Sid Meier’s Civilization VI – Episode 3: The Paths to Victory

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI – Episode 3: The Paths to Victory

EPISODE 3: THE PATHS TO VICTORY From the moment you pick your Civilization, you’ll be defining your play style, because every action contributes to your empire. Every move, building, and relationship made earns you Science, Culture, Faith or Gold, and along with the research you’ve unlocked, you’ll shape your path to victory. So what exactly does victory look like? Let’s find out! The first way to win is right there in the name. Declare war and dominate the other Civilizations by capturing their capital cities by force. Once you’ve captured the last capital city—BOOM—victory is yours. Be careful, though. Warmongering doesn’t make you the most popular Leader in the world. If the brutish ways of Domination aren’t for you, try for something more… civilized… Recruit history’s greatest artists, musicians, writers, and more to create great works in your Civ. Soon you’ll attract more tourists than the postcard industry can handle. Keep the tourism train rolling and you’ll become the envy of the world. Congrats! You just got a Culture victory. Wanna spread the adorable word of the Book of Poochins? Send your missionaries out on a pilgrimage to Civs next door. Your disciples need to convert half the cities of the world to your religion. If they do, you just scored a Religious victory for your cuddly lord and savior. For a science victory, you’ll need to boldly go where no Civilization has gone before, by boldly beating everyone else to the final great feats in human engineering. Whoever said science was hard? Whether it’s by the sword, song, or sacrament, you’ll wanna build Wonders and specialize districts to boost you along your chosen path to victory. Plus they really spruce the place up, don’t they? It’s a great, big, wonder-filled world out there… and we’ve barely scratched the surface. Now it’s your turn to dive even deeper. Discover the fun that awaits, and lead your empire to greatness. Welcome to Civilization VI. NOVEMBER 16, 2018

45 thoughts on “Sid Meier’s Civilization VI – Episode 3: The Paths to Victory

  1. Wait you have to covert half the cities of the world for religion victory? That is not true 😛
    Otherwise a great trailer…
    You have to convert at least half the number of cities of every Civilizations…

  2. Guys, maybe we can give some dislikes for this pice of shit? If players in Diablo: Immortals can do it, than we can too!

  3. 1. Please make the UI user friendly and informative, because now it is below all standards. I cannot imagine amounts of time wasted that will be required to overcome the UI in order to complete a standard speed game on a standard size map on such platforms.
    2. Please write better AI. The current AI just hasn't got a clue how to use a large part of the game mechanics. Challenge is minimal. There's a great multitude of 'Deity level players' out there. (Just go back to play Civ IV, if you want to know what meaningful difficulty levels are).
    3. Going back to playing vanilla after R&F is not very attractive… especially, when there are rumours about the approaching second expansion.

  4. I actually quite like the idea of having the switch import. One thing that kept me away from playing civilization was the playtime it demands each game and that I have to stick to pc while playing so. So switch sounds quite good to me. …..Although… civ6 needs more improvements and yes it would've been better if it was civ4 or 5 instead

  5. I'm happy that the switch is getting a port, but can I ask again if you could please put a World Builder into the game I really like that featuring other civilization games

  6. Called it before this game was even released. Saw the art-style/graphics and said it looked like a mobile game. I even said that it wouldn't suprise me if it will come to mobile devices. At least now others can realize why they made Civ VI so dumbed down and simple with cheap graphics to fit vatious mobiles platforms.

  7. Honest Agendas:

    Tomyris: Doesn't like wars with no reason. Because that doesn't go without saying.
    Harald: Can't understand why Switzerland has no navy.
    Saladin: Hates you for not handing him religious victory.
    Victoria: Hates you for existing in the wrong place.
    Catherine: Hates you for respecting other's privacy.
    Cleopatra: Have a smaller army and she'll try to kill you. Have a bigger army and she'll flirt with you, hoping it was a reason to spare that stupid bitch.

    Please answer and add some!

  8. didn't get the notification rip. hope this game gets more fresh players as its a very good time sink. might even pick up a switch so i can play this on the go.

  9. I don't really understand why people would buy a Nintendo Switch. It just looks really cheaply made and too expensive.

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