Starting a Game

EPISODE 1: STARTING A GAME Good news! Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is on Nintendo Switch! Bad news, you don’t know where to start. Well sit back, relax, and let me be your guide dog. When starting a game of Civilization – or Civ for short – you need to pick your Leader: the mighty ruler of your empire. Each Leader has their own unique strengths and bonuses. They might be a ruthless opportunist, ruthlessly scientific, or just plain ruthless. Once you’ve chosen your Civilization it’s time to, uhh… start civilizing. It’s super easy. You take a turn, then your competitors take a turn. On and on until victory is yours… or theirs. It’s so easy a barbarian could play it. You’re better than a barbarian, right? But unlike those wild barbarians, you actually care about the welfare of your empire. Build farms and cast your fishing nets to feed your loyal subjects. Construct mines and lumber mills to outwork the competition early. Like a majestic eagle, in the early game you need to spread your wings and fly. Exploring the map, meeting your different neighbors, and discovering natural wonders will give you a leg up. But don’t forget to keep your head on a swivel. On the world stage a good defense is crucial. Lay the hammer down against any would-be usurpers… and beef up your empire for your future domination. So get out there and choose your Civilization. Explore! Build! Conquer! And tune in next time as we dive deep into the almighty “turn.” TURN NOVEMBER 16, 2018

100 thoughts on “Sid Meier’s Civilization VI – Episode 1: Starting a Game

  1. I'm absolutely loving the comment differences on this video.

    on the nintendo upload it's nothing but "wow looks fantastic. looking forward to diving back into civ"

    and here it's "sid meier literally killed everyone I love right at midnight October 21 2016 I will never forgive the lord for whats happened"

  2. A game with mobile graphics makes its way on actual mobile hardware, am I surprised? No, because Civ VI was already designed to be fucking used on mobile hardware, being on PC first was just to make more profit, its one of the worst releases on Steam ever.

  3. Please change Brazilian cities architecture to a more historical apropiated one. Brazil should have it's own style and not the wrong copy from Aztecs. (Brazil under Pedro rule never had sacrificial Temples as it's Palace neither the indigineous tribes that lived there

  4. This was so gringy to watch, what the hell man. What's your audience now Firaxis, 14-year olds? Think again

  5. Seriously people, why do you hate this game so much? It's been only 2 years since it's release and it's still maturing. The game will change trough the years just like Civilization V. You waited for it and here you have it.

  6. This video does not teach you anything about Civ VI. Really a waste of time and I also dislike the tone of the video, as if the audience consists of little children.

    To say nothing about the state of the game itself, there are so many things that still need addressing, issues that have been a problem since release but nothing has been done about them. Such as the tech tree, where you can jump from the classical era to the renaissance era, the bad starting locations, poor AI, poor balance etc.

    Fix these things first, or I as a costumer will stop buying your games.

  7. Hoping to get this game for christmas, i played civ5 and i enjoyed it a lot before my pc became unusable so i'm hoping to get it and relive those great moments i had with civ5 🙂

  8. Oh this is nice, a shame Nintendo is such a shitty company. I wonder if they will come after streamers and youtubers with civ content because they feel like they own the franchise now (don't tell me they do). This is a cool device, but that is stil a shitty company and I'm really voting with my wallet here, so I refuse to get one.

  9. Before porting to another console you greedy people. Fix the slew of damn bugs that break civ6 on pc first!!! aircraft carriers still don't act as a base for planes properly and planes fall off the back, to name one.

  10. Is any one able to tell what music "sample" is being used in this video I know it's from a hip-hop song just can't remember which one?

  11. Is the implication here that Nintendo Switch players are so stupid that they need a video to teach them what a strategy game is?

  12. Will you be able to give one controller to your friends to play split screen? Or at least be able to play the pass and play mode without having to actually pass and just each have one controller?

  13. My God you people are spoiled! After all this DLC, and an expansion pack released THIS YEAR, you guys can do nothing buy whine and moan when a completely different studio ports the game for another console. What manchildren you all are, what makes you think with these attitudes that you deserve even half the things you demand?

  14. Can you work on one game first please, just release all the shit you plan for civ 6 on pc first so I don’t have to to buy your absurdly overpriced DLC’s at full price

  15. I understand you guys want to hype this port to the Switch but the base game needs a lot of work still. If you don't start to have some humility and listen to fans Civ 6 might just become another BE. And I'm not talking about people who want to argue history or whine about adding their country or experimental new features, I mean very basic coding and glitches, ai errors and redundancies, multiplayer issues, and lack of having more control in setting up maps and game modes. Please stop assuming the "mod community* will step in to fill the gaps and fix your mistakes. New players, the very ones you are targeting with Civ 6 and its port to the Switch, don't know about modding or don't even care. They will just see a half-done game and with each one taking so many hours to finish they will just shelf it forever. Also, modders don't make any of the money you make on overpriced DLC packs and expansions, and are basically doing your work for free just by adding options and fixes that should have been there already. The only way you can save the game is to start collaborating with dedicated Civ players, especially youtubers and streamers (I recommend Potato McWhiskey personally) to stream games and have an actual dialogue where you listen to a very dedicated and passionate player as they experience different game set ups and actually see what they encounter and what the frustrations are. And this has to be PUBLIC and not behind the scenes, so people can learn even more themselves, and help inspire future expansions and games that would be so much better because you were humble and understood your base game is lacking and needed actual conversation, not empty words from impersonal emails and FAQs and notifications. The blazé attitude of patting yourselves on the back for removing redshell, which shouldn't have been there in the first place, was tone deaf and a prime example of the company needing to ENGAGE the players, especially the people like the dedicated streamers who still enjoy Civ 6 for what it could be. Please stop just popping up with minor announcements and being silent, hoping enough people will stick around long enough to make another expansion economically viable. Please just LISTEN.

  16. Will the leaders actually have cutscenes? I was kind of upset that the mobile versions didnt (though im not surprised)

  17. А на плантформу андроид есть версия? Хотелось бы на своем смартфоне поиграть.

  18. The civilization fandom is the most toxic place I’ve ever seen, if you guys didn’t know, they’re using the same expansion & dlc model as civ 5. And civ 5 on release was wayyyy worse than 6 on release. So stop whining like little brats

  19. Yo team Sid,i got a question.I got civ 6 on steam.Will i have to buy the game again if i want to play on Nintendo Switch.Because im thinking to buy it but i dont want to buy the game for the second time with all dlcs.

  20. I'm guessing that the Nintendo version is just as broken and lacking in playability as the PC version, am I right? Of course, I'll bet that the target audience for Civ6 is children under age 10 so they'll probably never know or notice.

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