Silent Drill Platoon performs for Honor Flight

Silent Drill Platoon performs for Honor Flight

An Honor Flight is the way
that the Marines can give back to the veterans that have come before us. A lot of the Marines came
straight from training, so they haven’t gotten the
opportunity yet to be deployed, they haven’t gotten the opportunity yet to serve in a higher capacity than this. So, what better way to
give back to somebody than the veterans that have come before. My service was basically
in Vietnam for 13 months, returned home and then we
were basically … returned to civilian life. But I’ve watched this program
in movies and presentations and it just brings
pride that I’m a Marine.

29 thoughts on “Silent Drill Platoon performs for Honor Flight

  1. BAD ASS, Excellent Catch ! True to Core ! Something to Swing Around ! with humility and honer. for all you do , nothing can beat Faith and Oath ! thanks for the post !

  2. You guys earned and it in like my dad a sergeant in the Marine Corps and a first sergeant in the Oklahoma National Guard Has lived exemplary before many that he deserved it he is a very good man still working everyday a real golden glove so just live it as best as you can and thanks so much we know what you all are made of it takes alot of heart and you really are blessed when you serve that way as he as he found the best example of a soldier and has been doing well. Thanks to all the volunteeres of the heart of Ole glory we pray by Christ the Lord that God would guide your discernment.


  4. Alpha 1/9 the Walking Dead not many parades whole lot of fighting though in the A Shau valley in 69 Grunts Pound You Harder 0331

  5. I volunteer for Honor Flight of Southern Indiana and it is a honor to support and cherish the hero's that gave us our freedom and everything we have today. We wouldn't have anything without them. God Bless them all. May God keep them safe.


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  9. Oh, look… Four, jealous, Army pouges left thumbs down. What's the matter ladies, Silent Drill Team making you wet? I don't blame you, it's what Marines do. Ooh Rah!!

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